Penis in excelsis. • Pride in his Priapus. • A whack on a bum. • A whack on a table. • Between two chairs. • Over silk stockings. • A male sixteen and female fifty. • “My little cunny.” • An old man and his servant. • A virginity taken. • Tooth brush, anus, and suction. • The omnibus next day. • My letch for minette. • A sodomitic parson and catamitic harlot. • A bum hole licked. • A bum hole plugged. • The pains and pleasures of sodomy. A digital anal experiment. • One stumpy, frousy, and middle- aged. • Fruitless exercise on a stomach. • “You’ll fuck my bottom out.”

Two or three weeks after I had used this peep hole, Sarah said she had again met the man with the titanic prick. — We had by that time got so intimate, that she told me any funny adventures she had with men. — He had behaved in just the same manner to her, and was to meet her that day week. — “Oh! I long to see him with you — bring him to the next room,” — and it was so arranged. — The spying room was to be kept for me — the back room I was to pay a pound for, and it was to be kept for Sarah. The old baud knew what we were up to. — I told Sarah to keep the man towards him. — He tucked his shirt well up, came be-hind her, and with his prick which had now stiffened and seemed nine inches long (I really think longer), hit her over her buttocks as if with a stick. It made a spanking noise as it came against her flesh. Then he shoved it between her thighs, brought it out again, and went on thwacking her buttocks with it. — “Don’t it hurt you?” she asked him turning her head round to- wards the peep hole. — “Look here,” said he. Going to a round small mahogany table and taking the cloth off it — he thwacked, and banged his prick on it, and a sound came as if the table had been hit with a stick.

—”It does not hurt me,” he said. — I never was so astonished in my life.

“I mean to fuck you,” said he. “That you shan’t, you will hurt any woman.” — Again he roared with laugh-ter. — “Suck it.” “I shan’t.” — Again he laughed. — Then he made her lean on a chair, and again banged his prick against her arse. — Then he sat down, and pulled her on to him, so that his prick came up between her thighs just in front of her quim. —“I wish there was a big looking-glass,” said he. “Why did you come here, there was one at the other house.” — Sarah said this was nicer and cleaner, and he had said he wanted a quiet house. — “Ah, but I shan’t come here again, I don’t like the house.”

“Get on to the chairs — the same as before.” But the chairs in the room were very slight, and Sarah was frightened of them slipping away from under her. — So she placed one chair against the end of the bed, and steadied it; and against another which she put a slight distance off, she pushed the large table. Then mounting on the chairs, she squatted with one foot on each as if pissing. I could not very well see her cunt for her backside was towards me, and shadowed it.

He laid down with his head between the chairs, and just under her cunt. He had taken the bolster and pillows from the bed for his head, and there he laid looking up at her gaping slit, gently frigging his prick all the time. At length he raised himself on one hand, and licked away at her cunt for several minutes, his big prick throbbing, and knocking up against his belly whilst he did it.

Said he again, “I wish there was a glass.” Sarah got down, and put on the floor the small glass of the dressing table, and arranged it so that he could see a little of himself as he lay. — But he was not satisfied. — He recommenced cunt-licking, and self-frigging, and all was quiet for a minute. — Then he actually roared out, — “Oh — my spunk coming, my spunk, — my spunk, spunk oho. Come down — come over me.” Off got Sarah, pushed away the chairs, stood over him with legs distended, her arse towards me so I lost sight of his face, but could see his legs, belly, and cock as he lay on the floor. — “Stoop, — lower, — lower.” — She half squatted, he frigged away, her cunt was now within about six inches of his prick, when frigging hard and shouting out quite loudly — “Hou — Hou — Hou,” his sperm shot out right on to her cunt or thereabouts, and he went on frigging till his prick lessening, he let it go, and flop over his balls.

Sarah washed her cunt and thighs, and turning round before doing so, stood facing me and pointed to her cunt. His spunk lay thick on the black hair tho I could barely see it. — She smiled and turned away. He lay still on the floor with eyes closed for full five minutes, as if asleep. Sarah washed, put on her chemise and sat down by the fire, her back towards me partly.

He came to himself, got up and went to the fire — then he washed (his back towards me), then stood by the fire, then fetched the pot and pissed. I saw his great flabby tool in his hand, and the stream sparkling out of it, for it was done just under the gas light. — Again he stood by the fire, his tool hidden by his shirt which he had on, and they talked. — Then he strode round the room and looked at the prints on the wall, looked even at the very picture beneath which I was peeping. — “What a daub,” he remarked and passed on (it was a miserable portrait of a man), then from the pocket of his trowsers he gave Sarah several sovereigns.

That lady knew her game, and had thrown up her chemise so as to warm her thighs — and after he had paid her, he put his hand on to them. — She at the same time put her hand on to his tool. “Oh what a big one.” — nothing evidently pleased him so much as talking about the size. — “Did you ever see so big an one,” said he for the sixth time I think. “Never — let’s look at it well. — Hold up your shirt.” — He did as told. — Sarah pulled his prick up, then let it fall, handled his balls, pulled the foreskin up and down, and shewed him off again for my advantage. — “Why don’t you sit down, are you in a hurry?” Down he sat, his tool was becoming thicker and longer under her clever handling, and hung down over the edge of the chair. He was sitting directly under the gas light, and I could see plainly, for Sarah cunningly had even stirred the fire into a blaze. He was curious about other men’s cocks — what their length and thickness was. — She shewed him by measuring on his own, and kept pulling it about, her object being to get it stiff again for me to see his performances. — My delight was extreme — I could scarcely believe that I was actually seeing what I did, and began to wish to feel his prick myself. How large it must feel in the hand I thought, how small mine is compared with it, and I felt my own. — As Sarah pulled down his prepuce, I involuntarily did so to mine, and began to wish she were feeling mine in-stead of the man’s.

Then only I noticed how white his prick was. His flesh was brownish — and being so sprinkled with hair it made it look dark generally. — His prick looked quite white by contrast. Sarah must have been in-spired that night, for no woman could have better used her opportunity for giving me pleasure and instruction. Repeating her wonder at the size, she said, “Let’s see how it looks when you kneel.” — He actually knelt as she desired. I saw his prick hanging down between his legs. Soon after in another attitude, I noticed that hair crept up between his bum cheeks, and came almost into tufts on to the cheeks themselves. — I saw that his prick was now swelling. — Sarah taking hold of it, “Why it’s stiff again.” He grasped it in the way I had first seen him, and said eagerly. — “Let’s see your cunt again.”

Sarah half slewed her chair round towards him, opened both legs wide, and put up one of her feet against the mantelpiece, as I have often seen her do when with me. He knelt down and I lost sight of his head between her legs — but saw his hand gently frigging himself as before, and heard soon a splashy, sloppy, slobbery sort of suck, as his tongue rubbed on her cunt now wetted by his saliva. Then he got up and pushed his prick against her face. — “Suck, and I will give you another sovereign.” “It will choke me — I won’t,” said Sarah.

Then he began to rub her legs and said he liked silk stockings, that few wore silk excepting French women whom he did not like, — but “they all suck my prick.” — Again Sarah put up her leg — again he licked her cunt, and then said she must frig him, which she agreed to on his paying another sovereign.

He told her to go to the edge of the bed and he then went to the side nearest the door, which put his back towards me. — He called her there. — “Come here,” said Sarah, laying herself down at the foot. “No, here.” “I won’t, it’s cold close to the door” she knew that there I could not see his cock.) He obeyed, put up her legs (just as I used to do) opened them wide, and I could sideways see her black haired quim gaping. “Close them,” he cried. She did and lay on her back, her knees and heels close together up to her bum, “I’ll spend over your silk stockings,” said he, now frigging violently. Sarah to save her stockings, just as his spunk spurted, opened her legs wide and it went over her cunt and belly. — He never seemed to notice it.

I had passed an intensely exciting couple of hours by myself, watching this man with his huge fucking machine. Sarah in her attitudes, altho I had seen them fifty times, looked more inviting than ever. My prick had been standing on and off for an hour. — I would have fucked anything in the shape of cunt if it had been in hand, and nearly groaned for want of one. As I saw her legs open to receive his squirt, heard his shout of pleasure, and saw his violent, frig, frig, frig, I could restrain myself no longer, but giving my cock a few rubs, spent against the partition, keeping my eye at the peephole all the while.

He wiped his cock on her cunt hair, washed, and went away seemingly in a hurry. — Sarah came in to me. — “Don’t you want me,” said she. — I pointed to my spunk on the partition. “You naughty boy, I want it awfully.” — Soon after I was fucking her. — With all her care to save her silk stockings, sperm had hit her calf, and while I fucked her at the bed side, I made her hold up her leg that I might look at it. — It excited me awfully. What a strange thing lust is.

I never saw the man afterwards. — She did, but he would never go to that house again. — She thought that he lived in the country. He seemed a gentleman.

One night a couple went in. It was a thin woman about fifty years old I should say, and a youth of about sixteen. — He looked like a Jew. She asked him, directly he was in, for the money; he gave her five shillings, put down his hat, and went up to her. — She had never moved from the door side of the room, and stood with her back to the bed, her face towards us. He seemed shy. She said, “Let me feel your cock.” His back was to me, but I could soon see she had hold of his doodle. He was quite quiet, and when he spoke, he did so in a low tone of voice so that I could scarcely hear him. — Her voice on the contrary was that of a magpie, the clack of an old woman. — “Feel my cunny my dear,” said she, “it’s such a nice hairy cunny.” — He put his hand up her clothes and wanted to look. — “Oh, no, you want to know too much, I can’t shew it — it’s made to feel, not to show, but feel it, it’s nice and hairy.” — “Oh what a nice cock it is — how it longs to go up my little cunny — how stiff it is — oh what a nice cock,” and she stooped and looked at it — I could not see it. — “Oh no I can’t let you see it — another time,” she said, in reply to something he said. — “Oh put it in, put it in, it’s longing to go up my cunny.” — Leaning back against the bed, she hitched up her clothes, and I saw a pair of dirty spindle shanks nearly to her thighs. — She never left go of his cock, but pulled him towards her by it. — “Oh it’s up my cunny, how often do you fuck, — Oh it is up my little hairy cunny my dear, is it not nice? — Oh fuck it, fuck, fuck, fuck, — Oh isn’t nice?” — He had clasped her somehow and was shoving rapidly, and spent almost before he began, for I heard a deep sigh from him and he was quiet; whilst she kept on cackling, “Oh is it not a nice little cunny.”

He was in a hurry, or did not like his bargain, for he buttoned up the instant he had done, and put his hat on. — She went across the room, took a towel and gave her cunt a dry rub but did not wash. — “Give me a shilling for luck,” said she. — He gave it her. — “I’ll give you more pleasure next time, and you shall see my cunny.” — Off they went. They had not been in the room ten minutes. — She never took her bonnet off. Sarah always anxious to see the women, used to say if she knew them or not. — It was, “She is lucky with men,” — or, “She used to be about but I have lost sight of her,” — and so on — once, — “Oh that woman’s been laid up with the pox — I thought she had gone home.” — There was always amusement for both of us.

One night a fine looking, white-haired old man, I suppose sixty years old — brought in a young woman resembling a servant. — She sat herself down solemnly, and let him take off her bonnet and shawl without a word. “This is one of those houses,” said she when she first spoke. — He tried to feel her and she resisted. — There was a mild scene. — “Oh my goodness! what would Mrs. * * * * say if she knew I was here?” “She never will,” said the old buck, “and I will be a friend to you for life — now don’t be foolish — have I not got your father out of debt, have I not helped you all?” — He was a big fellow, walked round her, undid her dress which at length she pulled off, and then he attempted a grope. — She resisted, and in the scuffle sank on the floor at the foot of the bed. — He dropped on his knees and put his hand up her clothes. “Oh for God sake, sir. — No. I won’t let you. — I am sorry I came, I didn’t mean to come.” — The old boy then apparently got a finger or two in her cunt, for she gave a small shriek. — Then he spoke angrily. — “If you don’t, I’m damned if you stop with us another week.” — He left off, puffing and glowing with the struggle, and got up. There she sat on the floor crying, her bosom was bare as he had pulled it open, her clothes up so that I saw to her knees — and that she had striped, dark stockings on, thin legs.

After a little time he lifted her up, and they sat on two chairs, he with his arms round her coaxing, kissing, and talking, but I could hear but little.— Some-times he got in a temper and then he talked loud and threatened. — “There is a virginity,” I said to Sarah. — She thought at first it was all a sham, and that the woman knew what she was about, that she would — “humbug the white haired old cove” — but as time went on, came to the conclusion that the old cove had got one of his servants into a trap. — Soon afterwards, he got his hand up her clothes again, and after a time by coaxing, hugging, and handling, got her on to the bed and himself there too. — She had only taken off her dress, he only his coat.

When on the bed, for a minute she buried her head in his breast. The old boy had then got his hand seemingly round her bum, but her clothes covered it, and I could not see exactly where his hand was. — But he soon took it away, and I saw him fumbling between himself and her, and knew he was getting his cock out of his trowsers. She was now silent, passive. Then holding her close to him with his left arm, which was under her, he managed with his right hand to pull his trowsers quite down. — I saw his large fat haunches, but not his tool. Then he pulled up her clothes — nestled his belly against hers, and rolled over on to her. She turned quite on to her back. — He kissed her. — “Now be a good girl, I shall not hurt you — or do you any harm — be a good girl.” — She laid quietly with eyes closed. “Now be a dear good girl, there’s a dear,” and he pressed on her and gave a shove. — She gave immediately a cry, quite a loud one — and only one. — He put his hand right over her mouth, rammed quickly, and soon his wriggles told of his consummation. Then his head sank by her side. The girl was crying violently. I both saw and heard.

He lay on her such a time endearing her, to all of which she made no reply that I could hear. Then he got off in a temper. For half a minute she lay still scarcely moving, and then got off the bed still crying, which seemed to disconcert him. He sent for brandy, and made her take some with water. Then he sat her on his knee and they talked. Then he looked at the tail of his shirt and said triumphantly and loudly. “You have bled a little, never mind — it’s all over, you’ll be all right to morrow — do wash dear — do — you needn’t mind me now — wash your thing my dear.” She went to the side of the bed and put the basin down on the floor. The old boy began at once frigging away at his prick with the view of it making it stiff again — but it seemed no go. — The girl washed and sat down looking at the fire, and began crying again. — He then washed and soaped his prick and recommenced frigging it, turned round with it quite stiff, and for the first time I saw it. — He walked up to her with it stiff. “Look dear, that’s what has done the mischief,” and sat down with his back towards me, but he kept at times frigging his cock I could see.

The landlady knocked at the door, she was always interrupting couples. — “Shall you soon have done?” said she. — He started up putting his shirt over his stiff cock. — She started up seemingly in terror. — “I shan’t be long,” said he, and then turning round. “Dam the woman for frightening me so.” — They both went away soon after. — She still crying, and he saying he would be a friend to her as long as he lived. — Sarah remarked. “Well, — I really think the old boy had had the first of her, and he’s old enough to be her grandfather. — I’ll warrant that the old beggar has a large family, he looks it — there is no trusting any man.”

One night a fine looking man with a dark moustache, looking not forty years old, came in with a poorish looking woman. — They talked for some time, then he said, “I will give you five shillings extra if you’ll suck me.” — After refusal, and a declaration that she had never done it before, she agreed to it. — I told Sarah and let her look. — “I know that woman, let me see her do it, I never saw a man’s prick in a woman’s mouth in my life.” — He gave her ten shillings and said he would give the five when she had sucked him, took off his coat, and feeling in the pocket took out a paper, from which he produced a round handled tooth brush, and put it in his waistcoat pocket. — Then in the centre of the room he dropped his trowsers down. — She laid hold of his tool which was quite flabby, and pulled the skin back, and squeezed it. “Wash it first.” — He scuffled with his trowsers down his ankles to-wards the wash stand, washed and came back. She dropped on her knees. He had refused to lay on the bed as she asked him. — If they had placed them-selves so as to let me look at them, they could not have placed themselves better.

She took it into her mouth, ane moving her head backwards and forwards fucked his prick so to speak with her lips. Then she spat on the floor, then into her mouth his prick which had begun to swell again went. As it came out it was now quite big.

She stopped, looked up and said. — “You must not spend in my mouth, tell me when you are coming.” “Yes I must — there is no pleasure unless I finish.” “Oh I can’t.” She left off and stood up. — After an altercation, he agreed to give her ten shillings instead of five, if she would let him, and she to make sure, had the money first.

She stood besides him for a time, holding his cock and frigging it — for unless a woman loves a man, or is really fond of having a prick in her mouth, as some are, she likes to make the prick suction short, and bring it as much forward by fist-fucking as she can. “Do you never fuck?” said she. “I was wounded some years ago, and have never been able to fuck since.” — It was not clear to me why a man whose prick already stood, could not put it into a woman’s cunt, as well as into her mouth. — He had then taken the tooth brush out of his pocket. — “What are you going to do with that,” said the girl. “I tickle my bum hole with that, it increases my pleasure, you will see.”

She dropped on her knees — and his prick which had drooped again, got stiff under her sucking — but she had to go on for such a time, that she rested and said, “Oh you can’t spend.” He said he could. — Then I saw him wet the handle of the tooth brush with spittle, and laying hold of it by the bristly end he pulled up his shirt and passing his hand to the rear, began to move it rapidly. — “Have you put it up your arse hole?” said the girl, leaving off.

“Yes — yes — go on — suck — I shan’t be long.” — On they went, her head bending up and down as his prick came in and out, his hand bobbing from his back-side. — He was just beginning to shiver with pleasure, when the landlady knocked at the door. — “Make haste please, we want the room.” — I have heard her do this several times when the couples seemed too long — but this couple had been but a short time in the chamber.

Out came the handle from his arse hole, out came his prick from her mouth, up she stood. He called out “I will pay for the room twice.” “All right, sir,” said the landlady, going away.

“Damn her,” said he, “I was just going to spend — go on.” — “Oh what a time you are — you ought to give me another five shillings.” “I will, I will,” — he said hurriedly.

Sarah who had been looking at intervals thro the peep hole, remarked, “That poor girl will have all her trouble again.”

She again dropped on her knees, again engulfed his doodle which had gone to the size of a gooseberry — again the tooth brush jigged up his arsehole, and after much hard work for the woman, he cried out, — “I’m coming, I’m coming,” drew out his tooth brush, and holding her head with both his hands, whilst the tooth brush stuck out from one of them, fucked hard in her mouth, till his head fell forward, with eyes closed and his mouth wide open. She slowly mumbled at this doodle for a minute, then emptied her mouth into a towel she had.

Sarah had glimpses, and I told her what was going on. — “Is she still sucking — what is he doing?” were whispers frequently made. — I had never seen her in such a state of curiosity. — “Well! I never saw that before altho I have seen much — I wouldn’t make a baudy house of my mouth — or turn it into a cunt for five shillings, or fifty shillings.”

I was amused, tho the tooth brush business so disgusted me that I retched, and sent out for brandy. But the cock-sucking made a great impression on me, I’d had it done a few times in my life under excitement which left me almost without knowing what I did. Soon after I thought I should like to try it, and I looked out for that very woman, but never saw her — I reserved my want, not liking to ask Sarah. — The sight she said had made her as sick as it had me. — Wasn’t she lying? — A desire for Sarah to gamahuche me sprang up that very night, tho I didn’t then ask her.

I thought about it repeatedly afterwards for the enjoyment of the man seemed so intense. — His whole frame writhed as he stood, and what struck me was the extraordinary quivering of his thighs; they shook as he spent like an aspen leaf. I noticed that more than anything else. He had tucked up his shirt round his waist in a roll, as if quite accustomed to the operation standing.

The girl rinsed her mouth. — He washed his tooth brush and put it carefully up in paper, pissed and began to button up. The woman again asked him if he never fucked, and he made a similar reply; he had not fucked for years. — It is noticeable that he’d never touched or looked at the girl’s quim, nor made her undress, nor felt her in any way. — She, curious, asked him many questions. Replying, he said he found no difficulty in getting women to suck him, that some did it much better than others, that he did not often do it, and never twice the same day for it made him ill. Then he drew the girl’s attention to something under his balls, but I could not hear what he said for he turned his back, and his belly was to the gas. The girl felt and looked, kneeling to do so. He was an exceedingly fine man and in the prime of life — his prick by no means large.

Next day I got into an omnibus. — A minute after-wards a man got in and sat opposite to me, and I saw it was the same who had the night before tooth-brushed his arsehole. — I was under no error, his eyes, manner, clothes, the ring on his finger, I recognized all. I sat staring until he raised his eyes to mine. I still stared resolving in my mind what I had seen him do, and felt such an aversion to him, that I stopped the omnibus and got out.

Sarah laughed. “Well I have done most things and am not particular, but blessed if ever I had a man’s spendings in my mouth and never will.” — Yet before a month had passed, she had mine — I expect she lied, but it is never safe to say you won’t do anything in love matters. All women I believe have had a man’s prick in their mouths, it’s human nature. One night a man of about thirty years old came in with a woman. They had evidently met before, and she knew his ways and wishes. — He was coated and muffled up almost to his eyes. When he’d unwrapped, I guessed by his well-shaven face and long frock coat, that he was a clergyman. He spoke so low until to-wards the end of his amour, that I could scarcely hear a word. — Before she undressed, he made her kneel on a chair, and throwing up her petticoats exposed her buttocks, and a remarkable plump, well-made woman of about twenty-five she was. Then he walked to the other end of the room and contemplated her. Then he turned her round and made her sit with her clothes up, stand with them up, lay on the floor, backside up, and then belly up, and in fact put her almost into every possible attitude to expose her private parts. — But he never put her on the bed, and as there was no sofa, he placed her always at the corner of the fire place under the gaslamp, so that Sarah and I had the finest view of her. — After having seen her in one or two postures, he, dressed altogether in black, pulled out a stiff cock and his balls, he walked about, still looking at her but without putting his hands on his machine, of which we had a good view. It was rather large, and stood out stiff enough for a time, then it flopped down over his stone bag. — Then he made her strip to her chemise, he stripped to his shirt, and put her through the same postures, but principally with her arse to- wards him, to which he knelt down and began to fumble about and kiss, and at length to lick.

Almost at the outside Sarah said, “I know that woman, but I haven’t seen her for some time,” and told me her history which I quite forgot. — Then she got anxious to watch her, continually saying, “Let me have a look — do.” But it was a sight I much desired to see myself, for the woman looked so nice, that I began to long to have her, and resolved in my mind how I should get her. — Then I got such a stiff-stander, that excepting for losing the sight, I should have put it into Sarah. But there I stood, feeling Sarah’s arse and tucking my fingers between its cheeks, and twiddling her cunt and looking.

The man whose prick again got very stiff, began poking it at her. — He pushed it in her face, up against her breasts, her sides, and her bum, but principally her bum. — Sarah looking one minute, said, “He likes her arse better than her belly.” Then he put two chairs close together so as to let her kneel with knees wide open, and came close to the partition thro which we were looking, and stood gazing. Now just beneath her distended thighs I could, tho sideways, see her cunt gaping but it was in shadow in the dark fringing hair, which in quantity in front, was thickish behind.

He went close and pulled open her arse cheeks with both hands, and began licking her brown hole furiously — at intervals leaning back, looking at the hole, and what seemed to us to be thrusting his finger in it, but his head was in the way and we could not be sure.

“He will keep her all night,” said I, “let’s fuck, my spunk’s nearly coming.” “Wait, wait, he won’t be long now, he is feeling his prick,” but Sarah was wrong. — He came back and again stood looking so long, that impatiently I pulled Sarah off the sofa, put her at the edge of the bed, and in a few shoves discharged up her cunt, my seminal libation.

Scarcely waiting for my prick to shrink out I pulled it out of her. — She with cunt full, got on to the sofa before me, and looking attentively for a minute whispered, “Oh! oh! he is going to bugger her — he is greasing her bum.”I could scarcely get her head from the peep hole; when I did, saw he had got a pot of grease and was greasing his prick. — “He’s greased her arsehole,” said Sarah to whom I kept whispereing what was going on. Then he placed her at the bottom of the bed, and their flanks were towards us. — The woman said, “You will give what you did before.”

“Yes, yes,” he replied, but he was scarcely audible. Then she again turned her arse towards him, her legs distended, her face and arms over the bed, he had pulled off her chemise, he his shirt and they were both naked. — His prick stood upright against his belly, with his left hand keeping the bum cheeks open or fumbling, his right hand holding his tool, he put it in her. I saw his arse oscillating and heard her with muffled voice say some- thing which sounded like, — “Oh you hurt so,” just as his belly closed on her arse. Then he placed both hands round her haunches holding her tightly. — “He’s up her, I wonder if he is up her cunt or her arsehole.” “Up her arse or why did he grease it and his own prick as well, — let me look. — I want to know what that woman does, she’s cheeked me, and I want to know.”

I let her look for a second. — “He is buggering her I am sure from the way he stands.” I pushed her head away for she would not move, applied my eye to the hole, and saw him ramming away hard, his bum wag, his thighs shake, his whole form move quiveringly. Beyond “Yes, yes” — when she’d asked him first about the money — I’d scarcely heard him, so low was the tone in which he uttered what little he said. — All at once he drew his belly back from her bum, and looked down, gratifying his eyes, but for a second only; for with a quick shove followed quickly by others — he shouted out in a loud voice, — “I’m up her arse, I’m up her arse, Oh! — oh!,” and then still louder, — “My spunk in your arse, my spunk in your arsehole.” “Oh! some one will hear, don’t.” said the woman, lifting her head and turning it partly round. “Don’t! hish! don’t!” —but he shouted still “arse-hole, spunk,” and then was quiet — bending over her, holding her tightly, and gently wriggling his arse about with enervated muscular action.

“He has buggered her, look.” “Yes he has buggered her,” said Sarah, looking, “a dirty, nasty bitch, she ought to be shown up — dirty bitch, I have a good mind to tell one or two of her friends what I have seen her up to. — I wonder if it hurts her much,” said she enquiringly after a pause — I wondered too.

He kept close to her backside, leaning over her and grasping her round her waist. — His head laying on her naked back, his face slightly turned towards me, and I thought he never would get off. At last she moved and I suppose threw his prick out, for he relieved her and threw himself naked as he was on the bed, his arse towards us, and there he lay as if in sleep for I sup-pose ten minutes.

She took no notice — but opened the door, and asked for warm water, washed, put on her chemise, then put her finger evidently on to her arsehole, and looked at her finger. She did that more than once at intervals of a minute or so. — Then she said I think (for she dropped her voice), “arn’t you going to get up,” — He rose, washed and dressed, and they went away. She was a sweetly pretty woman, had a charming plump figure, and was I should have said a very appetizing fuck, — but she was not well dressed.

Before they went away — he turned her up after she was dressed, looked at her arse hole and kissed it, and they both laughed — but they spoke during the whole entertainment in such a low tone, that I could hear nothing but what I have told.

Sarah and I talked about buggery in general. — “It does not hurt,” said she, “to put your finger up, but a big prick must.” — I thought it must hurt to put up a finger. — “You can try on yourself.” “I would,” said I, “if he had left his ointment.” She laughed, “We will try it together some day, you shall put your finger up my bum hole and I up yours.” “All right you bring the ointment.” “I will get some cold cream.” We joked about the parson’s fun for I was sure he was a parson. — Soon we had another couple to look at, and another, but when we talked we got back to the sodomitical subject — and when I fucked Sarah that night, we both talked as we lay in copulation, of the difference of sensation there might be between arse hole plugging — and cunt plugging. Said I, “The pleasure really must be all on one side.” “I have heard that some men and some women too, are fond of the sensation of a prick in their bum holes,” said she This was said whilst I was up her. When in that sensuous, stimulating, lascivious, position, it takes away one’s sense largely; all is pleasure, but I know what I have written was said then.

Afterwards I thought of my adventure in my youth, with the fat, squabby, Devonshire woman’s bumhole — and wondered if going up that round gave greater pleasure than fucking. I longed to try but dismissed it from my mind. Then I wondered if it hurt to put anything up the bum, so greased my finger one day, and to my surprize it slipped up without pain, but with an unpleasant sensation. I asked Sarah about what she had said, and one night she got cold cream, and as we lay on the bed together, I induced her to try on me; and we both poked up each other’s arseholes. It rather upset me, and I was ashamed of it. — It gave me no pleasure and gave her none she said, so we never did it again. But from time to time I could not help thinking about it and had a desire to have the woman we had seen buggered.

An odd couple came in one night — A common place young woman poorly dressed, with a very short, middle-aged man in black, whom I recognized as a clerk in a public department, and had seen for years. — He was about fifty years old, perhaps more, and awfully ugly. — There was that night a fire in the room and they both at first sat in front of it. — ‘Whilst there, he pulled out his prick and tried to get it to stand, but could not. I heard the girl say “Let me try.” She frigged it a long time, but it was of no use, for she re-marked, “I don’t think that will stand to night.” — I could not see his cock for she just hid his middle, but saw well the movement of her arm whilst she frigged.

After a time he said in a low gruff voice. “It will be all right when I get on you — get on the bed.” — She complied. — Pulling her gown off, he his coat, they laid down side by side — she put her hand to his cock, and fumbling it said, “Why don’t you let your trowsers down, I can get at it better.” — He let them down, she then pulled up his shirt which looked black and dirty, and took hold of his cock which must have been very small for I couldn’t see it. — I suppose it was flabby. “Why don’t you feel me,” pulling up her clothes as she said so, and showing a chemise also not of a very inviting color, and limbs not too beautiful. — He put his hand there, and turning on his side as she turned on her side as they lay together, began feeling, and she frigging for some time. Then — “Oh, you can’t do it,” but he went on frigging.

He said in about ten minutes, “I want to piddle and shall do it afterwards.” The stumpy little man got off the bed (he was on the side nearest to me) and toddled round to the side where the piss pots were, and stood long making water I suppose, for I saw that he had the pot in his hand. She laid looking at him and scratching her cunt or thighs high up, but her clothes just covered the bottom of her belly — and I could not see exactly where her fingers were. Turning round, he pulled up her clothes to her navel, and I saw she had a sandy haired grummet. — He made her open her legs wide, pulled open the cunt lips, and looked. “You’re a long time, you must give me more or I can’t stop longer.” — He made some reply I could not hear.

Emptying his bladder and fumbling at her sandy haired opening, apparently had the desired effect. — He told her to move further off, and got on to the bed from the pisspot side and facing me. — As he did so I saw a smallish sort of sprout from under his shirt. His trowsers so embarrassed him that he could scarcely shuffle into position, so she helped him by cocking up one leg, and just shifting herself so as to bring him between her thighs. — Down he went on to her like a lump of lead, and began shoving.

If he was on the woman one minute he was half an hour there, shoving and wriggling more or less the whole time; he got fatigued, blowing and snorting like a pig — I could hear the wind whistling through his nostrils quite plainly, I shall never forget it.

The affair was amusing at first, but I had then seen such lots of couples in coition, some nice, handsome, clean and voluptuous, others quaint and novel in amusements, many inciting in some way — so got tired of this poor couple and left off looking. — Sarah looked — then I looked again. — There was he still ramming and blowing away — I heard the woman say “You can’t do it.” — The woman of the house just then knocked at the door as usual. — He stopped short, and the girl called out, “We shall be out directly,” — then to the man, “Get off you’ve had enough.” — He muttered something and continued shoving.

Again I and Sarah looked, and left the spy-hole. “He means to keep on that poor woman all night.” Looking five minutes afterwards I heard her say, “I’m damned if you won’t fuck my bottom out.” — Then was an agitation of his body, he laid quiet for an instant, then puffing and the sweat streaming down his face he got off — whether he had had a spend or not I don’t know.

The woman went off leaving him sitting by the fire, seemingly quite done up, until the landlady went in and asked if he wanted the room again. He grunted out “No” — and left.