Volume 6 CHAPTER 15

With Janet next day. • On the Quays at night. • Very cheap amusements. • Chaffing the “Whures.” • A feel for sixpence. • A fuck for a shilling. • I give luck. • Reckless whoring. • Two sisters again. • Bonnetless and barefooted. • Uprighters. • Sukey holds the stick. • Adjacent copulators. • “Our claes air nae clan.” • Sukey on the bed. • More finger-stinking. • Bilked at E***b***h. • Introduction and explanation. • An episode of war. • A Paris acquaintance. • The lady of the captain. • Lushing and blabbing. • His disclosures. • My lust for her. • The lady’s suspicions and anger. • Her interrogatories. • My admissions. • Her revenge. • On the sofa. • A clandestine visit. • The captain’s country visit. • A locum tenens. • Sixty hours of love. • Difficulties with the servant. • The lady’s beauties.

I had nothing to do at D**d*e, and no acquaintance. My sole object in going there having been to see the place. So I eat, drank, and reposed well, and in the same way as I had done at G***c*w, found out a baudy house. But here I paid the “whure” for her in-formation, without taking her into the house. I hired a good room, and at dark (for she wouldn’t come before) met Janet. — She, like the red haired forewoman, had put on boots, stockings, and a bonnet, and was surprized when I said I preferred her with naked legs. — But it was the nakedness I think, which had first stir-red my lust for her and the Scotch forewoman. For all that, I think I preferred her with her stockings on, when I began to maul her about, and rather against her will but to please me, she knelt on the bed with her arse towards me. Then with her petticoats and shift well up over her hips, the dark haired slit with full lips, pouting out between her handsome buttocks, the creamy flesh of her thighs and backside, and her white stockings below, made a pretty contrast; and my rod erected itself at once, and throbbed and knocked, whilst I took to kissing the pouters, which I saw like the flesh of her arse, were as clean as cunt could be. — Then I opened the moist soft lips, and saw their carmine lining, and laid her down, gave her my prick to kiss (and didn’t she kiss it.) Then the hot spunk filled her cunt and mixed with hers, and in a few minutes was trickling down towards her arsehole.

But the novelty was over with her. There was none of the amusement I had in the hut, and when I fucked her once I had had enough of her. But we sat and talked, for she was a nice healthy bitch, and pleasant and communicative, and had evidently come in the expectation of a good shagging again. She was surprised that I didn’t admire her stockings, for she told me two or three times, that she only put them on on Sundays and holidays, and kept looking at her legs. “Oh deedn’t a lass’ legs look nice in seelk.” She’d seen a “dancin’ gal with ’em,” didn’t all the “whures” in London wear silk? She’d heard they did. “When was Ruth fucked?” I asked point blank. — She laughed, didn’t know, her young man came to see her on Sundays only, and they talked in the bed-room, and she supposed he did it then. — Pressed further, — “Yes, he did of course, or why were they in the bed-room together?” She had heard them at it. — “Nae, they wouldn’t have a bairn till they were married,” her sister had had trouble enough that way once, and wouldn’t have any mair. “Then he pulls his prick out, and spends his spunk outside her cunt,” said I, revelling in the baudiest language which I de-lighted to use, because funnily enough, she seemed to be ashamed at hearing it. — “Aye sure, and it’s just that.”

Then I gleaned all I could about the habits of mill-hands, and found that they were just like work girls elsewhere. — Nearly every one was fucked before they were sixteen — but there was not much disgrace in having a child without marriage, said she (there is with us). All on a sudden, “Shall I undress and get into bed?” — I agreed tho I’d not intended it, and into bed we got. She was as clean as any lady, but I wasn’t some how in good force, and felt I’d had enough fucking, and so to amuse us both began frigging her. “Let me give you a spend with my finger, for I can’t fuck again yet.” — “Nae, I can do that by myself.” But I would, and did frig her, and then to her astonishment said I must leave.

We parted after having been together about two hours or so. I had dinner, and strolled out afterwards. Ever on the watch for Paphian adventures, it pleases me even to see a man speaking to a gay woman, for it sets me thinking of her cunt, and his prick. Gradually loitering, I found myself close to the long line of docks, the quay and broad road on one side, dimly lighted, and leading out of the road, others in absolute darkness, with high brick walls enclosing rope yards and business places. I saw many gay women walking and standing about, most of them without bonnets on, tho most seemed to have boots and stockings. It pleased me to

watch them retire with men up the dark roads, and to know that in all cases they were going to feel, or frig, or fuck, up against the walls, for no baudy houses were there, I guessed.

As I loitered about, some women accosted me, and I chaffed them. — “Come up here and feel me cunt.” — “Have you been fucked to-night?” — “No, wuss luck.” — After a time I said joking, “I’ve nothing but sixpence.” — “Come along.” — Struck with the novelty of feeling a woman for sixpence, I turned up a dark road with her. It was a slightly foggy night again. She lifted her petticoats well up for me, nor did she hurry me, as I felt from her garters up to her waist, and she turned her buttocks round, and stood with her face to a wall, and all for sixpence. I’ve felt hundreds of women in the street, but never recollect one turning her backside round to me unasked, or at all.

I hadn’t sixpence so gave her a shilling. Common as she was, she felt solid and smooth fleshed, and my cock stood as I fingered her notch, and noticed that she had a large clitoris. When I gave her the shilling, “Let’s have another feel,” I said. — “Aye mon,” and up went her clothes again. Then I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb. “Leave off that and fook me, I’m ready for a bit.” — “I’ve no more money.” — “Put it in, mon.” — The invitation staggered me. A seaside woman in a dark road for a shilling? — “I’m frightened, I’m married,” which was half true, half a lie. “Put it in mon, I’m right as a trivet, you may find me here every night.” I wouldn’t, yet I lingered fumbling and feeling her, and frigging her. “Frig me.” — “Gie it me then? Oh, its a fine un and stiff,” said she, giving it a frig, which made me so randy that I forced it from her hand, for I didn’t want to spend. I went on frigging her with my thumb. — She shook her buttocks randily. — “Fook me or leave off, I’m not going to play at that,” and she pushed down her clothes. “Do you want it, are you quite right, I’ve no more money.” — “Fook a way,” said she, lifting her petticoats, “I want a bit o stiff.” Next minute we were fucking.

Whilst copulating I heard footsteps approaching. — “Someone’s coming,” and I paused and half withdrew my prick. — “Never mind — they’ll only be fooking like us,” — said the woman and grasping me tightly she shoved her cunt forward, and quite engulphed my prick again, and tightened her cunt saying, “Fook mon, fook,” and in a minute the doxy and I spent together. “Ye’er a domd fine fooker,” said she, as my prick was still up her. “Don’t fear, I’m all right, good night, I’m always at yon corner.” — I was buttoning up, she was pissing, I’d had a fuck for a shilling and never have I had one so cheap since my youth. So I gave her half a crown which was handy. It was unexpected. “If ye’er aboot, and wush me again, I’ll be aboot and ye may ha me,” — said she, as I departed. I give her dialect as well as I can.

I had a perfect mania for the Quay women, walked about the neighbourhood, and felt cunts at a shilling a piece, till I’d spent all my silver. Then I sought a low public house and demanded drink, in order to get change for a sovereign all in silver. I was clad in a well worn shooting suit, and had a roughish cap on, and imitated the manners of a poor man, yet didn’t escape notice. Two good-looking girls seemingly about eighteen years old eyed me. — “Gie us a glass,” said one. — I gave both glasses of whiskey. “I’d give a shilling to have a good feel of your two cunts,” I whispered. — She tossed off the whisky, spoke to her companion, both went out, and in five minutes I was feeling both their cunts at the same time. One held my stick whilst I did so, and then both pissed over my hand. — “Gie us a bit siller mair, ye can an ye will,” said one, and I did.

I suppose it’s as difficult to behave like a costermonger, as it is for a costermonger to act the gentleman — for more than one woman or so said, — “Yer not a chap o’ these parts,” and imagined I could give them more than they usually got for their favours. But with them I amused myself, till all that silver was spent. I must have felt a dozen and a half women that night. Then I sought the woman I’d fucked. She was nearly at the same place, and I spoke with her. — Aye I’d brought her luck, she’d been fouking ever since I left her, would I have her again— I declined but had a feel and gave a shilling for it. Well at seven o’clock tomorrow night she’d be there sure, and no one should have her before I had, if I was particular. Clean was what she meant. Then I went home to my hotel.

A letch for these Quay harlots was still on me strong. I had intended leaving, but resolved to have another night’s frolic with them. — Thinking about it made me lewed all day. I was glad when darkness set in, and I had had my dinner. — Then I sought the Quays, and with plenty of silver began my games. It was not foggy, yet was a pitch dark night without moon and star. — I had felt two or three whores, and found that two of them would let me fuck them for a shilling a piece. Curiosity was mixed with my letch, and I always asked them if they’d let me for a shilling. When near a lamp, I saw two well grown girls without bonnets standing, and they had bare feet. They didn’t seem like the others, but held back. I stared and stood still. — “Coom and talc a wak we me Jock,” said one. — “Come here,” said I, and moved to a gas lamp. Both came, they struck me as good looking. “A shilling,” I said. “Coom on,” — and she moved quickly down a dark road.

Groping and feeling her moist, slippery slit, I asked if she were often about there. — No, they were mill hands, and both worked regularly at *ms mill, but they had shortened hands a fortnight ago, and fifty women or more were without employment. — She could not hold out longer, for she had rent to pay, and had pawned many of her clothes. — “I don’t want the other girl,” said I noticing the other approaching. — “Never mind her, it’s my sister, she’ll wait for me. — You’re not a man of these parts, are you?”

I talked on, feeling her split all the time, believing from the few questions and answers I had got, that she was not a regular strumpet. — “What’s a poor lass to do, she can’t stave?” — Yes, she’d got a young man, and he did all he could, gave her all his spare money, but he’d his father and mother both to keep and now was in hospital with a broken arm. — She’d be sorry for him to know what she and Sukey were doing down there. — I was some minutes feeling her and talking, then I desisted. — Arn’t you going to do me?” said she, quite surprized. — “Is your cunt all right?” — She assured me it was. “Let me feel your sister.” — “Sukey — Sukey,” she bawled out, tho her sister was in sight. Sukey came and soon I was feeling her cunt also. — “Let’s feel ye as weel,” said one of them. I pulled out, tho her sister was in sight. Sukey came, and soon I was feeling Sukey who held my umbrella which I gave to her. I had an umbrella this night, not a stick. — The manners and speech of the two were different from that of most of the women, whose cunts I had been feeling that evening.

Whilst perfuming my fingers, a man and woman approached. Dropping the sisters’ clothes by taking away my hands from their cunts, I stood upright, and talked. — “They won’t notice us,” said one girl, “they are going at it themselves.” — Sure enough, the couple so close that I could see them well, set to work fucking energetically. I fingered both the girls’ cunts, whilst we all three watched the copulation. — In a minute or two they had finished and walked quietly past us again. — “They’ve been quick,” said I. — Both girls laughed. “Aye, ye see soomthing, an ye coom here o’ nights,” said one of them.

That randied me to the full! “Do you want to fuck?” — I don’t mind.” — “I’ll fuck you, shall I?” — “I don’t mind.” — I lifted the first one’s clothes. “Hold up your petticoats, my dear.” — Soon my prick was lodged, and the biggest of the two mill hands was wagging her buttocks with enjoyment. — “Let me feel your cunt.” — Sukey came close, lifted her clothes, and I felt her cunt, till I had finished fucking her sister— then all desire for cunt left me.

“How do you wash your cunt?” said I, as the need of that being done suddenly crossed my mind. — “I go to the drinking fountain doon there” (fountains were a novelty then), “get some water in my hand and wash it.” I gave her half a crown, saying I’d like to fuck your sister. — “Do, I’ll be back soon.” — Off she went leaving me with her sister, and in a few minutes she returned. — Meanwhile I had put my own back against the wall, and felt Sukey’s cunt as she stood in front of me. — I was on full heat, and on her return resumed feeling both their cunts again. Another couple, and then another couple passed up the dark road, and didn’t I talk baudy to Sukey tho I had just fucked, and baudiness flags after a fuck I find, when I am standing up.

I asked if they got much fucking. — No, they hadn’t much luck, they’d only done it a week. They’d get more at the end nearer the dockhouse, for many more people passed there, but the women, “the whures” there had a row with them. — Why did they come and get their men, and take their food out of their mouths. Let them keep to the mill, and so on. — It was perhaps true what they told me. — So giving Sukey a half crown (I’d paid the other) I walked with them to the Quay. — “Let’s go home, Sukey.” — “No, wait a bit longer, then maybe we won’t want to coom out tomorrow night,” said the younger sister.

I walked towards the town after leaving the two, and felt one or two other women’s cunts. It was soon done, and in about twenty minutes I went back to the same spot, and there stood the two girls together. —

They’d had no one else. — “I’d like to fuck you Sukey, but is there no house about here?” — They had heard that at the public house by * * * * St. they let people have rooms, but they’d never been there. — I asked them to go with me. “Our claes air nae sae clan,” tho they’d washed their smocks the night before, for their linen was mostly pawned. — They evidently didn’t want their clothes seen, or to go with me to a brothel.

But the letch was on me. I didn’t seem to care about dirty and discoloured linen a bit. — I, whom a speck on a chemise disgusted in a swell woman. So I bid money for both, and we found our way to a low pot house, gave a shilling for a dirty bed-room, and there by the light of a candle had both the lasses naked. I saw their white backsides, pretty brown haired cunts, and fucked Sukey backside to me, standing and also feeling her sister’s cunt. Sukey spent. They were both fairly good looking, I gave them (being pleased) to their astonishment half a sovereign between them, and they hurried off home. — I went to the Quay, felt half a dozen women, made two piss standing upright near a gas lamp, for it was getting late for that town, and few people were about, went back to my hotel, and next day left for E***b***h, but with a certain fear that I’d might have either the clap or pox.

At E***b***h I was bilked. I got a fairly well dressed woman, who half undressed, and then before I felt her, asked for her money—(It is a wonder that I did not offer it to her first as is my custom). And when I gave a sovereign, only let me feel her bum and thighs, and asked for more. — I wouldn’t give more, and she said she was poorly. — I said she’d the pox. She retorted that I had insulted her, and that she would now neither let me see, or feel, or fuck. — I had had a little too much wine and was quarrelsome. — The woman of the house or rooms, to which the female had led me, opened the door, saying she could have no row there. — I told her she was helping a thief, and left heated, and lewed. — I walked up P* * * *s St., and wandered about aimlessly, found a common sort of woman, and for half a crown, shagged her up against some railings. — The next night I was in London.

At London I at first took fancy again for women in the suburbs, punks who would let me have them for half a crown, and several jolly fucks I had. — Then suddenly I took to those clad in silks and satins, and wondered at my recent low tastes, and at my immunity from ailment, for no harm came from my reckless fucking. — But when I come to think of it, nearly all my claps have come from swell women. My intercourse with these poor women gave me a curious insight into life, and makes me think what a Godsend having a cunt is to many women, who would starve without it. And what a comfort that is to men who cannot marry, and who if they couldn’t get a cheap fuck, must either frig them-selves, or bugger each other, both of which habits are most objectionable, and to be avoided if possible. — But surely the seed in a man’s testicles, will,

and must come out by some process natural or unnatural.

What now follows needs a few remarks. — It is of an intrigue which began, when I had Amelia German, and went on during and after the time I knew her. — It has not been mentioned before, because it only terminated at about this time. — Nor could it have been narrated properly in fragments, which it must have been, if dates had been closely followed. — Moreover it is a history of events which only in a small degree happened to my-self, and all the facts were not got at once. — The narrative, together with that of my connection with the lady, was all but completed in its present form shortly after I saw her for the last time, and the fragmentary papers on which it was bit by bit, and time by time first written, were then destroyed.

(The ladies and others who may know something about the event may be alive. — I hope neither of them will see this. — The date is unfortunately fixed by that of a celebrated battle, and by the names of places which it is impossible to omit without throwing doubts on the story, which many will now even disbelieve, perhaps most. The nationalities of all the actors are those given, for without that some incidents could not be accounted for. The names of both women and the man, are not the true ones, but names have been as-signed them, in use in the countries in which they were born and lived.

(Unfortunately the narrative supplies a date, which gives a clue to all parts of this history of my private life, for that reason it has nearly been consigned to the flames.)

I have carefully avoided in these memoirs, introducing accounts of things which have not strictly occurred to myself. — When I have deviated, it was because the side stories were told me, by those with whom I was in the closest sexual intimacy, and they have formed in-directly almost part of my own history. — I have no doubt of the truth myself of these stories, for I have in all cases got at the facts from the women, by repeated siftings and questioning, sometimes when we have been lying side by side feeling each other’s privates, and exchanging the voluptuous confidences, which are given when a man’s mouth is close to a woman’s, and his fingers are on her cunt. At other times when chatting after dinner and supper, in the satisfaction of full stomach and half satisfied lust. — Lust to be provoked and satisfied again at our leisure. — I must not omit this tale, for it was learnt that way from a woman who was fond of me, and who would have fled with me to the world’s end.

It was two years after the battle of Solferino and I was then entering into middle age, was without any ailment, was strong, and with ample means. I became acquainted with a gentleman holding a semi-public, official appointment at Paris. He had been captain in the army, and been severely wounded and lamed at the battle of Solferino. His lameness compelled him to retire from the army, and his family being of great influence, got him what was unusual at his age, a good commercial berth. — He was a little, plain man, and limped sadly, but was an agreeable fellow, and had the habit, very unusual with his countrymen, of getting drunk. It was said that the habit was thro disappointment, at being obliged to leave the army; which is probable.

After a time he became unusually friendly to me, it was most marked. — He took me to his rooms or flat, and introduced me to his wife, and I became very intimate with them. — They had but little society, and that almost entirely of men. — She was a very well behaved woman, and good wife in every way he said. — But a variety of little circumstances, made me at last think he was not married to her. — She was an Alsacien, and he first had met her in Lombardy, after the great battle he had said. We talked as men always do, and all Frenchmen certainly do, often enough about women — and on baudy subjects generally when we were alone. — Several times he was quite tight, and when so, was loquacious and let out freely. — But if he became too loose in tongue, she in a modest way rose and left the room, or else plainly asked me to leave, saying he was excited, and would be so much better if he went to bed. — Of course I always did leave, and afterwards knew the real reason why she wished me out of the way. She was a splendid big woman, of about twenty-two or -three years of age, tho she looked somewhat older, on account of her height and fleshiness. She had dark, beautiful eyes, and blackish hair — good teeth and complexion, lovely lips and teeth — and was altogether a very handsome creature. — I used to wonder how she came to marry him, who was so short a man, and jokingly told him so one night. — He laughed, said she had no money, and was glad enough to have him, that women in France did not easily get married unless they had a dot, and he winked at me in a knowing way which I did not understand then. She spoke, as all Alsaciens do, both French and German perfectly, and I found also that she spoke Italian. — This must be recollected to explain what follows.

One night he was much screwed as we sat smoking our cigars together.
— She was out. — What led to the conversation, now I don’t recollect, tho of course it was about women. With a chuckle, he said he knew a woman who had been fucked twelve times within an hour.

— I said, I did not believe it and thought he was going to tell some smutty story. But he nodded, and winked

— yes he did — I questioned him — well, he did not mind telling me, would I swear never to tell any one else? — I did. — “It was my wife,” said he. — Now I felt convinced he was romancing, but for half an hour in a rambling drunken way, he said that a lot of soldiers had done it to her just before the battle of Solferino. The more I refused to believe it, the more de-tails he gave me, the more emphatically he swore it was true. — My cock stood awfully, when I thought that that fine young creature had fucked twelve times in an hour? — Ah my God I thought, did she like it, and spend, and a crowd similar of ideas rushed thro my mind.

As we were talking in came the lady. — There was a fierce look in her eyes. — “Pray go on talking,” said she to her husband in an impatient, and unpleasant tone of voice (we had ceased talking suddenly as she entered). “What was it about?” she asked. — Her fuddled husband blundered out something, and I seconded him. — “Was that it? What did you stop talking for? It’s something I’m not to hear, I’ll leave,” — and she looked like a devil. — “We were talking of nothing you can’t hear of course,” I said. — “Of course not” she replied, with a strange laugh. Looking me full in my eyes, she then sat down, and soon I left.

Things went on as usual, I visited frequently, but became now wild to have her, and to see them, or rather her, as often as possible. — When I did see her, my cock stood directly, for I pictured to myself her dark cunt, with prick after prick going into it, on the occasion the husband had told me of. — So I often not only dined there, but invited them to dine at restaurants, or at my hotel, and took them to the theatre; all of which gave me the opportunity of taking her arm, and getting my legs close to hers. I gave her gloves with permission of her husband, and other trifles, and altogether got on very familiar terms with her.


At every opportunity when we were alone, I got him to tell me about the affair. But after once or twice he seamed frightened to recur to it, till one evening, when I had dined at his rooms, and his wife went to see a neighbour on a floor in the same house. Then I confess that I tried to fuddle him, and did so. Then he told me more about how he met and married her. — “Married,” said he laughing. — “I say so but we are not married.” — “She wants me to marry but I shan’t.” — Again as the devil would have it, she came in suddenly in the midst of our conversation. — There was a wild laughing look in her eye, and she gave particular attention to me. My cock was stiffening. When I left I squeezed her hand, and thought she returned it.

The next time when we were alone, on opening the subject again he avoided it, and laughing, said it was all a joke of his, that he was screwed, that it wasn’t his wife who had been so fucked, it was really a story which a friend, a brother officer had told him. Then he turned the subject off nor did I refer to it seeing how the cat jumped. I yet brooded over the story till I was mad to have her.

One day a little time afterwards, just when she had had her luncheon, I called. I knew she would be alone, and that he would be at his bureau, tho I asked if he was in, when she opened the door herself. — She stood hesitating, not answering me for a such a time, that I thought she never would. Then she smiled, looking strangely into my eyes again, and said he was out, would I walk in. — I did so in an instant. — She sat down on a sofa, I on a chair close by her, and we talked on trifles for a short time. — “You knew he was not at home at this time,” said she suddenly, “didn’t you?” — “No.” — “Yes, you did.” — “Well I did, but I wanted a chat with you, have I offended you?” — “Oh no.” — I moved on to the sofa, then I got nearer and nearer till quite close to her, talking and thinking, my cock swelling and rising. — I felt nervous. — She kept looking at me, biting her lips, and turned away her head every second. What was going through her mind? — I could not imagine. There was a pause. — “What was my husband telling you about me the other night?” said she quite abruptly. — “When?” — “The night I was out and came in to you.” — “Nothing, we were not talking about you.”

— “You were, I know you were.” — “No.” — “Yes, tell me now, do,” and she looked coaxingly. — “No.” I persisted. — My cock was stiff, and inconvenienced me in my trousers, so that I had to put my hand down to ease it up. She saw what I did. — “Now he did?” — “No, no.” — “He did, for I was listening and heard.”

— “I thought you were listening,” said I, taken unawares. — “Tell me then, now do. Was it anything about soldiers?” and she laid her hand on my shoulder, and looked me in the face. — I hesitated, but said at length, — “Yes, it was.” — She jumped upright. — “A brute, a beast, a pig,” said she. “I knew it — I was sure of it,” — and she walked up and down the room in a rage. Then she came and sat down. — “Tell me all he said.” — I would not. “He’s a pig, and you’re not the first he has told, I wish I’d never seen him.” — Tears rolled down her cheeks, but she soon dried them, saying aloud but to herself, — “Why could not the fool keep it to ourselves.”

There was a long silence. Then she pressed me to tell her all. — I was getting reckless. — The lovely woman was close to me, I could feel the warmth of her body, and its perfume came up my nostrils. — “Do tell me.” — “No.” — The smell made me rutting mad. — “Give me a kiss, and I will.” — Instantly she put her mouth to mine, and I pulled her close to me, and kissed her rapturously. — “Oh, I’ve been dying for you ever since I saw you. — Mad since I knew — I’ve scarcely slept since, and have been thinking of you night and day. Let me.” — She made no reply, but stared at me full in the face. I pressed her with my hand close up to her stomach, she kept staring at me all the time and seemed to encourage me, then timidly I put my hand under her petticoats and felt her ankle, waited, then the calf, then thighs, and then unresisted, my fingers pushed through the crisp fringe and touched her clitoris. Then only did she put her hand down and stop me, looking at me earnestly all the time and still with-out speaking.

“Let me, for God sake let me. I love you so, am dying for you.” I pulled my prick out of my trousers. — It was a sight of rigidity. I had taken away my hand from her cunt and put her hand to my prick. Then unresisted, again my fingers went up her petticoats on to her clitoris. For a second or two I rubbed and twiddled, pushed her gradually backwards, kissing her. She fell on her back and put her legs up conveniently. — I pulled up her clothes, kissed her motte, threw my-self between the thighs which she opened to receive me, and the next instant, our bodies were one and we were heaving in unison. — She had not spoken a word all the time, during all the preliminaries, not till the gush from my prick made her spend and voluptuous murmurs came with it from her.

We lay joined together by cunt and prick — and tongue with tongue, a very long time on that sofa. — Then when my prick had left her cunt, I got off her, and she resumed her sitting posture. — “It serves him right, a brute, a fool, a pig,” said she, — “to tell people of all my troubles. — I’ve served him right. — I’m sure you’re not the only one he’s told — tho I can’t prove it. — I told him I’d leave him if he ever told anyone,” — and tears again rolled for a moment down her cheeks, but for a moment only. — Then she looked at me. “Is he not a donkey, a pig?” said she fiercely. — I said he was an ass and a pig, to have done so (but to myself I thanked my lucky stars that he was an ass), that he should never have told of his wife’s misfortunes before marriage. — “We are not married, I’m his mistress, and I wonder he has not told you, the animal.” —I let out no more, but pressed her to tell me the history. — “Not now, but another day perhaps,” she said. — “Let us do it again.” — “If you like,” said she sullenly.

Then we kissed and fondled. How charming tho commonplace it is, as a man and woman sit with arms round each other, mouth to mouth, licking, tonguing, and slobbering, one’s hand nursing and fondling the prick, the other’s hand, gliding over the smooth surface of a cunt, and warming it up to randiness. — “Let’s go to the bed, dear.” — Without a word she rose and led the way to it, then on the top of her now, but first with a look at the lovely thighs and belly. — “Open your thighs, my darling.” — “No, no, wait till I have washed.” — Wait indeed! the next instant my prick was up that sperm filled cunt, was gliding into felicity, and giving it. — How we enjoyed it. — And some fools call this lovely act of copulation beastly. Beastly forsooth! — Well let it be, I like as much of the beastly work as I can manage.

“My servant will be in directly,” said she. — “I will send her out again on some errand, and then you must go.” — “What nonsense, my dear, wash before me, what can it matter now.” — “Ah what indeed,” said she, plumping her lovely buttocks over a basin and washing. — She had hesitated. — The servant was longer gone than she expected, and my prick had just gone up her again when she returned. — Out went my cock, she sent the slavey out again, and then directly we returned to our grinding.

I was now in a frenzy of voluptuous delight, with her spanking buttocks, and black, crisp haired cunt, in which I buried my mouth and kissed and smelt with rapture, directly she had washed it — My prick stood again. I was astonished at the rapidity with which I had got her. It seemed a dream. My balls seemed full of seething sperm and never had I been in finer condition nor sent more spunk out of me than I did in that hour and a half. It was no longer. — She met me too with ardor, and enjoyed my body as much as I did hers, but between each fuck she was dreamy and taciturn, and whenever I tried to make her tell me about the soldiers, she said, “Not now, another time perhaps.”

Again I was at her cunt. On my knees, kissing between her thighs, as she sat in the bed-room, but she got up. “You must go before the servant comes in. If she should know, she will think it strange, and she won’t be long. Call in tonight.” — Off I went and in the evening called upon them. — I did not like shaking hands with him, I recollect. It seemed treachery — but there was no help for it. — There we two sat and smoked, all three of us together. — She knew more than either of us. I wonder what passed thro her mind, as she sat with the two men who had been up her? — She asked him when he was going to visit some relation of his, and I found he was to do so on the following Friday, and remain away until the Monday. Was it sure, certain? “Yes, quite,” he replied. It was all arranged, he was expected there. — She looked at me, and I at her furtively, we were both of the same mind. — “I must go tomorrow to call on so and so,” said she, naming the time she should leave. — He left the room for a minute or two. “I’ll be outside tomorrow,” I said. She nodded and at the usual hour of the night I quitted them.

I waited in a fiacre for her the next day, and soon after we were in an accommodation house, where I had engaged a room, and had had clean sheets put on, but she would not get into bed and we fucked outside. — What a treat she was — I recollect now, burying my mouth in the hair of her cunt, and kissing and smelling it with rapture. — Still she would not tell me the story of the soldiers. — “No, another time, but was he not a brute to tell you, when every one thinks we are married? — and I serve him rightly don’t I?” was her constant refrain. — It struck me that all she was letting me do and doing herself, was not out of liking for me, or out of lust, but out of revenge, and I felt a little mortified. — In my first impetuosity I had when waiting in the fiacre, and thinking about her, so heated my-self, that I gushed out my sperm into her, almost directly I was up her. — “You had no pleasure with me, and you don’t love me,” I said. — “Yes I think I do, but it serves him right don’t it, a fool, a pig,” but by the end of an hour or so, I had roused her lust, and she glued herself to me with rapture.

Then we arranged that I should stop with her in his absence from Friday to Monday. — Her one servant (as is customary at Paris) slept up in the attic with other servants, and went out in the morning to do marketing, if madame did not. — Gertrude would send her out on an errand in the evening, and during that time I was to be let in. — She would get a store of food in herself. — I was to take some. — On the Sunday she would give the servant a whole holiday, we then should be alone. — All this was jolly for me but what if he came home unexpectedly? — She did not care she said. — He was a pig, a fool, a brute. If he found her out she would go home to her parents, besides she had some money of her own. — I saw only a possible row, a fight, perhaps a duel, or even a murder, but deter- mined to risk it. — “No no, I’ll tell you all about the soldiers then.” — A note was to be sent me on the day, naming the hour. — I was to be there if all went right.

This was early in the week. — I kept away from women, waiting eagerly for the Friday. — All that day I had a stiff stander every hour. Evening was approaching and no letter had come. Curse him, he’s not gone on his visit I thought, when by hand came a note with, “Come at eight.” — No date, no signature was on it (I kept it for years) . I was at the house to a moment, it was dark, and she let me in. — The servant was out as arranged. — I took only as much linen as I could carry in a small parcel.

I rushed at her so soon as we were in the room together, kissing her, and groping her cunt. She let me kiss and grope, but that, and the smell of my fingers was all I got for two hours. She would not let me have her at once. — “No, wait till the servant’s gone for the night.” — She had seen her husband off by train and all was well. — She put me into her bedroom, in which was a very large clothes closet — I could sit down in it. The servant came home, Gertrude was with her some time. She had put me into the closet mentioned, I had taken off my boots, and it was then that she called the servant into the room, and had a chat with her on domestic matters, and told her she might go to bed earlier if she liked, for she should go to bed early. — The servant gladly enough did. The house door was locked and we were alone. — We had both dined, but we had a nice little supper of sausage, with bread and butter and Champagne, and then to bed, to bed. — What a hurry I was in to get there.

Never in my life have I had greater delight than I had in seeing that woman undress. — It is always charming to see a lovely woman disclose gradually her charms. — I could not keep away from her, I pulled her about so that she could scarcely take off her things. I had stripped in a minute, and as she proceeded I kissed her, and I smelt her breasts and arm pits, and threw up her petticoats, and kissed her cunt as she stood. I knelt and pulled off her boots and stockings, felt her cunt by snatches as I did so, kissed her thighs, and played all the pranks that the randiest devil could think of. — Then just as she put her night-gown over her head, and her chemise dropped to her heels, I pulled the gown out of her hands, and she stood naked. — No, she wouldn’t sleep without the night- gown and I was obliged to give it to her. — Then into bed we went, and in five minutes her cunt was quite full of me, she had poured out her juices, my balls were wet, and we were in quiet, dreamy voluptuousness. — Nor is it of any use telling further how we spent the night. — We were both fairly fucked out in the morning. — In the night she told me very briefly the story of her fucking by nine soldiers, if not more, she told it again and again next day, and afterwards again. She told me all parts of it, on future days till I knew the story by heart. The tale is perhaps the most exciting I ever heard from a woman’s lips, altho every story about a woman’s fucking is exciting and cock stiffening. — I talked to her about it incessantly, till the reminiscences even made her lewed. — I questioned her as to what sort of men they were, what sort of pricks they had, did they spend much, what they said, what they did — I thought of everything. — “I won’t tell you any more, I’ve told you all.” But at a proper opportunity, and with my finger on her quim, or laying with my naked limbs entwined, with hers, — “Do tell me love, do.” — Then again she told this and that — supplied this link — answered this or that question — till I knew it all. — It is never to be forgotten. It is so vividly in my mind, that I feel even now almost as if I had been present at the sight.

Our difficulty began in the morning when the servant came in. — “I’m not well,” said she, “bring the break-fast in here.” — Then I came out of my closet and fed.

— There was plenty of bread and chacuterie, and we made a nice breakfast. — Directly afterwards, alas I wanted to evacuate. I knew so little of her that I did not like to tell. Shitting is always unpleasant till well acquainted with a woman, but I could not help telling.

— “Oh, how can I get her out of the way,” said she. — “Send her to the chemist for something.” — She sent directly, my fundament was made easy, and all was well again. — I kept in the closet whilst she with the servant made the bed, and set things to rights. We had put towels under our backsides to catch any stray spunk. Then out went the woman to market and we fucked, I ate my luncheon in the bedroom. — Fuck again. — At one time I was sitting in the dark more than an hour, and the servant was purposely allowed to come in and out, and so we played the game till night came again, and didn’t we sleep. — On the Sun-day when the servant was out all day, we spent it in eating, drinking, sleeping, and copulating — and the story was told over again. — “Now I’ll never say an- other word about it.” But when I questioned she answered me. — She could not help it. By Monday morning, her cunt and my prick were sore, our eyes were sunken, and my last fuck must have taken an hour. — I was got out of the house early without the servant knowing, and then to bed I went directly. — I got to my hotel, and slept all day. I did not want a woman I think till I saw her again.

I have said but little about her person. Now I must say that she was solid, fleshy, big breasted, and large thighed, had a small, tight, small clitorised and full fledged, black haired cunt. She’d ample black hair in her armpits. — I am fond of that ornament in a woman. She was altogether a choice morsel for those who like a woman full sized, but she was not in the least over-grown, although her form was quite that of a woman of seven or eight and twenty, and who had enjoyed a man. She was a most voluptuous fuckee. No amorous pranks, or baudy tricks were too much for her, and never did I enjoy two days and nights with a woman, more than I did with her. The only drawback was that I was dishonest with my friend, which cut me every now and then — but it was as she said his own fault. — Had he not exposed her, and in that made him unworthy of her? She wouldn’t have come to my arms she said but for that, and that comforted me, as well as her.