Cuntal contrasts. • Feminine friggings. • Cuntal trials. • Pleasure-giving capabilities of different pudenda. • Baudy lessons to Liz. • Double gamahuching. • Liz gamahuches me. • A mouthful. • Micturating oddities. • The cunt funnel. • Bum slappings and fustigations. • The organs ministering to sexual pleasures. • Aunts and nieces. • Young virginities sold. • Fornication philosophy of the poor. • Absence. • Four months later. • Both on the pavé. • “She would turn out.” • Sarah’s efforts and kindness. • They disappear suddenly. • Fruitless enquiries.

I had much pleasure with Sarah and Liz together, the contrast between them was so great. Sarah beyond the usual height of women, with a dark and well haired cunt, laying side by side naked with the little one whose cunt was all bare, was a beautiful sight. Sarah obeyed me implicitly and made the little one do so. — “Open your thighs — open your cunts,” and both were distended. — Then Sarah frigged the girl, then the girl frigged Sarah, and both operations I began to notice pleased Sarah as much as me. When I had roused my passions fully, I put into one or the other of these charmers for a finish, but the little one generally had my Priapean offering.

I did with them what I find I often do when I have two females together — I wonder if all men do the same, if not, what enjoyment they miss — I delighted to put first into one, pull out my prick, and then put in-to the other, return to the first and so on. I did that with the other two girls whom Sarah once got me. — After my first spermatic ejaculation and my lust was subdued; at my second trial, cooler than both in lust and brain, I could judge of the different qualities or fitting of the cunts, could notice the different feelings which my prick experienced in them. Certainly there is a difference in the sensation on the prick between the fully formed cunt of a woman of twenty-five, and that of a girl of fifteen — tho towards the finish of the delightful exercise within them I could not perceive much; the all pervading pleasure then drowning judgment. Most cunts, if deep enough, feel the same when the prick swells and throbs in its intensity, as the sperm rises up through it. Nevertheless there have been many cunts in which my prick did not feel its fullest enjoyment, even in the height of the pleasure; and even as the sperm throbbed out, I was conscious of a certain unfitness, and of incomplete pleasure. There was the delight of initiating this pretty lass into the art of love, as well as in giving in her sexual gratification, apart from the enjoyment I had in doing what I liked with her sweet fresh body, which in itself was an in-tense satisfaction which made me almost love her. — Sarah at first hesitated at every suggestion to let the girl participate in our recherche pleasures, but yielded. — I made Liz solicit her. It pleased me to think that the young one was desirous of helping in the satisfaction of my letches, it was like the pleasure of making her say baudy words. One by one, things I had done with Sarah, Sarah, Liz, and I then did together to our mutual gratification. The diary of my erotic enjoyment is complete and copious in particulars about these two. Writing it, and afterwards reading it has given me the solitary pleasure so often told of. I find even a chapter on the subject of that pleasure, but it will be destroyed. This is only to be a narrative of facts.

Sarah had given me the fullest gratification with her mouth. I have gradually begun to appreciate this variety of prick friction and wanted her to do it before Liz, to instruct the girl. It would please me to see the girl looking on. That Sarah held out against long. — One night I said — “Ask your aunt to take my prick in her mouth.” “Do, Aunt,” said the girl trapped into saying “aunt.” — “I’m not your aunt,” said Sarah fiercely, and nothing would persuade her to do it. — Then I fucked Liz whilst Sarah went out man hunting. — My letch was the stronger thro Sarah’s refusal, and I told Liz that she’d often put in in her mouth, and that I’d spent there. “Oh you, ain’t you story.” — I affirmed it, said that some women loved doing it, and talked so nicely that Liz longed to do it. — But “No, but I will if Mrs. F**z*r will.”

I left when Sarah had not returned, and knowing her usual promenade went there, met her, and asked her to gamahuche me the next night. As she refused, I said I shouldn’t go for a week. She knew I would do what I said, and repenting of her obstinacy promised. Getting exacting now I insisted on full pleasure. — “I’ll never let Liz see that.” — It delighted me to think and suggest my letches, standing and combating Sarah’s objections at the corner of a street, men and women passing and looking at us.

When a letch lays hold of me I can think of nothing till I have gratified it, but could not this one until two or three nights afterwards. — Then I took good sweet champagne there, for I had now found that sweet drink tempted Liz the most. — We all nearly stripped whilst drinking it. Then I laid on the bed, Sarah sucked my prick, and afterwards Liz did the same. Liz was quite serious about it, and evidently liked it in her mouth. She laughingly said so — I did not spend, it was but a preliminary. — Then it was for the first time before Liz that I gratified Sarah with a complete gamahuche. Sarah gave way to her passions openly sighed, talked baudy, felt Liz’s quim with one hand, and clutched my head with the other during the operation.

Then I laid on the bed, Liz kneeling over me with my head between her thighs. — I took the whole of her dear, sweet, coral, fresh washed little split in my mouth and gamahuched her. — She could not see Sarah, who at the same moment began to gamahuche me. — Then for some minutes all was luscious tranquillity. As Liz and I felt our increasing pleasure, I clutched Lizzie’s little buttocks harder whilst my tongue played over her cunt, and Sarah’s long tongue played round the tip of my prick, now tickling the frenum, now the little orifice, now taking it fully into her mouth where it rubbed over palate and tongue. So we deliciously played with each other for a time, Sarah pausing when my backside would not keep quiet with coming pleasure, and I, when I felt the wriggling of Liz’s backside and belly, ceasing to lick, giving tongues, cunt, and prick a minute’s repose, and letting the excess of our pleasure subside for a time.

Then my spermatic reservoirs refused to retain their balmy liquid longer, the lascivious play of Sarah’s mouth overcame desire for further dalliance, and Liz’s little cunt titillated by my tongue to lewed frenzy, agitated itself over my mouth, whilst my tongue responding fixed on her clitoris and licked wildly. On a sudden her cunt clung to my mouth with pressure whilst it moved, and a salt effusion spread over it, her backside quivered in my hands and she sighed softly. I oscillated my rump, my prick seemed on fire, and, almost bursting ing in a cunt, and something more than a cunt, and shot out a torrent of soft mucilaginous sperm into Sarah’s mouth. She never relinquished my prick till every drop was drained out of my testicles, and my pleasure slowly subsided, mixed with a slight pain at the last suction. This time certainly Sarah enjoyed her work. She had got more and more lewd during my long acquaintance with her. She loved her meretricious trade and I am sure, altho she says she doesn’t like it, that she really enjoys the feel of my prick in her mouth. Directly she had done, she began feeling her own cunt, and shortly afterwards I gamahuched her.

This double gamahuching pleases me much. I certainly like my penis so frictionised in a nice, smooth, cherry lipped mouth, more than I used, and the lick of a delicate little hairless cunt like Liz’s is a deliciously erotic tit-bit. I had this amusement again and again on other nights. — Liz (unless Sarah has told her) knows not that her mistress has taken my libation into her mouth, for she has a napkin at hand which ultimately receives it. Now I longed for Liz to gamahuche me completely, for the girl had hitherto only taken me into her mouth for a minute, or so. With a little encouragement she said she’d do it longer, for she little knew my intention. — Sarah then knelt on the bed and I fingered her cunt, whilst Liz operated on my penis. — Her pretty, cherry lipped sweet little mouth seemed scarcely large enough to take my pego, yet in it went. — “Go on darling put it further in.” “Oh! ain’t it stiff,” said she, taking it from her mouth and looking admiringly at it. “Yes, lick the red tip. — Yes, so — now put it in — suck it, love.” “Shall I make it spit,” and she began clumsily to frig it, after she’d again taken it out. Frigging is not learnt in a day, and Lizzie can’t do it nicely at all.

I didn’t wish that. — “You shall make it spend, so presently, go on sucking it now dear.” — On she went — the crisis was fast coming. — “Go on Lizzie darling, go quicker. — Further in your mouth, dear. — She obeyed, she was now fascinated with the amusement. “Arha — go on — aha.” — My pleasure was complete, and before she was aware of it I had filled her mouth with my love essence. — Then she rushed to the chamber pot. — “Oh, you’re a nasty doctor.” Sarah laughed. — “You’ve done more than me, Liz.” — The girl was a little angry, but in a minute or two, laughed about it. Between man and woman no form of lust, or game of sensual satisfaction is really displeasing. The one sex always likes giving pleasure to the other. Every form, device, or manner of amatory amusement, played with every part of the person, is proper. — Prick, cunt, arsehole, armpits, breasts, mouth, all can minister to sexual pleasure. — Both sexes in time find that out, and enjoy them all. Other forms of erotic pleasure took their turn. One night I fucked Sarah to let Liz see the come-and-go of a prick in a cunt. I had fucked Liz and then gamahuched her, and Sarah had frigged herself. We had all drunk a lot, and it was pleasure to see each other piss. I was intensely ruttish that night. — I again set Sarah to gamahuche me, whilst I gamahuched Liz kneeling over me. It was, as I had already spent twice, a long business to bring out my sperm, for I am not as young as I was; and the lass was not so ready with her pleasure, but she spent long before I did. I find that having my prick sucked is certainly a most luxurious way of finishing an evening when nearly fucked out; there is no labor excepting for the gamahucher. It is a sabyritic way of finishing an evening.

Then I had a return of my micturating letches which seemed to please Sarah, the more so and I think mainly so, as I made Lizzie participate. I streamed against her little quim, and she streamed over my prick, but the letch did not last long and terminated by this erotic whim.

In a shop window I saw some china funnels, such as are used by chemists. The idea struck me at once, being then lewed, and walking along with lascivious combinations working in my brain. I bought one of which the neck was perhaps as large as a small sized prick. “Sally I want to fill your cunt with my piddle through this funnel.” Sarah refused, then examined it, she was not going to have that put into her. Then she laughed, then joked, and by the time she’d had a little grog, wondered how it would feel, and at last said it would be a lark to try the funnel.

Putting pillows under her head and shoulders, she resting really only on her neck, head and blade bones, she hoisted herself up, and her back almost vertically against the bed, and so that her cunt was nearly horizontal. Gently I inserted the funnel in it, stopping when she told me. Full four inches were well imbedded in its folds. Then I pissed freely into the trumpet end of the funnel, seeing the water rise gradually in it, whilst, not a drop escaped from her vagina. At length she laughed, that moved her cunt, until a small quantity rose out by the side of the funnel. It was one of the most singular whims I ever gratified, but what pleasure it gave to all three of us. There was but one way of relieving her from her position, which soon be-came painful —I withdrew the funnel, and the saline contents ran over her belly and buttocks. She was start naked, and the piddle only spoiled the pillow cover, which she stripped off instantly when she had got up-right. What infinite variety of pleasures a cunt can give to men and women with erotic fancies. Sarah enjoyed this lark immensely. — She kept the funnel. Did she show it to other men and women, and tell? I’ll bet she did.

Lizzie, as said, was present with her “Ohoo moi” and was delighted with the exhibition. She was now present at all our baudy rollockings. Sarah was getting her in-to high training for harlotry. She denied that, when I remarked it, and talked of getting Liz a situation so soon as I wished no more of her. — The little fair haired beauty however had pretty well learnt what the profession of Venus was, for she had witnessed all my whims with Sarah, and had performed many of the same tricks with me. I used to sit feeling both their cunts at the same time. Sarah would lie down and we would look at her cunt, afterwards Sarah and I at Lizzie’s. So when I said two or three nights after, that I’d like to put the funnel up Lizzie’s cunt, Sarah laughed, and the girl only said, “It will hurt me.”

“Why it’s not nearly so thick and big as the doctor’s prick,” said Sarah taking the funnel out of a cupboard. The little lass prepared to put herself in the attitude, but this time instead of against the bed, against Sarah, who, naked, held up the girl’s legs, and brought the little cunt into the horizontal position. Then I inserted the funnel nearly as far as it had gone up Sarah, and ins that little cunt it seemed to go up just as easily. The dilatability of a cunt is truly wonderful. — Then I quite filled the funnel with my golden stream. — “No-body would believe it if I tell any one,” said Lizzie. Sarah looked astounded. — “Tell any one? —You little fool, you’d get yourself and all of us imprisoned if any one was told of the fun we have here, have you told any of the people in the house?” — The girl said she hadn’t, but looked confused and much as if she had, for she now talked, I found, to some other girls in the house. — A woman’s a born gossip, she can’t keep her tongue still. A secret worries her, and it would not at all surprise me if Liz has told another girl. — She had got to be quite proud of her sexual knowledge, and one day in our tête-à-tête said, “Some gals doesn’t know nothing about a doin it as we does.” — How did she know that unless she’d asked girls?

Nothing pleased me more than putting the two females side by side naked on the bed, kneeling with their buttocks towards me. Then the big handsome hemispheres of Sarah, which always looked larger in that position than in any other, contrasted beautifully with the small but dazzlingly white bum cheeks of Lizzie; whilst the contrast between the dark haired pouters between Sarah’s thighs, and the little semi-hairless lips, yet flaxen hue of the split, was cock stiffening. Then I used to slap them alternately, then kiss their backsides, then their cunts, then slap and kiss again till tired, or until I fucked one of them. Sometimes I licked Liz’s cunt in that attitude, whilst I felt or contemplated the dark haired pudendal charms of the big neglected one, and sometimes fucked her.

After a time when Sarah treated Liz just as she would another harlot, I took pleasure in making the little one slap Sarah’s buttocks. Sometimes we both slapped them together till they were red and tingled. Then Liz slapped them whilst I fucked Sarah, she laying over me, Sarah said it made her lewed. — Certainly she seemed to encourage the girl to slap her, and bore the blows with great tranquillity, but I didn’t believe then that she had physical pleasure. — I smacked Lizzie’s white little bum, but she didn’t like it.

At that time with all my knowledge, I was singularly ignorant of the effects of flagellation, of the heat, lust, and physical enjoyment, that may be generated by judicious bum whacking, flogging, and birching. Perhaps this smacking of Sarah’s buttocks was a lewed instinct of mine, leading me up to the higher knowledge of the sexual mysteries, and of the impulse given by the generative organs to the brain, and the entire human frame. I now know they are always at work, and are the great source and actuating principle of human existence, and perhaps of all animal life. — The prick and cunt are the prime motors of humanity, the food but heats and stirs them to action. Tho Lizzie ceased to call Sarah “Aunt” — she let slip that title occasionally, and I should not be surprised if she were really entitled to that appellation. In my youth, the smallest and youngest girl (and still the youngest I yet have had) called the female she was with “aunt.” — Another girl, if not two, whose names I just now forget, but of whom I have told called their mistress’ “aunt,” and I fancy that, many aunts among the humbler classes make a little money out of their nieces’ virginities. — They know well that at about fourteen years of age, girls escape their care, will play with boys and youths, and are pretty sure to be broached before they are sixteen. Aunts often think that a gentleman may as well have the broaching of a little cunt and pay for it, as a coster lad have it for nothing. — Indeed I believe that to be a philosophical way of looking at it, common to a large number of the poor people in all countries. — Camille (the first), fetched and sold to me her sister Louise. — Other girls have got their young female relations for me, and liked doing it, liked the pimping. — The poor, and wisely, and right in their simplicity of nature, see no harm in copulation as those better off profess to do but whether they really see harm is another question). — A girl is not among nine-tenths of the population morally damaged by a little illicit fucking, as she is among those who look upon a hymen as a prize and guarantee, in the woman they seek as a wife.

All said — the female who keeps her cunt hymenised and under seal amongst the well-to-do-classes, only does so that she may get a higher price for it, either in money or position. She sometimes never attains either, and mostly has to wait long for it, wait for years, and frigs herself during her waiting, languishing for want of a prick and spermatic lubrications, which is health giving to a female. — A poorer girl has earlier the prick up her, and every day, perhaps, has the intense pleasures of fucking, and all the varied amatory enjoyments which a man is pretty sure to give her in all sorts of ways. — Thus the happiness of life are pretty evenly distributed. — Perhaps the woman who follows her sexual instincts, and who is thus the most natural, has the best of it. Fucking is the greatest pleasure of life, and the woman who delays getting it for years, loses much. The woman who waits till she is twenty-six before she is fucked, loses ten years’ pleasure, compared with one who has a prick up her at sixteen, and regularly afterwards.

I began at last to be weary of the girl, and at the same time got anxious about her. She, like all others, wanted to go out and show her fine clothes. — It was of no use opposing it, and Sarah took her out. But the clothes were showy and Sarah, being a night bird and only wearing black silk, the girl looked very bright, and men came after the girl, so that they both took to wearing veils. — Said I, “She will go gay.” “Not if I can help it — I like her too well, I’ll work for her,” Sarah replied.

Then I advised Sarah taking her back to the country — Sarah said that the girl would not go, and moreover, that it was impossible. The girl soon after seemed hurt for I did not see her or poke her as much. — Circumstances were in fact changing with me and I could not get to see her, tho I wished — Sarah said she told the girl to frig herself if she was randy, and I know frigged her herself. “That will keep her from wanting fucking for a bit, but she’ll be longing for the right thing in her cunt.” —

After having had Liz about five months, I was obliged to go abroad. — Sarah was to try to get her into some situation, but where she could watch her — I left enough money to keep the girl four months.

I was away four months. The first night I was back in England I went to P***l**d P* * *e and met Sarah whom I knew a mile off. I asked her to come to the A**a. — Shall I bring her, said she laughing. — By her side stood a girl with a veil on. — I looked. —”Don’t you know her?” The girl raised her veil and laughed quite a peal. It was Lizzie.

“You have made her a whore, it’s a damned shame,” said I angrily. — “I haven’t, let’s go to the A**a,” and there we all went.

“It’s extraordinary to meet you, for it’s the first night I have brought her out. — Look, her things are fresh, the bonnet and dress you gave her are not suit-able for the season for it was the end of autumn) — see her boots, her stockings, her garters and all —all quite fresh.” “What have I done that you did not come to see me,” Lizzie whimpered.

Said Sarah, “We must live, I put her to a business, but she would not stop ten hours a day in a workshop in a close room. Then I put her at * * * and she would not stop there. She would come out, and she’ll make ten times as much by my help as she would by herself. — I did not want it, and have been kind to her, haven’t I Liz? — I will keep her with pleasure,” Sarah went on, “but she won’t stop at home without me.” — Liz, whilst this was going on, was sitting on my knee, my fingers were on her little sweet cunny, but for a minute only, for quickly we all got on to the bed.— Sarah unasked. — She had her old letch on, and frigged her-self whilst I fucked the little one again and again.

The girl had grown an inch, was plumper, had more hair on her little quim, which was more enticing than ever, and was a lovely little creature altogether. I was sorry to think that she would turn out gay, and believed that that was really the first night she was out for the purpose. — A man had already accosted her and the lass had refused him. —, Sarah told her that gay life was gay life and money money. — If she meant to get a living that way, she mustn’t play the fool, but take any one who’d pay handsomely.

“I wouldn’t,” said Liz, tossing her head. — “He was an ugly little old man with a white beard and I could not a bear the sight of him — a little old man.”

How the girl enjoyed her fucking — and what a lovely cunt she had. — How I enjoyed her, but circumstances were too strong for me, it was impossible for me to see her much — I made her promise not to be gay, and agreed to give Sarah three pounds a week for her, whilst I was in England. — Next night I saw them at the lodgings. — Sarah said she didn’t mind working for the girl, her letch for her she now admitted, but the girl wouldn’t be moped up. — She would go out, so what was Sarah to do. The end was clear, that she was to be a gay woman.

For another month or so I had her, then again went abroad, leaving twenty pounds for the girl to live on while I was away. — On my return it was well on in winter. — I went to the old haunts — Sarah was not visible — to her lodgings and she had left, and no one knew where she had gone. — I went to baudy houses and there they had missed her. — One old woman looked queerly at me, and said she did not know such a woman, altho any one who had seen Sarah twice must have recollected her. — “Why I have paid you for rooms with Miss F**z*r dozens of times.” — Then the woman admitted she knew her and me, but had missed her some time. — “I thought,” said the woman, “you was after her for something.” She took me to be a detective I think at first.

Said I, “She used a little time ago to be with a young fair haired girl, where is she?” “Oh yes, but I’ve not seen the girl neither — there was some sort of a row about her — but there,” said she, stopping short, “I don’t know anything about either — there.” —I gave her ten shillings to tell me all she knew, she took it, and said she knew nothing more.

I asked two or three gay women whom I had seen talking to Sarah. — They knew nothing. — One I took to a house, hoping to get some information. — She said Sarah was a bad one she believed. — I never saw or heard of either Sarah or Lizzie again.

My impression is that some one was after Sarah on account of Liz, and that they both had fled from London — I feel sure Sarah had no wish for her to be gay, but Liz had learned to like the red knobbed flesh stick far better than another woman’s cunt, and I dare say is merrily fucking about somewhere now, and I hope is happy.

So finished my acquaintance with Sarah F**z*r who, with her substitutes, had mainly amused me for some-thing like four years. I did not however see her usually more than twice a week to have her, and sometime two or three weeks elapsed without my doing so. — At times I was abroad, or away from town for far longer periods, and at other times I was virtuous and at home. — But there were often occasions when I was alone in town, and free to dispose of myself and my sperm. — It was at those opportunities that I had my rutting fits, and notably so when I had the man.

[The adventure which follows is singular in its way — for I had, as narrated, an Irish woman some time since, with the same vanity which marks this one. I have however had English women who vaunted their own beauties.]