My Secret Life, Volume Two, AUDIOBOOK


A fully scored audio book production of ‘My Secret Life’, the anonymously written erotic memoirs of a Victorian English gentleman. Music & narration by Dominic Crawford Collins.

File Format: mp3 downloads.

Total Duration: 11 hours 3 minutes


Volume Two Chapter One

Louise sapped. • Suspicions. • Lectures on virginity with live illustrations. • Drugged for inspection. • Camille’s hesitation. • Absents herself. • The house in G..d.n Sq.. e. • Baudy prints. • A feel, a sniff and a kiss. • Out shopping. • Garters. • Dinner and after.

Volume Two Chapter Two

Undressing. • Silk stockings and garters. • The attack. • Foiled on the outside. • A battery. • A breech. • A tough virginity. • Triumphant. • Sanguinary proofs. • The second entry. • My foreskin. • Twenty-four hours fucking. • Gamahuching. • Six days pleasure. • Camille returns.

Volume Two Chapter Three

Camille at home. • Her little game. • My greenness. • The house in O. . d. n street. • The glove shop. • Louise fatigues me. • Fred on the scent. • A cigar shop. • Three into one. • A clap. • Serious reflexions. • The sisters disappear.

Volume Two Chapter Four

Enforced chastity. • A sticture. • Health restored. Mrs. Pender. • A peep from a hay-stack. • In a cow-house. • Stable and barn. • Mother’s satisfaction.

Volume Two Chapter Five

Aunt at the dairy. • Morning amusements with Pender. • Female hay-makers. • Mrs. Whiteteeth. • An exhibition of cock. • Against a field-gate. • A night on the grass. • A sight from the barn-loft. • Robert the page. • Molly.

Volume Two Chapter Six

Joey and nursemaid. • The privy in the laui-el-walk. • Scared. • Whiteteeth in the ditch. • The nurse-maid’s bed-room. • Robert amusing her. • A lost virginity. • Aunt and Joey. • Nearly caught. • Amatory instructions to nursemaid.

Volume Two Chapter Seven

Molly and Giles. • A country ale-house. • Pender’s history. • How her virginity was taken. • Whiteteeth’s ailment. • Molly in the loft. • Interrupted. Molly tailed.

Volume Two Chapter Eight

Field women. • Fred at home. • Smith, the field foreman. • A rape of a juvenile. • Funking consequences. • Nelly consents. • Fred looks on.

Volume Two Chapter Nine*

Laura and Fred: Vauxhall amusements. • A juvenile harlot-A linen stopper. • The hairless and the hairy: Ten and forty. • A snub: At my aunt’s. • Nursemaid and page missing. • Pender with child. • Molly and Giles caught. • Mr. Pender’s letch.

Volume Two Chapter Ten

Nelly and Sophy. • The beer-house again. • Sophy’s belly. • On the road. • Against a tree. • At the baudy house with Sophy. • Her narrative. • Tom and the three sisters. • Fred on the scent.-Pender’s troubles.

Volume Two Chapter Eleven

Out shooting. • A female carter. • A feel in the train. • Molly in London. • Giles in town.-Fred on the scene. • Molly at the Hall. • Copulation in uniform. • A sham illness. • An afternoon with Molly. • She turns harlot. • Gets clapped.-Her baby.

Volume Two Chapter Twelve

Nelly and Sophy. • Nelly at the Argyle. • In town with Fred. • On the sofa with Mabel. • The effect of black stockings. • Interference. • In bed. • Mabel’s bad habits. • A ladies’ school. • The bathroom. • My cousins naked. • Maria the curate’s wife. • Cunt inspection. • Servants washing. • Flat fucking.

Volume Two Chapter Thirteen

Fred on flat-fucking. • In town with Laura. • Back at the school. • Pictures for young ladies. • Fred’s ankle.-Mrs. Maria’s weakness. • To London alone. • Laura and Mabel. Three in a bed. • A risky poke. • Groping for the pot. • Nearly caught. • Fred joins us.

Volume Two Chapter Fourteen

My cousin at home. • Pender’s belly. • A lawyer’s letter. • Action for crim-con threatened. • Suspicions. • A compensation. • The Penders leave. • Wholesale whorings. • A frolic at Lord A…’s. • After dinner. • Newspaper readings. • A strange rape. • Bets on pricks. • Pricks felt. • Fred on his head. • Beds on the floor. • Free fucking. • End of the orgy.

Volume Two Chapter Fifteen

Morning headaches. • An indignant housekeeper. • A saucy valet.-Consequences. • Fred leaves England. • Lady A…’s invitation. • Laura a widow. • Farewell Laura. • Adieu Mabel. • My guardian’s remonstrances. • Parental advice. • Ruined. • Reflexions. • My relations.

Volume Two Chapter Sixteen

Married, and miserable. • Virtuous intentions. • Consequences. • Mary Davis. • A virtuous child. • Low class fucksters. • A concupiscent landlady. • Reflexions on my career. • On the sizes of pricks.. • My misconception.

Volume Two Chapter Seventeen

Irish Kate.-Drink, heat, fleas, and French letters. • The bricklayer afterwards. • I give luck. The lost breast-pin. • The cholera’s victim.

Volume Two Chapter Eighteen

Costermongers children. • A small girl, mother, and mangie. • A French letter fetched. • Young Gallows’ exploits. • The customers’ linen. • A hard-fleshed bum. • Invitation to anus. • A strange letch. • One big with child. • Fucked for a sovereign and pleasure. • A creole. • My misery. • Reflections.

Volume Two Chapter Nineteen

My home life. • Heart-broken.-In the parlour. • Maid Mary’s sympathy. • Don’t cry master. • On the sofa.-Both in lust. • Impotent.

Volume Two Chapter Twenty

The next day. • On the door-mat • On the sofa. • On her belly. • Eight hours fucking. • At a brothel. • An afternoon’s amusement.

Volume Two Chapter Twenty-One

Preliminary. • Maid Mary’s seduction. • Flight. • Desertion. • Going to the post-office. • A halfpenny signal. • Against an arm- chair. • The privy watched. • Nearly caught. • Mary suspected. • Dismissed.-In lodgings. • Service again. • My cousin sir. • Letters lost • Mary disappears. • Seven years afterwards. • Sequel.


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