A juvenile strumpet. • Two saucy little bitches. • One selected. • Sexual manipulations on the high-way. • Omnibus riding and jam tarts. • My moral compunctions. • Sarah dissipates them. • An unsuccessful assault. • On the fornicating facilities of four wheel cabs.

I go back a while. — When I had known Sarah some time I wished to go to her house, having to pay heavily at the baudy houses for stopping long there. — Besides I always feel so much more comfortable at a woman’s lodgings. J***s St. bagnio was an exception, but that house has been long closed — Sarah objected at first, but as we knew each other better, said that her rooms were comfortable but very homely, that I should not be pleased with them; and moreover her friend was often there, that then I could not, and so on. — On being pressed, she admitted that she lived with a man, had done so for three years, and she showed me his miniature. — I said that nevertheless I should like to go there. — Then she told me the address, but I was never to call. — She would meet me in the street, and if she could take me home she would. He was a traveller for a firm of * * * * makers, and often away. For a long time I did not go there.

I had letches for big women. — Sarah was one, big Eliza another, and I had other big ones (tho but rarely) who were about town. — Big women, with big arses, and lots of cunt hair had been pleasing to me to see and feel, even if I did not poke them. Now suddenly I desired a little one. At L**c**t*r S****e one night, a group of girls so little that I thought them at first only rude children, spoke to me; and it ended in my going to a house with one about half my height, but who stripped and talked as baudily as if she had been fucked twenty years. – I fucked her, wondering at the little hairless quim my prick was closed up in, and such seemed the difference between the deep, thick lipped, dark, fully haired, large cunts, I had had for a long time, and the thin hairless split, and slim little form I was. enjoying, that it roused desires for another.

It was late autumn, I was going along a suburb of London one night at about six o’clock p.m. It was in a dull tho widish road, where the houses lay back from the road in gardens. — A slight fog came on. — On the opposite side of the way, I saw thro the mist two young girls, singing, laughing, and talking loudly whilst walking on. — A man carrying a basket on his back passed them, and I heard him say. — “I should like to tickle up both of your legs a bit.” “Tickle us up then,” said one in a loud cheeky tone, and then both ran across the road, and down a turning close by me. I heard them laughing loudly when just out of sight in the mist, as if they enjoyed the baudy suggestion.

This stirred my blood. They must be fast young bitches I thought. Soon I heard a shrill voice say. “Come on, he’s gone a head a long way.” It was one of the two girls. The turning they were up I found was no thoroughfare, altho then I did not know that — I turned at once up it, met them, stopped them, and asked them the way to some place. — I saw the face of the tallest, and as far as the fog would let me see by a lamp, it pleased me. I began to talk, and said they were both pretty girls. — “Give me a kiss and I will give each of you sixpence.” — They laughed, said no, but in a minute I gave each a kiss and sixpence. — As I kissed the biggest, I whispered her, “I’ll give you a shilling if you will do something for me and get your companion away.” “What?” said she boldly. “Send her away.” “No, she’ll tell, but at * * * * Street she goes another way — you come back, then.”

She said she should not. — “Come on Betsy,” and off they went together — I followed just at such a distance as the fog enabled me not to lose sight of them, saw them part, then quickly made up to the tallest, and by degrees persuaded her to stop and listen to me. I know how to deal with young lasses well, having had experience now. — “Now don’t be angry — don’t be alarmed, it can’t hurt you, and if you won’t do it there’s no harm done. — If you do what I want, no one will know it, and I’ll give you a lot of money when I meet you.” “What is it?” — Oddly enough, I could not make up my mind what to ask her to do — I wanted to feel her cunt, but guessed if I said so, she would run off as fast as she could go, so went on talking awhile, and at length said, “Here’s a shilling for you if you will tell me one or two things. — Have you a brother?” “Yes.” “Have you seen his cock?” She began to laugh. “Shan’t tell you,” and she began to walk away. “Never mind, here is your shilling.” She turned round and took it. — “How foolish to go away, you might get more money, and no one but you and I know any thing about it — and directly I ask you a question off you go.” “You talk improper,” said she. “Never mind, you know you have felt your brother’s cock if he is a baby.” “He’s three years old, and I nurse him when at home.” “Then you have felt his cock.” — She laughed.

“What are you doing about here?” said I turning the conversation. “Going home from work.” “What do you work at?” “Folding up seeds at **** nursery,” and she told me where. “What do you get a day?” “Nine pence — we both work there” — (meaning the other girl). “You can get half a crown if you’ll do what I wish.” “I can’t do anything.” “Yes, you can feel me.” “Feel you, what’s that?” — I rattled the money,

— “Here are two and six pence, none will see us.” We were by a long wall, and the fog was now thickish. “Here is the money — give me your hand.”

I unbuttoned my trowsers, my prick was stiff, I put it outside, but under my greatcoat. She gave me her hand in a reluctant way, and I guided it to my penis.

— “Lay hold of it.” “I shan’t, let me go — I’ll hollow.” “No — feel it, put your hand round it and here is your money.” — Her fright got over, she put her hand round it. — Curiosity got the better of her fears, I saw her tho she couldn’t in the dark see it, looking down at it.

— “You old beast, let me go,” — but I kept her hand on the stem, then put it in my trowsers and under the balls. — “Now let me go.” — I relinquished her hand, she turned away, went two or three yards off and stopped. “Here is your money, now you have felt my cock, tell me, is it bigger than your brother’s.” She broke out into a laugh, turned and ran off — I followed and overtook her standing still some distance off. — “You did not give me the money,” said she. “That was your fault, here it is, but come back, people here will see us.” — She came back saying, “I must go or I’ll catch it.” — At the corner I gave her half a crown, and said “Every night you feel my cock I will give you a shilling, and I’ll give half a crown if you let me feel your bum.” “You old beast,” said she again, as the money dropped into her hand. Then she bolted off like lightning.

I went to the spot at the same time next night, but she did not appear. On the third night I saw her and she was alone, there was no fog, but it was between dark and daylight, and the lamps were not lighted. — She recognized me. “Go away or I’ll run,” said she. “I’m not going to hurt you, give me a kiss and I’ll give you a shilling.” — I induced her to turn up the same place, and there gave her both. Then she felt my cock again and had another shilling. —She was not a hurry to take away her hand from my cock as on the first night. I fancied she liked feeling it. “Meet me every night,” (it just suited me then). “I can’t, cause she comes home with me,” — meaning the other girl. How cunning young sluts are!

Her feeling of my prick, and the whispering baudy talk in her young ears, took my fancy, but I wanted more. I saw her the next night. She was with the other girl, and like a fool I was going up to her, when they ran off. Another night I caught her alone. I was that night in a frenzy of randiness, put her hand round my prick and my own hand outside hers, and so frigging, I spent copiously. — “What is the matter sir,” said she looking up in my face, for I dare say I was sighing and giving evidence of sexual emotion.

Then I missed her, and gave up all idea of getting into her, for that had been in my mind. About two weeks afterwards, by mere chance passing by there, I saw the little devil loitering near the turning where she had first felt me. — Crossing the road, I said in passing, “Come on,” — and in two minutes she stood by my side.

She had been ill, her mother said it was fever. But with a chuckle — “I know what it was — I eat too much of them sweets and fruit. — Mother said it was the smell from the privy, and told the doctor so. —He asked me what I had been eating, and I said nothing.” — Then I found that she spent her money on fruit, sugar candy and bull’s eyes, and in riding in omnibuses. When she felt sick she got some brandy, and she only gave her companion a little bit of sweet. — “Because she’d wonder where I got the money and would tell.” — This much amused me, and reminded me of a girl, or rather two girls I had known many years previously. A girl of fifteen riding in an omnibus by herself for pleasure, and gorging herself with sweets out of money got by feeling a man’s prick in a street, seems an amusing fact.

She missed the money evidently, and her want was my opportunity. Said I, — “I can only give you money if you let me feel your burn.” “Oh no, not that.” “Well, it’s no worse than feeling my cock. — If you feel my cock, let me feel your cunt.” “Oh! that I shan’t,” — but she lingered. — “It could not hurt,” I said, “and who knows you have felt my cock?” — “Who will know it if I feel your little cunt? — Here is the money.” — She looked round (it was dark). — “No. No,” — but she stood quite still — I stooped and put my hand up on to her bottom. — “Oh! have done now, let me go, give me the money.” “Let me feel properly.” “I won’t.” — With the hand which was on her naked bum, I drew her close to me, and with the other, pushed up her clothes till I felt the top of her cunt. — She struggled tho quietly, and escaped me, but as before stopped till I went to her to give the money; then she went off. — I felt sure that she had come out to meet me that night.

One night soon after it was lighter than usual and some man passing the main road shouted out. — “Leave that girl alone.” — I went further up the turning, she with me, and was just stooping to feel her little bum, when some female came out a house and passed us. I stood upright, but soon saw the woman standing at the end of the turning, and seemingly looking back.

— No one had ever passed out of the houses during my previous fun. This woman who had eyed us narrowly as she passed, or had certainly turned her head to look, I thought would turn back. The girl was more frightened than me. — “Oh don’t again, don’t, I won’t any more, and I mustn’t stop, I’m frightened of mother,”— and she walked towards the high road, I following.

A cab passed, few do pass at that spot or indeed much other traffic. — I hailed it. It was empty and stopped. — “Come into the cab, we’ll drive, you can feel me there and I can sit.” She hesitated, but I hustled her in. — “Drive to * * * * Park,” and off he drove. — How many times have I got women into a cab for my pleasure, how many times more shall I do so? They like it.

She got frightened and wanted to get out. I pacified her, promised her five shillings instead of the smaller sum I usually gave. — “Where to?” said cabby turning round as he entered the park. — “Go on till I stop you.” — On he drove, it was getting darker, I had not yet kissed her that day as I usually did — but in the cab, she stood by the side of me, and I kissed and she kissed again. — Kissing always soothes a female young or old. — Gradually I got one hand round her bum, and the other outside her quim, but directly I tried to insert my finger in the split, she strongly resisted, threw her-self on to seat opposite, and cried to get out. — “No, no, I won’t — you’ll hurt me — yes you will.” — So I desisted.

“Well dear, lay hold of my hand — lay hold of this finger — put it yourself there, — just let it go where you piddle from, and no further.” — “There,” said she, holding my finger so that I just felt the clitoris. Then thrusting away my hand she again sat on the opposite seat, holding her clothes down; but I soon got her by my side again. The baudiness, I know, pleased her.

I was furious with salacity and talked baudy to my heart’s content. I had said a little of that sort before, and the little slut had listened to it without uttering a word, but stood drinking it all in with her ears, and as if she knew quite well what I meant, and as if she liked it. — I never liked frigging myself, but now my cock became un-managable, as I felt her little buttocks, and coaxed her lewedly, and lovingly.

“Frig me my dear,” — I had taught her the meaning of that word. — “I can’t.” Taking her hand I put it round my prick. — “Now I’ll lift your clothes — there — it’s against your thigh — that doesn’t hurt you does it?” — I slobbered my prick with saliva, and taking her hand and putting it round my prick (which she now liked doing), frigged myself with it.

I always frig myself when I commit that wasteful action, with my foreskin nearly up, unless using soap or oil as an emollient; my tip being so delicate. — As the sperm left me, I pulled her hand up so as to quite pull up the foreskin, and cover the orifice, and much was ejaculated into her hand, whilst oscillating my arse, holding her by her bum, and kissing her in my ecstasy. — Trying to relieve her hand, “Let go,” said she, “you’ve done something sticky with your thing. — Oh! let it go, it’s nasty,” — but she seemed pleased with the fun for all that. — Then she got anxious to go home, so telling the cabman to drive to a convenient spot, I let her out.

The affair fascinated me. I went again to that quarter of the town at the time the girl left work, but never saw her for a fortnight. — She I believed had avoided me, till she had spent all her money. — Then she only felt my cock, got her shilling and went off. She resisted everything else.

I didn’t see now much chance of getting into her, circumstances did not favor me, and I had a long distance to go even to get the chance, so desisted; I had, besides, compunctions, thought it a pity to make the girl a harlot, and so told Sarah all about what I’d done and what I’d thought of doing. — Sarah said I had better leave it alone, but that some one would do it to that girl before long, for she evidently knew more than she should. One of the lads at the nursery would have her. She was more likely to let a lad have her than to let me. Perhaps she’d been fucked already, spite of her resistance. “Those little bitches are so damned cunning that it would surprize you, she’ll be gay, whether you do it to her or not.” — That gave me comfort, and again I thought I’d try to get the girl. — Time had run on, it was now dark at four o’clock.

So a fortnight after, I met her. It was so clear an evening, that I did not like talking to her in the road and again waiting, got into a cab with her. Familiarity had, I found, removed her fears. I had talked baudy in the street, and in the cab, so far from having to hold her hand on my prick; on saying “feel it,” she put her little hand on to it, and grasped and felt about it. — I told her I wanted to feel her cunt, and promised never to move my fingers from her belly to between her legs — I had kept my word before, when she had helped me to frig. — After I had had her some minutes so, she holding my cock, I said, “It twists me so, sit on my knee.” She did, but still kept her legs close together.

— “Let me put my cock against your leg again.” At length I put it against her flank, whilst she still held it.

— “Do you know what fucking is?” I said, to which she made reply, “I only knows what you tells me.”

I asked her then to come to a house, but got a positive refusal — I got awfully lewed, and by coaxing, at last she stood in front of me and frigged me herself, but she hurt me. — “Hold my cock against your belly, just as it was at the side of your bum.” She did. — Then with one hand I pulled her to me, the other was on her naked arse. I’d lifted her clothes, and my prick touched her belly just by her cunt. She was still holding it — I shoved my prick against it up and down through her hand for some time, it was inconvenient, but the lewedness pleased me. — The cab kept slowly jogging on.

My pleasure increased, and with it the desire to fuck. — “Oh! I will give you half a sovereign if you’ll do what I want,” and I left off frigging. “Ten shillings?” “Yes, ten shillings.” — She seemed reflecting. My desire grew stronger, — “I’ll give you a sovereign if you’ll let me put my prick between your legs — not in your cunt, but only between your thighs, and you shall hold it there.”

“Oh no, — none of that,” — said she, hastily, “I ain’t a going to let you do that — I want to get out of the cab, let me go, oh do.” — She was taking fright and beginning to struggle.

I let her talk on. Opening my purse I took out a sovereign. — “Here’s a golden sovereign,” showing it to her as we passed one of the few gas lamps. — “You shall have it if you let me, you can wrap it up in a piece of paper, then make the paper muddy, and tell your mother you found it.” I once taught another girl this.

The girl was silent long, looking me in the face (as it seemed) in the dark. — Then, “No — oh no.” — Disappointment in her manner and tone, I saw she would yield. She’d laid hold of my prick again unasked, and I replaced it and my hands as before.

“If you won’t I shan’t see you again, I can get fifty girls to feel my prick for a shilling.” “Has any other girl done it? you didn’t tell me so.” “A dozen have.” “Lor,” — and she seemed to be reflecting on the in- formation. “They will all do it my dear if they get the chance.” — So we talked. —The cab had gone once round the park, and still drove on. — I expect the driver knew the games we were up to, but never looked round that I noticed. But it was quite dark now.

Little by little I induced her to straddle across me with her clothes up, my legs between hers — I declared I wouldn’t touch her cunt, but pushed my body so for-ward that my knees nearly touched the opposite seat, and holding her close up to me, her legs got more distended, and I more and more reclining. — At length her feet scarcely touched the cab-floor. — She fell half forward on me, her face touching mine. — Promising her more money, she let me with my left hand clutch her little naked backside, my right was at the same spot but outside her clothes. — “Put your hand down, and hold my prick just against the bottom of your belly.” “I can’t,” said she, but she did it, and my prick tip was now near her cunt, and touching her thigh. I began oscillating my backside as well as I could, and got some rough friction against her dry flesh. — “That doesn’t hurt you does it?” “No.” She seemed amused with the trick.

I slipped further forward, hoping to get my prick against her cunt, then my position was so difficult that I could scarcely jog up and down. — “Let my cock go higher up dear.” — I put the hand which had been outside her bum down to hers, and pushed it so that it, with my prick, went nearer to the goal, but bending, its rigidity hurt me. — The idea of its being close to her little cunt then drove me wild — I pushed both hands round her backside, clipped with both; violently oscillated my buttocks, which opened her legs wider, her feet left the floor, she let go my prick, and put her hand on my shoulders to prevent her falling on one side. She was then half lying on me; my prick lodged somewhere in the furrow of her backside, and she cried out, “Oh don’t, you’re a hurting,” and struggled to get away.

Maddened with lustful delight at her cry, now I put one hand round her waist, kept the other on her bum, and grasped her so that she couldn’t move her bum, and jerked blindly on thighs, buttocks, and cunt valley, moving recklessly but always rubbing. — I was nearly at the crisis. — “Be quiet dear, I shan’t hurt you.” “Oho — don’t — oh you beast — I’ll scream. — Cab-man, cabman — let me out,” she yelled — and struggled.

Tighter and tighter I held her, and thrust and wriggled in the hopes of finding a soft lodging for my prick tip. — My spunk was rising from my balls when again my tool stuck tight. — Where I don’t know, but think it was between her cunt lips. Holding her backside firmly on to it, spite of her struggles, and then wriggling my arse and rigid tool, I spent a flood of sperm, somewhere between her bum bone and her clitoris; felt some of it fall on my hand which was nearest her thighs, and then I relinquished her. She was still yelling. “Oh! you beast — don’t — you hurt me — let me go out — cab — stop,” and getting away from me. Yet in the faintness of my pleasure, I was lewed enough to bring my hand round from her bum, and thrust it between her thighs — and in a glutinous state I withdrew it. The driver if he heard took no notice, but she got so vociferous, that I stopped the cab. She got out, ran off, not waiting for her gift, and in a second was lost in the darkness. — A little further on I stopped near a foot bridge, paid the cabman liberally, and went off. — I never saw the girl afterwards, for the scene of my amatory doings was not near my home. I was going to visit a friend when I got this piece of luck, and first met the little stupid, who might have had the pleasure of a fuck, and profit as well. — As it is, I dare say some dirty young boy will open her cunt, and give her a black eye if she upbraids him if her belly swells. That is the course of events in her class. — It is not the gentlemen who get the virginities of these poor little bitches, but the street boys of their own class.

There was sperm on my shirt and trousers, but no evidences of a shattered virginity. — Was she a virgin, did I hurt her much, how far in her did my prick go, or at all. — What did she think when she had gone, and felt my spunk on her cunt, for certainly I spent against it, if not up it. — A risk I ran, yet missed the mark after all. That baudy tuition, that titillation of our privates, that spend outside a little cunt ing a cab, and all at a cost of a pound or two, amused me, as all chance adventures do. They break the monotony of matter-of-fact hard fucking — yet that I should have taken all that trouble for a dirty little work girl, whose face I never saw excepting by the light of a street lamp, astonished me often when I think of it.

What convenient accessories to love-making are four wheel cabs. — Some dozens of cunts I have felt in them, some that I should never have felt at all, had it not been for the opportunities the four wheelers gave me. Several women I have fucked in them, as they rumbled along with a discreet cabman. — No doubt other men have found them as useful. — Thousands of women I am sure have fornicated in them, and scores do it in them daily. — Every cabman knows of their amatory utility, and the profit that it gets him, the profit of ambulating brothels. — Dozens are used every night I’m sure. I never spoke with a man yet, who had not fucked a woman in a four wheeler.