Thoughts about myself, my skin and prick • At a Swiss village. • The hotel full. • A thin partition. • An amorous couple. • Ach mein Liebchen. • The chambermaid listens. • Consequences to her. • Against the window ledge. • The maid’s occupation. • The loft. • A splintered foot. • A peep-hole made. • Young ladies bathing. • Three times a day. • Departure.

About this time I began to think more of my self than I had done — which seems a strange thing to me. I had to a large extent, though not quite, got over that mistaken notion about the size of my prick, — so many women having asserted it was a handsome sized one. And several gay ladies having shown affectionate attentions to me, from that I inferred they would not have done so had that supreme article of feminine worship been inferior. I might also say the same of a few ladies who were not gay, but whose cunts know pretty well the difference between a prick and a cucumber. For all that, I have been for a short time and more than once, temporarily impotent through a nervous fit on this point.

I have within the last few years heard much admiration expressed of my face and figure. — I heard this both directly and indirectly, from chaste, as well as unchaste ladies. — “He might with his face and shape have married so and so, and she was dying for him, but he never knew it,” — was said of me. Another had praised my face, form, and my demeanour, — Camille told me that her maid always spoke of me as “your handsome friend, madame,” when she forgot the name I went by. I had, I know, a skin which for colour and smoothness, was like a woman’s — dozens of women had smoothed, stroked, and admired it to my face.

— One said it made her spend, directly she rubbed her hand over my back when I was fucking her. Another used to kiss me all over and ask me to turn on to my belly, so that she might kiss my backside, which was equally smooth.

For all that I had but little conceit of myself and fancied I was too thin. — Another stupid fancy, for I never was what could be called thin, tho I was lithe.— When I heard that any woman had mentioned me in a flattering manner, I used to wonder if it were true. Then I had a desire more and more frequently come over me, to see other pricks, and satisfy myself by comparison, whether mine was a full sized one or not, and I wondered if they fucked after my fashion or how, and if they spent as much — and how they looked when spending — much curiosity about males in coition seems to have laid hold of me, and I don’t see any-thing wrong in satisfying that curiosity.

Sick of London, I left in July with a friend, and spent much time in the Swiss mountains. He was married but very fast, and we went to baudy houses together. Geneva, Berne, Lucerne and Zurich saw our pricks. We found it economical, for the regulation price was but about five francs a lady, and also safe (A clap when one is traveling is the worst of ailments.) — for they had just about that time put the Paphians under medical supervision at least in some of the Cantons. — Then he left me, and for some time I remained in the mountains alone.

Traveling where I listed, I reached G***d**w**d in Switzerland. The hotel was full, but they put me into a nice house exactly opposite. One of several, I found, hired by the hotel keeper for beds only during the sea- son. The owner occupied only the ground floor. The upper floors had about eight bed rooms, and very thin partitions were between some of them. I was annoyed at having to cross the road for my meals, but the land-lord said I should be very quiet where I was, and could have coffee, etc. brought to my room if I wished. Tired, and it being rainy, I had food sent in. A waiter brought it over, and the servant of the house took it then and served it, that was the custom. I did not notice that any one was so served there but myself.

The servant was a coarse, well grown, fair haired, blue eyed damsel, about twenty years old, and seemingly a peasant hired for the season. She had a bold look, as if she knew quite well what was what in man or woman, tho she did not look loose. Being alone I soon chatted with her in French — asked her Canton (it was a German one) how her sweetheart was, how her last baby was, and such like chaff. — She got neither she said, and enjoyed the jokes especially about the baby. — no, and she didn’t want one. Where did she sleep? “At the top,” she replied, pointing to the roof. — I should go up and sleep with her, and she wasn’t to put out the candle, — laughing, she said she was never allowed a candle there, for fear of fire. — “In the dark? why then you’re obliged to feel your way about, to feel for the water jug.” — No, she didn’t wash up there. — How could she find the other bit of china. — She could find all she wanted — she knew I meant the pot. — I said, “I’m going up to sleep with you, mind, to-night.” “Oh that would be fine.” She had better take the ladder away, she said jeeringly, — by which I found that she slept in the roof. Then she left the room.

When I had finished, I called out — there was no bell. — She was sitting on a stool outside waiting. — “Take away, maiden — and here’s a ribbon for you,” — giving her a bit of silver and a kiss — she took both quite quietly. — “Give me a kiss and I’ll give you an-other silver coin.” Without hesitation she did. Then I gave her a lot more, and as she was going out of the room with the pay, I pinched her bum hard. She kicked up behind and laughed. — “Who is in this house but me?” “No one yet, but I dare say it will be full presently, unless the rain stops travellers,” she replied.

Tired and intending to rise early, I went to bed. — It was barely dark, and I scarcely was asleep, when I was awakened by a violent bang. It was a trunk thrown down, and then were voices, a door closed, and a German couple began to talk so loudly that they might have been heard across the road. Then I be-came aware that the partition between the bed rooms was but of boards. — I could hear all they said, tho I understood but little, and was about to knock and ask them to make less noise, when I heard a pot put on the floor, and a strong female piddle rattle, and at the same moment the male pissed, — it was a duet on porcelain. They were undressing I guessed. “You sleep that side,” said the woman, from which I inferred it was a double bed, and the next instant I heard them mumbling prayers together.

Then into the bed they got, and to my horror the bed creaked, and made much noise when they moved, as bad spring beds abroad often do. After a minute’s tranquility during which I nearly dozed off — I heard two or three loud kisses, the bed began to creak with a regular cadence, and I knew they were fucking — louder and quicker came the noise, I could count each thrust, I could tell the energy by the noise each made.

— “Ach mein Lieber,” cried out the woman. — “Ach,”— and with a loud cry of pleasure from him all was quiet. I was delighted with the entertainment.

My bed was close to the partition and there was in fact but an inch or so of board between us, and tho the amorous sounds amused me, and gave me a stiff one, yet I was glad to get to sleep, and was just dozing off
again, when the infernal bed began again creaking. They had not finished a quarter of an hour before they recommenced, and again were fucking with an energy, kisses, and noise that I have not often heard during that operation. — I was awakened three or four times during the night by the happy amorous couple, whom I wished at the devil.

Before six o’clock I arose, ordered some coffee and eggs, — and the servant brought them to me. — “Who was in that room?” I asked. “A lady and gentleman.” Said I, “They are just married, it’s their honeymoon. — They have been love making all night and kept me awake.” — She laughed — “Hush,” said I, “listen — speak low — shut the door.” — The girl shut the door not quite knowing what I meant. The bed began to creak, louder and louder. — “They are love making,” I whispered, — quicker and quicker was the shaking. “This is it my dear,” said I pushing my belly back-wards and forwards. — They both kissed loudly, the lady shrieked out, the man shouted out something. — The girl who was German understood it, put her hand to her mouth and rushed out of the room. — A minute after I opened the door gently, — for I wanted her, and meant to bribe her to let me, and caught her peeping through the keyhole of the door of the happy couple. She rushed off.

I finished my breakfast, called for her to take away, and she came in to do so. Breakfasting, I heard the happy couple washing, pissing and dressing, — apparently quite unconscious of any one overhearing them. — And as she entered I heard them leaving their room, pooped out, and saw a German about thirty years old, and a woman of about the same age, both quite plain and common in face, dress, and manners.

“Do you make that noise when you make love?” said I. — The girl laughed. — “Did you see them doing it thro the key hole?” — “No,” said she. “They were at it tho, weren’t they?” “Were they?” said she. “Yes, and you and I will, my bed doesn’t creak. — Come along, here is half a louis for you, put the tray down,— and I put my hands up her clothes. “Don’t, mistress will hear, said she laying down the little tray and looking at me.

I flew to the door and bolted it, pushed her on to my bed, and in a minute my spunk was in that maiden.

— She had a spanking backside, a good fat little cunt with thick hair on it, and I enjoyed her much; but a week or two’s abstinence, and the excitement of hear ing the couple grinding, and her fresh cunt, fetched me too quickly. My companion had the wetting with-out her share of the pleasure. I like in these stray amours for the lady to enjoy it as well as myself, with a whore I am mostly indifferent. The maiden arose as my prick left her belly, took up my tray, and left with it without uttering a word.

I had washed my prick, had finished dressing, and was thinking of going out in about half an hour after this event, when I heard a quiet knock at my door – it was the maiden who came in smiling, “Look, said she, “that is the Herr and Frau who are in the next bedroom — and thats my mistress talking to them.

—The German couple and the mistress were under a balcony of the hotel having, with others, their break-fast in the open air. — We both peeped long. I put my arm round the servant. — “I mustn’t be seen, said she. “Didn’t they fuck, said in the lewedest French I could manage, “they fucked six times. “Mein Gott, said she. “Is the house getting full?” “There is no other traveller in the house — this day last week it was full, it always is on Saturdays, and she lingered. — She wants fucking thought I, and my prick rose at the idea. I kissed her and put my hand up on to her

cunt. — “You’ve washed it. “Yes.” “Get on the bed and we will fuck again.” “I’m frightened lest the old lady should come back — I’ll see in a minute if she goes down the village, she usually does in the morning. — She leaned her arms on the window sill, and peeped through the curtains. I peeped also, my arm round her, and gradually I put my hand up her petticoats from behind, felt her bum jutting out, and pushed my thumb into her cunt. After wriggling and pushing my hand away once or twice, she let me thumb it quite quietly. “What a time she is taking,” said the girl, — “oh — don’t — now what are you about.” ‘Be quiet dear — I’ll do it whilst you watch. Now be quiet, I’m not looking, I’m only feeling and I’ll rub my prick over your fat bum. — I managed that, my prick stiffened, I rubbed the tip a little in the bum furrow, and in another second or two I had driven it right home up her cunt. Then I rested, she peeping thru the curtain, I leaning over her, charmed with the novelty of the position.

She objected, — said “leave off, but did not extrude me as a woman can do, when a man is up her in such a position. A cock and cunt when joined can’t keep still, in a minute I felt her cunt contracting, my prick then wriggled up her involuntarily, her backside replied and I gave one or two thrusts. — “Oh — don’t — wait — till she’s gone, — said she gasping. “I will mein Liebchen,” — but our genitals excited each other to the climax. — With a sigh she ceased looking at her mistress, laid her head in her hands on the window sill, and jutted her bum further out, I pushed my prick hard home, I got my hands under her clothes and round her belly, and without another word we fucked ourselves into blissful silence.

Our senses returned. With my prick still stiff and in her, “Can you see your mistress?” “Yes,” said she, peeping again, but keeping her backside close up to my belly, — “She’s not gone, — she’s talking to the land-lord and the couple — they are eating still. How many times did they awaken you?” “Six quite.” — “Mein Gott! — and they are not young people, said she. — Then finding the spermy mixture was dripping, I lifted up her clothes so as to see her arse, withdrew from her what remained of my prick. She turned round, and we both laughed.”I must get my breakfast,” said she, “and make the beds.”

I wanted her to sleep with me that night. — She was frightened — I might sleep with her. — I was not likely to be caught. — There was but one floor above mine, and thence a step ladder led to a loft in a high pitched roof, in which, as I found, were two common beds. — “You can’t miss your way,” said she, “but you must come down before it’s light and without shoes.” — I did not much like the look of the place. — Hay and straw, wood, and old clothes, field implements, all were put up there — but I said I would. “But shan’t we be alone, to-day some time?” — The Germans might come back, — her master was away, the mistress only came up to see that the rooms were in proper order, and perhaps she would go to mass. — “Ill wait for that, said I, — “we’ll talk about night afterwards.”

Having had enough pleasure for the time, I went to the hotel to see the gardens, and saw the German couple who were big, and the woman bony and as plain as a mop. Somehow I wondered at their copulative powers. — They didn’t look like it. — Then I took a walk of some hours, returning just before it began pouring with rain. — Hungry as a hunter, I feasted, and then with a book went back to my bed room — saw the mistress of the house at the window, and from my room saw the amorous couple feeding with great glasses of beer in front of them. — Half an hour after, I saw him smoking a pipe, and still glasses of beer were before them.

I kept thinking and thinking of the maid servant, wanting now to look at that cunt and backside of hers — which I had yet had but the merest glimpse of. I could not think of any pretext to get her up — Coffee, I’ll have coffee — so I shouted out. — “What do you want sir?” said the mistress from below — “Coffee.” — “My servants up stairs dressing, will you wait a minute, Mein Herr?” “Willingly.” — she was in the loft then, but I did not risk going up. A few minutes after, she appeared with the coffee; — I pushed one finger through a loop made with the thumb and fore- finger of the other hand, — she grinned quite understanding. — I felt her thighs, she shook her head and at that moment I heard the Germans lumping up stairs, “Quiet,”I whispered.

Almost as quickly as I write, I heard heavy boots thrown down, and the couple piss simultaneously and mount the bed. The maiden stood like a statue staring at the partition, and grinning. Lecherously, I put up her clothes one hand on to her bum, the other on to her cunt, and almost motionless, in that attitude we listened till the couple had done fucking. — Then without a word she took up the tray. — “Come into one of the other rooms, said I, “there is no one there. “No. 5 — presently,” she whispered, and went off with the tray. — The couple seemed sleeping.

I put on slippers and waited, door ajar, for half an hour. — The rain ceased — the Germans went out. — The girl appeared and went into No. 5, I followed, and soon I was inspecting all her charms that were naked, and feeling all I could get at. — She’d got clean Sunday clothing on, and looked very nice. — Madame had gone out. “She always does of a Sunday afternoon,” said she. And with that intimation we fucked — I tongued her, for she had a fine set of teeth, and we had a pro-longed and delicious exercise on a bed that did not creak. There is nothing like novelty in cunt. — A fresh one almost always seems to have a charm, how-ever plain the owner of it may be.

Then she came and talked in my room, after she had washed her cunt in the loft. — She told me all about herself, and where she lived at home. She had been married, and her husband was killed by accident a couple of months afterwards and now she was a servant. — On that dull, dark, rainy afternoon, she was a great amusement to me — every now and then I had a feel and kissed her belly, and looked at her thighs and motte. “If you’ll feel me nicely I’ll do it again,” said I. “I think I’ll bolt the street door,” said she, “in case the old lady comes back, — I can hear directly.” — It was done, we laid on my bed now, and after I had looked at her bum and cunt from behind, then side by side with lascivious endearments, in voluptuous silence, we amused ourselves till we fucked again. — Then she ran downstairs and unbolted the door.

I stayed the rest of the day at the hotel, weary as people are when stopping for rain, and went to bed early, intending to leave next morning, and my lust satisfied, to sleep quietly. — The Germans fucked, then were quiet for an hour, then they again awakened me with their exercises. Aroused by that, I thought of the servant till I wanted her, and stole upstairs quietly with naked feet to the loft. She gave a loudish hollow when I awakened her, but let me between her thighs in a moment, and both nearly naked, we fucked again. With one of those fits of curiosity about such matters, which at times come over me, I put my finger up her cunt to feel if I had spent much, and was pleased with the investigation. — For some weeks I had but little coition — my sperm collectors must have been in first rate condition — and I did not hurry one pleasure quickly after the other.

Going back to my room, I ran a splinter of wood in my naked foot, and instead of leaving next day had a doctor, who told me that unless I laid up for a few days, my mountain walking would be over for that year. — The weather got fine, travellers left, and the landlord offered me a room in the hotel, which I declined, thinking that a handy cunt in that little village was better than a handsome bed room.

The Germans left — the house was empty all day — all my meals were brought over to me, and either when she brought them, or took them away, I had her. I seemed to have known her for a year. — “Ill fuck you after dinner.” — She grinned, and at the appointed time, if all were safe, her charms were exposed at the bedside, and her cunt spermatised. — She lifted her own petticoats up now, ready for it.

At night the house was crammed with travellers, and two English girls occupied the adjoining room. — “What a nasty uncomfortable bed,” said one. I kept quiet as a mouse, but the only satisfaction was in hearing them piddle. They went off on mules at about 6 o’clock, but they were coming back at night. The whole house was empty by about 8 o’clock, — the land-lady went over to the hotel keeper, as it seems to have been her custom. — Then smitten with what had occurred on the Sunday, I turned the servant’s buttocks towards me from the bed, and fucked her that way. She liked the variety seemingly. Free and easy as she was, and lustful as her youth and health made her, there was a wide difference in manner between her and a harlot, which made her very agreeable, — and then her thrilling pleasure when she spent pleased me much, she liked my fucking her, and gave way to it.

I told her I should bore a hole to see the young ladies. — She said that was shameful and seemed astonished at such a suggestion. — I looked in their room, saw how the furniture stood, bored accordingly, and was re- warded by seeing them both naked, tho only for a minute, as they put on their night dresses by candle light. I guessed one sixteen, the other seventeen years old. The next morning I saw better in broad day light. — One after the other washed to her waist, then dropped her chemise. There was but one basin — each was naked for a minute or two and washed her cunt. I noticed the little splits, and the difference in the quantity of hair on their cunts, and was instructed and de-lighted, wishing much that I could put my penis into both of the thin sylphs, and I told all this to the servant before I fucked her.

For some reason the girls went to another room, and their brother occupied it (the parents were in the house), a youth of about eighteen who snored hard. — He stripped and sponged himself in the morning (there was no bath), and suddenly his prick began to stand as he washed it in the basin. — It got quite stiff as she rubbed it dry, he pulled the skin backwards and forwards thoughtfully for a minute and looked at it. What was he thinking about? Then he went on dressing and the whole family went off on mules. What feeling is this, what desire comes over me? — I thought of the sailor boy, of feeling cocks in my youth, of the Frenchman whom I had frigged, and I feel that I should like to feel that young man’s prick, and to see him frig, or to frig him — or to see him with a woman. — I chased the thoughts away, but they returned. I thought of similar things, and conceived plans to gratify them all say. — What harm is there, thought I. — Then I re-solved to look no more, to forget it, and I plugged the hole with paper, nor did I look again. I felt tempted to do so, but tho he was there nightly till I left, I did not.

Having but little to do, I amused myself by writing this at intervals. — The house was usually empty by seven a.m., and full again at night. At eight or nine a.m. the landlady inspected every bedroom, and never came up afterwards. I tailed the willing chambermaid twice every day and once or twice more frequently as opportunity offered, still keeping my rooms in order to get at her more easily. My foot got well, and on a Saturday I left, having had a week or two’s good quiet cunt, a coarse affair it was, but I enjoyed her much, and she could have taken double what I gave her. I gave her some gold ornaments when I left, which delighted her.

And the Germans, — I envied his powers, for I am pretty sure that he fucked her seven or eight times each day they were there, but they only remained three days.