Two years back. • Harriet’s lust. • At a B***s**s lapunar. • Cunt inspections. • The way ladies go up stairs. • A large clitoris. • Flat fuckers. • Gay ladies’ letches. • A stercoraceous letch. • A fat Jewess. • A large prick needed. • Libidinous attitudes tried. • A brown bum valley. • Age guessed by it. • A piddle in a basin. • A game at sixty-nine. • Choked by cunt. • Cunt soaping and washing. • A flaxen haired, plump Dutch wench. • The two cunts meeting. • Why did I select a big fat woman? • An-other lapunar and other whores. • My habit of questioning women. • My lascivious questions. • A year later on. • At B * * * s* * s. • At a lapunar. • A woman selected. • My indifference. • Her dislike. • The chemise on fire. • Gratitude, lust, and voracious fucking. • The ocean crossed. • Negro and Negress copulating. • Her cunt and his prick • I frig him. • A white woman’s opinion of a Negro. • About Negroes’ pricks.

I find that, by a blunder, manuscript which ought to have been dealt with before has been omitted, and I must go back to that year in the spring of which I had the lithe, amorous, and lascivious Harriet. It makes my prick stiff and my frame thrill now, as I think of her lubricious, yet tight sheath and the voluptuous ecstasy with which she spent. My own pleasure is always largely increased when I give pleasure to the sweet creature I am enjoying. — I know the difference between the sham and overdone signs of pleasure which whores feign and that of the woman whose cunt is yearning for a prick and semen, and who sighs gently with a sweet voluptuous tremor, as my prick enters her. — Harriet was one of those — I guess that her sexual passion increased as she grew older, and it will take a good man to satisfy her cunny. No won-der she frigged herself when I was away, and perhaps ran off so that she might get well fucked again.

I was some times that year abroad, and not being much by myself was fairly chaste. — Yet I amused myself occasionally with Paphians, who lodged in flocks in the licensed temples of Venus — I had at times for inspection six or eight of these venal fuckstresses on the same night. I have done this before in earlier years when on the continent, as I think I have told, tho possibly that part of my manuscript may have burnt with others relating similar fugitive adventures. There were one or two amusing episodes that summer. One with a very big, splendid, fat creature of Jewish type of face, and another with one who but for me might have been killed.

I was in the month of *** at B***s**s, a well known town to me, and where as told I have had many amorous frolics. — At dusk I went to the lapunar, No. * in * * * * * Street. — It was the hour when the women are just got up and dressed for the evening, and before much fucking had begun. — I went at that hour purposely. — “The price of the house is * * * * * francs,” said I. “No,” said the abbess of the unchaste nunnery. “It is * * * *” and she named exactly double the tariff of the charmers, for she saw I was a foreigner. I rose to go, denying it. “You’ve been here before?” asked she, seeing that she might lose custom. “Yes, many times.” “Tres bien donc, restez.”

Then I told her I meant to inspect the charms of many, have two at a time to see their hidden beauties but not to fuck; that the ladies would have only the tariff, excepting she who received my final adoration, and who would have her douceur; that none need come unless they liked that arrangement. The abbess went out, rang a bell, and soon I heard the rustle of silks and the soft shuffle of feet. Opening the door, I heard the abbess saying something about my being “drôle” and the women laughing. — Then in trooped a dozen. “Have you told the ladies?” “Yes, Sir.” “Come with me then,” and I selected two who pleased me.

We left the room together. “Montez, mes cheres.” On they went. “Pull your clothes up above your rumps as you mount, and go not too fast.” — A pair of naked, broad backsides went up in front of me, whilst I following, looked at their handsome limbs, peeping for the shadow of the hairy valley between their thighs. The girls laughing.

Soon in the bed room I had the ladies naked on the bed, thighs apart, clefts opening. I felt and kissed their flesh all over. — This one had much hair, that one less. — One was hairy to her buttocks, the other smooth and almost hairless to her anus. One cunt with small clitoris, the other with a protuberant. — “Ah! ma chere, vous aimez les femmes.” “He — Hee — He — mais oui, pourquoi pas.” Finishing with them. “Au revoir — send me up that tall blonde, and the girl with the biggest clitoris in the house.” Away they went, saying I was “un drôle” and directly after the two women whom I had commanded appeared. — “Non, non, monsieur, not in that room, that is Miss * * * * room, you must come into ours. — She may get engaged and want her room.” Into the room of the tall blonde I went, saw a fair haired cunt, and by its side a dark haired cunt, out of which jutted a clitoris as big as a well sucked nipple, one of the largest I ever saw, with flags falling down from it till hidden by the outer lips. — “You fuck women with that, ma belle.” “Jamais, jamais donc — I love men not women.” “Why not? — if you like women, all is fair and proper in love. — That is my motto.” — But she persisted in her love for men alone.

Then I had the troupe of Paphians sent up to me for further selection, and had another couple, and then another. — Said I, “Jeanette, she with the large clitoris, rubs cunts with you doesn’t she? — Tell, and I’ll have a bottle of champagne. You stop and I’ll fuck you.” I sent the other away. I was wrought up with the sight and the smell of so much cunt and female loveliness, and had selected my Venus. “Stop the night with me.” “How much?” She told me the tariff, and saying I would stop, champagne was brought and a cake. My Venus began at once to enjoy herself, I drank but little, she much. I sat seeing her eat and drink; and stiffing my lust, amused myself by watching and studying so to speak the woman. — More and more I can do that now. I like to sit looking at them, hearing them, encouraging them to talk on, scarcely speaking myself, but thinking and contrasting them mentally with other women I have had.

Two thirds of the bottle had gone, when my Venus, unasked, suddenly rose, and pulling her chemise half w ‘v up her thighs began to dance a Spanish dance. — ” I— La — La — Lala — La-lala — Lala” — sang she. “I can dance — look.” “Pull your chemise higher up and show your motte.” “Non — non — that will spoil it.” Dropping her chemise she sat herself on my knee, put one arm round my neck and kissed me, with the other took my pego out of my trowsers. “Aha — it’s stiff — let’s fuck.” “You’ve been fucked before?” “Not since yesterday — fuck me — but I shall piss.” “No, wait” — I held the basin for the operation, watching the lips open, the stream issue, and then on to the bed with her. I had well nigh forgotten the big clitoris till feeling hers. — “Jeanette has a large clitoris, she rubs cunts with the women, doesn’t she.” A laugh. “Yes.” “Sometimes with you?” “With us all, we have all had her for a caprice.” “She likes then women?” “She likes all — men and women. — She’s been buggered and fucked at the same moment by two men — she is proud of it.” “Une vraie cochonne.” “There are three women who like her — I’m not one, but we all have done it with her.” — My lass was screwed.

The wine and talk, and perhaps a fancy for the man who had seen eight other women’s cunts and had selected hers for fucking or perhaps a sudden sting of lust, a recurrence of her daily desires (for gay women have lewed moments, enjoy fucking as much as other women. With them a spend daily is a necessity, and I believe they always spend once daily if not twice), now made her grasp, and squeeze, and frig my prick, kissing me lustfully all the time. — The next minute I was between her thighs, the hair of our mottes entwining, my prick moving in and out and probing her cunt to its utmost depths. — Then we died away in each other’s arms, and lay tranquilly coupled in spermy slobber, till the prick left her. She washed out the sperm, and again we sat and talked, and both smoked.

I talked about the other women’s cunts. My caprice in seeing so many amused her. I must be rich, she thought. Men had strange whims. Nothing surprised her. — There was a gentleman came there, who laid down on the floor, and one of the girls whom he loved, and whom he always wrote to the day before, to tell her to hold herself in readiness, then sat over him, and bogged in his mouth. She swore it was true. He always gave her a hundred francs for this stercoraceous amusement. — [I didn’t believe it, but now after more knowledge of male whims, think it likely enough to be true. — There is no oddity, no bestiality, no sanguinary deeds that are not pleasurable to the lust of men — each has his letch if he likes women at all — so have women.]

After another poke we parted, for I did not stop the night, tho I paid her the price of one. — No doubt she was just as well if not better pleased with my absence than with my company. It left her free to get others, and more money.

A few nights after I was there again and repeated my amusement. I think I must have seen all the cunts in that establishment, and one or two of them twice, including her with the big clitoris. — [Tho I didn’t think much about tribadism then. — I was beginning to think more about it, and its reality came more strongly to me a few years later on, as I grew older, and I grew still more curious about the ways of women with wornen, and the voluptuous pleasures they could get without the aid of a man.]

A month later we were again in the same city, and this time I sought a neighbouring, large, handsome lapunar. — It was not much more expensive than the other (they are all state regulated, and the price not high). I selected a very tall, big, stout woman, who had one of the loveliest faces I ever saw, but of a Jewish type. She was twenty-four, but I believe her to have been thirty-four, and certainly she weighed seven- teen stone. — For all that she skipped up stairs quite briskly, and jumped on to the bed in her nudity quite lightly. She had a fully developed, fat cunt, and masses of thick, crisp, dark hair, half way to her navel. She didn’t look ugly with it tho. I don’t now like a woman with so much hair about her cunt (I once did) so choose them thinner and younger; yet this woman’s ensemble pleased me much for a quarter of an hour.

Her size made me desire to place her so as to see such a fresh handsome bulk in various attitudes. — I have always studied naked women artistically. It has added to my pleasure in every day life, for as I see a woman stooping, kneeling, going up and down stairs, or cleaning door steps — or in any other attitude (dressed I mean) — I know how her cunt would look in such attitude could I see her naked — I think of her cunt and that adds to my pleasure wherever I am. I know how in the ballets, the cunts of the ballerinas would look if their drawers were away, for have I not seen Sarah F**z*r’s cunt naked in all such attitudes. — Thus does my artistic, anatomical, and sexual knowledge add to the pleasure of my life. — Did I not in my youth see my adored Sarah Mavis in a few voluptuous poses. I brought this woman then into various attitudes. When kneeling with her huge white bum towards me, “You’re thirty I’ll swear,” said I. “I’m not, what makes you think so?” “Hair is all round your cunt, and nearly round your cul, and the bum valley is brown. In all women when approaching thirty, that furrow from bum bone to bum hole gets a brown hue.” She laughed but denied the thirty.

Then I tried fucking, first with her big buttocks to-wards me, but they got in my way. I almost needed two inches more prick. Altho I got an insertion, I couldn’t probe her nicely. — Then I tried her at the bed side, laying her on her back, whilst I held her thighs. But her cunt seemed large and did not satisfy my pego. — Then I got on to her belly, but could scarcely with my hands reach far round her hips, and grew displeased with myself and with her, and my prick began to shrink. Afterwards I tried her again and again in all postures, but it was useless, and I left off without spending in her, after quite an hour’s trial. — Was it her fat — or the looseness of her cunt — or was I nervous — or did I not like her — I cannot say which — I couldn’t fuck her tho she was a splendid creature. I felt much annoyed with myself.

The lady began to be tired of me, saying I had occupied her a long time — I admitted it. Telling her I should give her a double fee, that contented her; and to stimulate her I had champagne. — After a time she wanted to piss, so I put her on the bed with a basin under her buttocks, and distending further with my fin-gers the already open lips of her quim, witnessed the golden stream. It was the largest pair of buttocks I think I have ever seen squatting over a basin, and as I held it, her cunt looked vast, yet pleased me much. I no longer had desire, and did not stiffen spite of the ballock stirring spectacle.

Said she, “Shall I gamahuche you?” That she did — first standing at the bed side, and then leaning over me, with her big backside, reflected in the glass of her wardrobe, and the gaping dark haired cunt in reach of my fingers. — It felt outside big enough to have put my head up. — The lingual exercise took effect, I rose to full manhood, and then turning her into a proper attitude on her back mounted her. But I couldn’t fuck her.

Then again came my sudden impulse of lust, a desire to view the beauties of my Venus in all parts, in every position — now the belly, then the buttocks — desire to change her pose incessantly. “Show me your arse, let me see your lovely buttocks and cunt. — Lay over me, make sixty- nine.” — “Yes, but I am heavy,” said she, mounting the bed. The next minute she was covering me, half kneeling, half lying over me, my head between her large white thighs, her cunt a few inches above my head, the tip of my pego in her mouth. I again felt the delicate titillation of her tongue, and the smooth rub of lips and palate, as it went further into her handsome mouth. My hands roved restlessly over her ivory backside, my eyes now revelled in the brown furrow; at one end the wrinkled bum hole; lower, the red gap with its hairy fringe, looking large enough to have taken my hand up it (but the externals of a cunt are often deceiving as to size of the vagina. The face of the cunt looks very large in a big stout woman, but I have felt a comfortable tightness when up them). The sight, the feel, the gentle suction, perhaps with the aroma, for she was sweet, took effect. My prick slowly stiffened, voluptuous thrills ran through me, fresh desires arose. — “Put your bum lower, let me gamahuche you.” — Adjusting herself hastily as if she liked it, with thighs still wider apart, cunt gaping more, it came slowly down to my face the inner lips touching me, the prick hole on me. — Ten minutes before I would not have touched that large hairy vulva with my lips. It was in size and look the very last that I should have taken for a gamahuche. — Now it pleased me, its very size pleased now, as I thought of giving her pleasure, not myself. My God! what a mouthful. As I thought of giving this big creature sexual delight, my prick stiffened and throbbed, my tongue touched her clitoris, and rapidly slid to and fro on it. Lower sank her cunt, and then my mouth was full of it instead of my tongue touching her clitoris only, now it slid over a large smooth surface. — The change stimulated my lust. What more rapid than the agility of a tongue agitated by lust. She sucked my prick, its whole length was in her mouth. I was coming — my sperm ready to rise — I clasped her big buttocks tightly, my tongue went like lightning over her cunt, I felt an agitation in her backside, heard a murmur. With her thighs round my ears I could hear no more. Her cunt slid rapidly backwards and forwards over my mouth and face, her clitoris nestled in my lips, my nose went completely up her cunt, my face was almost buried in her cunt, when she shuddered and sank heavily and tranquilly on to me, her cunt covering me from the cheek to cheek, from chin to nose. I could not breathe for it. — She had spent, was silent, and motionless.

At that instant I became conscious that my own pleasure had ceased. I heaved my arse up, but my prick was in the cold tho I felt her hand round it, but she had ceased minetting me. “Go on, go on,” I cried — disengaging my mouth for her cunt. “Why don’t you suck me?” In her own pleasure she had forgotten mine. At my cry she resumed her work. For an instant the current of my semen had stopped, but quickly pleasure came on, and I drowned her mouth with my libation. She sank on the bed, half on her side but still partly laying on me, with a napkin to her mouth — and I with eyes closed, thrust my fingers up her moist cunt, whilst she gently pressed my empty penis.

“You’ve spent,” said I getting up. “Yes — why, you’ve been pulling it about for an hour.” “You like minette?” “I’d sooner have a man, and be what you call fooked — n’est-ce pas? But if a man plays minette nicely I can’t help having pleasure.” With that she washed her cunt. Seeing the great white buttocks over the basin gave me another letch. Making her remain in her micturating attitude, I soaped her cunt well and washed it myself. — A soapy cunt feels very nice to the hand as it is passed broadly over it to an fro gently, and hers was a deliciously soft handful, from bumhole to clitoris, under its saponaceous surface; and I delighted in soaping my own prick and testicles with the hand and the soap which had come off her quim.

Lust in its impulses is with me now, more sudden and curious than ever — I had had almost a dislike to this big Jewess (for Jewess I am sure she was tho she denied it) when I failed to get into her dog fashion (en levrette she called it) my prick refused to stand well afterwards, and only her gamahuching brought me up. Yet now I wanted to fuck again, and my prick without solicitation was rigid. I put it into her cunt then with- drew it. “Get me the smallest girl in the house, and with fair hair.” She went out, and returned with a plump little Dutch girl with hair like flax. I laid the Jewess on top of her. She quite hid her. Then I laid the Dutch girl between the Jewess’ thighs. Then she gamahuched the big dark woman into ecstasy, and whilst she was still licking her cunt, kneeling on the bed to do it. — I kneeling at her backside, penetrated the flaxen haired cunt, and spent rapturously in it. Then I bid them adieu. [I did not incite them to flat fucking, tho I saw between their open thighs the different colored cunt wigs together. It surprises me now that I did not. I seemed to have been aroused fully to such spectacles at a somewhat later period of my life.]

When I came to write about this amorous fun, I wondered why I had taken a big woman like the Jewess. I have had enough big, fully matured ones, intended to have no more, and my taste now runs in another direction. Yet I selected her — I cannot account for these sudden letches which upset all my intentions.

It was my letch for the time, I was in the vein for cunt inspection and the night following went to another lupanar, not of the highest class. I had not much want for female aid or conjunction, but an overwhelming, insatiable desire to see all that the women had hidden of their bodies, to compare and note differences, and ask every one of them questions about their sexual tastes, sensations, and habits. I have done that for many many years, have asked scores of times on first acquaintance, expecting more frequently lies than the truth, yet still I asked. — It is delightful in itself to put the lascivious questions, searching for the most hidden thoughts, feelings, and deeds of these lovely creatures. — When I have known a woman or girl a short time, I have nearly always got their confidence, and then over a bottle of wine, when its generous influence has been felt, I have but little doubt that I got in the main truthful replies.

Long before this period I prepared a set of questions, of which I knew the order pretty well by heart, through repetition. — At about this time I bethought me of additional questions about tribadism, of cunt to cunt rubbing, or as it is called flat fucking; but to which amusement it is only of recent years that I gave attention, or that these feminine games gave me much sensual pleasure to think about, or had roused my curio-sity. — From hundreds of answers to these questions, coupled with my own experience in facts, I think I have as good a knowledge of the sexual tastes and habits of men and women as most; excepting old baudy priests, who know all through confession. — The replies of many of the females, particularly of the young ones, I know already have been given in various parts of this history.

I have had many servants. All had been poor, and in their youth had nursed their brothers if they had any. Many had been nursemaids when they left their homes. — Some were nursemaids when I fucked them. They enjoyed my talk on sexualities. It is one of the additional pleasures which servant girls, and women who are not gay, give me. — It adds to the physical pleasure which they always give and always have with me, for a servant if she will take money, and gifts (and all women will, for that is my experience) have met me, and surrendered to me, for the pleasure of fucking, and not for money.

As before said (often perhaps — I forget) I always got the confidence and liking of gay women when I visited them regularly. They at times like reminiscences of lust and of their precocious experience, and will often talk freely when there are one or two together, and are a little known to each other. (Two gay ladies of late have often met me together in baudy companionship.) Then over a bottle of champagne or two, they generally will exchange confidences, answer my questions, and tell the truth to each other and to me, tho I have found some manifest liars even when their tongues were loosened by liquor. These were principally the leading questions, which I have put to hundreds, the first mainly to the quite young and youngish, the more searching to females of all ages. — The first twenty or thereabouts I have always asked servants and young girls and nursemaids.

At what age does a little boy’s cock get stiff? When do you think a boy first feels pleasure in its stiffness?

At what early age do you think a boy can spend? Did you ever make a boy’s cock stiff? Did you ever frig a boy till he spent and what was the youngest you made spend?

Did he spend quickly? did it spurt out? was his spunk thick or thin? was there much of it?

How old was the youngest boy, who wanted to put his hands up your clothes, or was curious about your sex or your cunt?

At what age did you know what fucking was?

At what age did you first know that you had a womb, and that children came out thro cunts?

How old were you when you first felt randy? How old when you first frigged yourself?

How old when you were first fucked?

Did you spend at the first fuck, or if not did you feel any pleasure at all?

Did your first fuck hurt you much, and did you bleed much?

How long was your cunt sore afterwards?

When during a month do you feel most lewed, before or after your monthlies, or whilst they are on?

Does your clitoris get stiffer when you frig yourself, or you feel lewed?

Did you ever frig a girl? What age was the youngest girl you have frigged? Do many girls frig each other?
Are there any girls after twelve years of age who don’t frig themselves?
If girls want the pleasure, do any restrain themselves from frigging?

At what time of day or night do they generally frig themselves? How often have you ever frigged yourself in twenty-four hours? Did you ever lick another girl’s cunt?
Did another girl lick your cunt?

Which do you like best, fucking, or frigging yourself, or being frigged, or having your cunt licked till you spend?

Do you like licking a girl’s cunt?
Do you like being licked by a man or a woman?

The further questions to the fully experienced women in the Ars Amoris, were:

Do you like sucking a man’s prick, and have you sucked one?

Do you like the feel of a prick in your mouth best when it’s stiff, or when it’s limp?

Do you mind or like his spending in your mouth? Which do you like best — fucking or being gamahuched?

Which do you like best, a man or woman to gamahuche you? Do you like gamahuching a nice woman?

Do you like a finger up your cunt when you are gamahuched, or up your bum hole?

Do you generally spend with men, or with a man who is new to you and fucks you for the first time?

Do you like fucking as much as you did when you were seventeen? Do you like being dildoed?

Which gives you most pleasure, being gamachuched, frigged, or dildoed, or fucked?

Did you ever suck a man’s cock while you were being gamahuched?

Does flat fucking give you much, and prolonged pleasure?

Are you longer before you spend that way than when being fucked?

Do the two women flat fucking usually spend at the same time?

Does your cunt feel as satisfied flat fucking as it does after a man has fucked and spent his sperm in you?

Did you ever see a man buggering another, or one sucking another’s prick?

Did you ever swallow a man’s sperm?
How does sperm taste?
Does sperm seem a nasty fluid to you? Were you ever buggered and do you like it?

These are leading questions. The replies suggest others. — The answers given to them by many women will, coupled with a man’s own wide experience and observation of women, leave him but very little to learn about them; and enable him to form sound opinions about their sexual tastes and habits, and the phenomena accompanying their lust and spending, as well as about the habits and tastes of men.

Now I go back to the regular order of my history, as it followed after my erotic gambols with a man at Sarah’s lodgings. Again I was at B***s*ls and went to a well known lapunar, tho not the one where a year previously I had eight women of a night to inspect; nor that where I had the big Jewess, and the flaxen hair cunted Dutch girl. — I was with a tallish, rather slim woman, with legs and thighs and backside disproportionately large to her arms and breasts. I was not much enamoured of her when I had her in the room, and did not at first attempt to inspect her charms nor did I think she was much pleased with me. Gay women have their likes and dislikes like other people, and some of them show their indifference (once in Italy at N*p**s, I recollect a lovely little girl about sixteen years old refusing to let me have her, saying, “I don’t like you and you shan’t,” — and she left the room). This girl didn’t like me, I’m sure. “Mon Dieu! haven’t you seen enough,” said she, when tardily and without speaking I began my inspection. Her manner quite chilled me, my pego did not stand, but anticipating its rise in time, I began asking her one or two of the questions I usually do of gay women, whom I have seen for the first time. — I was not inclined to talk much, but to sit looking at her and thinking about her — I have been much like that during the last few years with gay women.

It was a night of summer. The woman stood with a very fine chemise on, made of such exceedingly slight, thin, gauzy material that I could plainly see through it her entire form, and the dark hair of her motte. — She was close to the window which had white muslin curtains touching the floor. “May I smoke,” said she. “Certainly.” She struck a match of some sort and lighted a cigarette — I was sitting a couple of yards from her, talking. Suddenly I saw flame at the bottom of the curtain and her chemise on fire. — With a rapidity and presence of mind which I scarcely gave myself credit for, I jumped up, crying “You’re on fire — pull your chemise off.” — With one hand with a violent tug I tore down the curtain, with the other clutched her chemise and tore it off. She had started with terror at my cry, and my closing on her; then aware of her danger, shrieked and dropped her chemise. Within half a minute or less I had stamped out the flame. About two feet of the bottom of the muslin window curtain had been burnt, and nine inches of one edge of her chemise. The thin tindery stuff in another second would have been in flames up to her waist. I had saved her certainly pain and perhaps serious injury, for her back was to the curtains, and she would have been enveloped in flame before she had found it out.

Standing still start naked, terror struck for a few seconds looking at the dirty half blackened stuffs. She then turned round, put her arms round me, hugged me and kissed me passionately for a minute or two, saying, “My God — you’ve saved my life. — My God, I should have been burnt. — Ah! how good. Have you burnt your hand? — Ah, my God, you’ve saved my life.” — Kissing me at each word almost. “How did it happen? — My God, what good fortune and the door was locked. — We might both have been burnt.” With difficulty I got away from her embraces, so great was her gratitude. A moment after. “Ah! come — mon cheri — baisez-moi —fuck me — do — I want you so. — I’m dying for it — you’ve saved my life. — Ah! fuck me, fuck me.” She kissed me, closing on me again, thrust her tongue into my mouth, pulled out my prick for me, knelt, kissed it took it in her mouth like a luxury; again got up and holding my prick with one hand, with the other round my neck pulled me towards the bed. — “Ah my love, — my darling — fuck me — you’ve saved my life.”

I didn’t need further incitement, but stripping myself mounted her. She never ceased her kisses when my body was joined to hers. “My love, my darling — fuck— I’m spending — ah your prick — your spunk’s in me.— Ah — my — God — sperm — foutre.” Tongue caressing tongue in that sweet liquidity, reminding us of the liquifying of our genitals, stopped further utterance; and if ever a woman enjoyed a man she did, and so did I her.

Then for three or four hours, we worshiped Venus— the revulsion after the terror seemed to have filled both her and me with lust, hers stimulated mine. — As fast as she could stiffen me by kiss and fingers and tongue, she did, and we fucked. She wouldn’t let me go. “Ah! don’t leave — make love again. — Wait for me — don’t spend.” — Away she ran after one copulation with unwashed cunt, and I thought some necessity of nature had called her away. No. She had run to tell the other women in the house. Some came up in their voluptuous half nudity. — “Look, I was standing here, etc., etc., etc. and Monsieur did this, etc., etc., etc.” She narrated the occurrence over and over again to the women, and to the abbess, who came also up to see. The girls looked admiringly at me — I was a hero — and think some would have liked to have had me, for women love a bold man. — The idea of force enchants them. It is that which makes the soldiers the female conquerors. Fucked out, with tool dwindled to a bit of skin, I left. — Three days after I had her again. She was still as grateful and full of desire for me — and singularly enough I for her. “Spend. Ah God! I could spend with you for ever. And when I first saw you I didn’t know what to think of you, thought you’d the clap or some ailment, so odd were you. — I wished you hadn’t chosen me.” She told me all about the house, and the women, her real name, place of birth, and parents. “Oh don’t spend in my mouth, thoI’ll do anything you like — but fuck me — I like you to spend in me.” — The next day I left the city and never saw her afterwards. This incident was altogether due to throwing on the floor a lucifer, after she had lighted her cigarette.

A few weeks after I crossed the ocean, no matter where to. — If any one had before I left Europe told me I would touch another man’s tool, I would have sworn that I would not. — But I did — curiosity alone was the cause of it.

During the time I was the other side of the ocean (I must for reasons give not much account of my doings there, they were written but I have destroyed most of the narrative) was where there were many coloured people, and then this incident occurred.

I went to a gay house one day, and was with a white woman, when through talking I took a fancy for a black one. — A Negress was fetched for me, and a very finely formed creature she was. The hair of her cunt was thick, short, and closely curled, like the hair on a male Negro’s head, but was shorter, and not quite so fuzzy perhaps. It was scrubby to the feel, there was plenty of it, and a couple of crabs would have made a nest there, where they could have reared a family, and defied anything but chemical solutions. Her clitoris and inner lips were smallish and of a very dark mulberry red, and the effect was ugly; but her prick hole was a lightish pink inside the lips, and like white women’s in most respects. She spoke broken English.

The white woman was American. We fell to talking about black men, whose pricks I had heard were very big and long; and getting curious, I expressed a desire to see one and to see a Negro poke a Negress. The two women consulted for a minute, the Negress went away, and in half an hour brought back a Negro — a fine young man and well dressed. I had rather feared some bully, or a trick would be played on me, but the white woman assured me whilst the Negress was away that it was all right. That if he would come, which she wasn’t sure of, he was quite a respectable man, and very fond of the black woman, who would fetch him. He would do anything to stroke her, but she didn’t like him. At the request of the white I had ordered liquor of some sort, which they all drank when we were together. I did not.

He came in evidently abashed, grinned and chuckled, and showed teeth like snow, but was a little hesitating about showing his doodle. I didn’t even like to ask him, for I felt very nervous as usual. — The white woman pulled it out for him. It was limp, but big, and I think it must have hung down five inches or more in its quiescent state. After a time I laid hold of it, for I see no harm in that now. Why should not a man feel another prick, if the two agree? — Then it got a trifle smaller. The white woman helped to pull off his trowsers, and tucked up a shirt made of a linen with big stripes all over it, and I found he had a large ball bag. He stood jabbering and chuckling whilst the woman showed him off. Then the white woman felt it. The woman said, “I no fuckar Sar,” and shook his head. The black woman who was dressed then stripped and showed her cunt well, and the Negro’s cock gave two or three sharp jerks and swelled up in a moment to double the length and size. But it stood our nearly straight from his belly instead of nearly up against it. Then he moved quickly towards the Negress and laid hold of her.

He began playing with the Negress’ cunt. “Fuck this white lady,” said I. He grinned. — She would not let him, she declared. “Fuck your friend then, and get on the bed.” “No, no,” said she. “Yars, yars,” said he, pulling her. — I promised her more money to let him, which had the desired effect. Before commencing, she laid hold of his tool, shook it, and pulled the foreskin up and down, — said she, “Look, Sar, — look. — Nigger man hab dam big cock, Sar, — more big cock than white man cock, Sar.” Then she let him fuck her, and I was amused at seeing his big tool, moving in and out of her dark cunt like a piston, and I handled his dark balls whilst he fucked.

The white woman watched them with me till they’d finished, and said, “Aren’t you going to fuck me.” — Leaving him spent and silent on the top of the Negress, both reposing after their exercise she having spent seemingly, I went into an adjacent room with her and tailed her. She was either hot arsed that day, or I had pleased her, or the spectacle of the two Negroes copulating had excited her, for she wanted me to tail her again almost directly, which I could not do. I sent out for some liquor, which I could drink as well as she. She was a handsome woman, and it gave me pleasure to sit and talk to her, every now and then feeling her cunt, and looking at her as she sat in various nude attitudes. — She had never seen two blacks fucking before, she told me, saying, “Don’t they look like beasts.” She had been fucked by a black man once but only out of curiosity. She had seen many niggers’ pricks. They all had very large pricks, and were fond of exposing them on the sly to white women, whether they wanted to see them or not. Their bodies smelt so that she couldn’t bear them, particularly that very Negro, who if he met her in the street followed her about, begging her to let him have her, and actually with tears at times rolling down his cheeks. — He was a waiter, and fond of the black woman but not she of him. It was in the hopes of fucking one or both of them, which had got him there. So we talked on. — Again she said, “Don’t they look like beasts when doing it.” “If they do they’ve made you lewed.” Seeing others fucking always made her lewed, she replied. — Then having heard all she knew, or could tell about the procreating machines of the Negro race, both male and female, we fucked again. — An hour had run away in this pleasing, instructive conversation. Then we went back to the black couple.

I now quite overcame my foolish nervousness, and again handled his great dark tool and pendants; curiously amused at its dark skinned stem, and its contrast with its tip, red like that of a white man’s, but perhaps of a little darker red, it was I’m sure nine inches long when it stood. There may be pricks as long as that in white men, but I never saw one that looked so, tho I’ve seen many. It was scarcely thick in proportion, tho thick enough. Then I wondered if his sperm was the same as a white man’s, and promised him money if he’d let me frig him, he’d only fucked once he said. At first he refused, but persuaded by the Negress he let me, and I frigged him till he spent over the Negress’ belly and cunt. She lay at the side of the bed shewing her cunt, whilst the masturbating operation went on. His sperm was like a white man’s.

She wiped off his semen, washed her cunt, and for a little time his tool hung down. — Directly he had spent I had quite a revulsion of feeling, neither cared about looking at him, nor his tool, paid him and the woman, and was going away when the Negress ask me if I was not going to see him again tail her. — That again stirred my lewedness, so I waited an hour or more, when she handled his tool, till it stiffened again. — She went to the bed, the Negro following her. He placed her at the side of the bed, and began gamahuching her quite spontaneously, neither having been asked to do so by me, nor by either of the women. — I couldn’t resist again feeling his big stiff prick for a minute whilst he gamahuched, for it soon grew stiff again. Then he mounted her, and they fucked like any other mortals; and such are the likes and dislikes which seize me that I couldn’t bear now to look at her cunt, when his great black tool had flopped out of it after he had spent. At a glance there still seemed lots of sperm, tho it was his third spend. She washed her cunt, he his prick, I sent out for more strong liquor which the three drank. I did not touch it. We sat a long time. He with his long drooping tool visible, and the Negress quite naked. Our talk was all about white and black pricks, and cunts, and the nigger then asked me to show him my prick which I refused to do, for which I thought myself a fool when I began to write this.

I had been altogether something like three hours at this curiously varied and exciting amusement and was going away, when I thought I’d like a parting look at his big machine. The white woman lifted up his shirt unasked (for he had put it on) and held it for me to see. — It seemed to amuse her very much to show it to me. Then she tucked up his shirt round his waist, the Negress handled his tool, and I asked her to make it stiff if she could. She succeeded. He stood up quite proud of it, each woman then put a hand round it, and at the same time, I also grasped it. The tip was then just showing inside my fist, so it must have been nine inches long, to have lain with three hands at the same time round the stem. It is difficult to guess the length of anything, and that’s the way how I came to think it full nine inches long.

I paid the Negress and left the room with my white one who excited me to more amorous exercises. As I was going away after paying my white one. — “I’ll just have a look at blackie’s cunt again,” said I, “if she’s there.” “I expect she’s gone out,” said Whitey. But opening the door, there was the nigger on the top of her, ramming away so furiously that the bed shook violently, and both were chattering, gasping, and snorting in such a way as I never heard a man and woman before or since when fucking. They were five minutes at it I should think whilst we stood looking. At last they spent, his prick came out wet and limp, and then I left. I had not paid him anything excepting for frigging him. I rather think as was told me that he came for the poke. — But I don’t know how they divided my money. I gave it all to the Negress.

A few days after I had that black woman together with the white one, and put my prick first into one, then the other, to see if my prick noticed any difference. I spent in the nigger but didn’t like her. — She told me in broken English all about “Big Negro man” — and it was what the white woman had told me before. She let him do what he liked that day, because feeling my white prick had made her randy, she said. “Me likes white man — not black.”

It is the only time I ever felt a black man’s tool, or saw a Negro and Negress copulate, but I saw some of their long pricks afterwards in a pendant state, at a bathing place, and also at places where some working in water exposed themselves. It gave me no amusement to do so that I can recollect. All their pricks were I think when tranquil and pendant much longer than those of Englishmen, whose pricks in every condition I have seen many.

What struck me as most peculiar was that his prick, when stiff and hard, did not stand so upright as a white man’s does, but seemed to stick out more horizontally from his belly. — Both women said that all black men’s tools did. I wonder why. Perhaps it’s their length and weight, which makes them bend for-ward. Negresses’ cunts should be deep to take such long procreators up them. I wonder if they are so.