My letch for Tomlin. • An assault. • Slight resistance. • What’s for dinner? • Cook this. • Sham displeasure. • Aunt out. • After dinner. • My bed-room. • Tail in tail. • The grotto again. • The dog’s food. • Joey’s fears and regrets. • Against the table. • A holiday out. • The brothel at ***. • Complete enjoyment. • Tomlin’s widow-hood. • Confession of lust. • Her husband’s lechery. • No fears. • Joey’s future. • A round of visits. To London.

The sight was delicious, tho I had only seen Joey’s cock which was a boyish one, and one of her legs to the knee; for when she lifted her petticoats for him to look at her quim, her back was towards me. When fucking they were just under me. — But I knew she was a fine plump woman. — And I now knew, a hot cunted one. — I was sure she had seduced Joe, and not Joe she. Getting down, my prick aching with stiffness, and thinking of how to get into her, I went off thru the farm yard as I often did, and down the lane where Pender once lived, then round to the house and rang the bell twice before the front door was opened. “I beg your pardon, sir,” said she, “for keeping you waiting. I was up stairs when you rang.” — Perhaps to wash your cunt, I thought.

Imprudent as it was, for my aunt and cousin were dressing, I kissed her. “Oh, don’t sir, you’ll be seen,” said she. She looked round with anxiety. Again I kissed and clutched her round the bum. “I’ve been longing for you ever since I saw you.” She no longer dropped her eyes in the demure, sham-modest way, which is always the way with a woman who knows a thing or two more than she ought, and whose hidden fires are strong; but looked me fully in the face with a smile. Then I walked into the dining room, she following.

“Are you having your dinners.” “Yes, sir.” — Get me something directly you have done.” Ten minutes after she came to me. “What shall I get you, sir.” “A night gown, and you and I will go to bed together.” I never saw woman look more astonished. Of course I knew now that I might take any liberties. — Then I kissed her, praised her hair and flattered her. “Did I like the colour,” she asked. — Yes I did. — “What colour is it down there?” pinching her clothes at the spot. “What shall I get you, sir?” she said again. “A night gown.” “Oh, do say what you would like, sir. Mistress will be coming down.” “Ask the cook what I can have.” — Coming back she said there was no cold meat, should a chop be cooked.

I looked at my watch. In twenty minutes my aunt would be down. The carriage was ordered I knew, and she was punctual. I was boiling over with desire. Should I wait till my aunt had gone off before I went further, I thought, and made up my mind to do so; but looking at the woman quite upset me, and in the reckless mood, which overtakes me at times, I put my hand up her clothes. She struggled, “Oh, sir, don’t,” and in undertone, “Mistress may come down at any moment, oh, don’t.” Her back, retreating under my advance, was against the wall. She could retreat no further, my finger was well into the slit. — Then pulling out my prick, “You cook this for me, my darling.” She got away and opened the door. “I’ll tell the cook, sir,” and off she went, but I saw that she looked at my stiff cunt-prober.

I rang after a while, “Is the chop ready?” “Not yet, sir.” She looked at my prick, which I was showing, and then round anxiously towards the staircase, and shaking her head as she saw me advancing towards her, she went off. A minute after, aunt and cousin came into the room.

What a pity I had not come into luncheon they said, and after a five minute’s chat, I saw them to the carriage. The parlour maid closed the street door. — Then how she looked at me. She came into the dining room to lay the cloth. In an instant I was kissing her. — “What colour is the hair there?” She was bolder al-ready. “I don’t know I never looked.” She shammed displeasure, what did I take her for. “Why a sensible woman who liked fucking, fucking is in those lovely eyes of yours.” “Oh, what things to say.” I got a good feel up her. She objected, but resisted less. My cock was out. There was a sofa, I pushed her towards it. “Oh, if the housemaid should come in.” — Recklessly I locked the door, and pushed her on to the sofa; she lifted her legs ready for me, and cock was up cunt in a jiffy. How she liked it. I wonder if she thought of Joe’s small cock there, when mine was up her; I shall never know that, but I thought of his cock having been in the same hole two hours before, and also that she would never know what I was thinking about.

Then she laid the cloth whilst my sperm was on her thighs, I’ll swear, — for the accumulation of a healthy abstinence of some days, a long continuance for me then, was there. We now talked of fucking quite calmly. What a shame to treat her so. — “You liked it.” She didn’t. “Well you will after I have had something to eat.” She had been so hurried to serve me, that she had scarcely eaten her own dinner she said. “Go and finish it my love, and you’ll fuck better.”

The chop came, I could scarcely eat for excitement. — “Let’s poke again.” “No, we shall be caught.” “Go to my bed-room when I have dined.” “Impossible.” It was quite impossible: the plan of the house I have de- scribed before. There was the servant’s staircase, my bed room next to Joe’s, and just past it the lobby connecting with the servant’s rooms. “Take away the things, I’ll go to my room, say you are going to your bed room, but turn into mine, and we will enjoy each other.” “Impossible,” the housemaid would be arranging her mistress’ room. “Wait till she has done.” I laid hold of her, swearing to have her again on the sofa if she did not agree, and told her that years before a servant had done it with me in that very room.

I went to my room, heard the housemaid about, and then move off. Soon after, my door (left ajar) opened, and in Tomlin came. In an instant she was on the bed with her clothes up to her navel. A sniff, a feel, a hurried look and we were fucking. Then she went down stairs, returned, and was rewarded by a bum basting. She was grateful for it, — never woman enjoyed more,— she did not disguise her pleasure. I inspected her charms after a wash in my basin and she inspected mine. She fondled my prick in silence.

— “Go down and come up in half an hour,” said I for I was not up to further work. “Master Joe will be just then home for school unless he meets Mrs.,” said she, — and sure enough he came home. I began to wonder if he had ever had her in his bedroom. — He usually waited near the village for his grand mother’s carriage at that hour, and drove out with her; but the at-traction of a spanking backside and a hairy quim, I knew full well, would bring him, as it had brought me home once.

A rutting fit came on me, and I thought of where I was to have her again; and finding her so hot cunted, I asked her, and suggested likely places about the grounds. No, they were never allowed to go to the stables except for messages, nor to the farm unless sent, until every one had left off work but the head man, and his wife, the dairy maid; or on Sundays when they went to church. It was the same years before. “Not in the grotto at dark?” (She looked me hard in the face when I suggested that.) No, it was too far off. “The privy in the laurel walk?” “A nasty place,” said she. — I was interrupted by Joe coming in, the young cub was cunt hunting, and often in the way afterwards.

I found afterwards that his grandmother thought he needed looking after. He was rarely allowed out after dark, but went to school early, and was often in the morning room with the parlour maid alone. — My old aunt no longer went to the farm yard before breakfast as in Pender’s time, — so I went down early in the morning to baulk Joe, if he intended any game; and took a dislike to the boy for his precocity.

After breakfast Joey was off to school. I leisurely smoking a cigar, just before she went off with the dog’s meat, waited in the shrubbery having ascertained that no one was in the privy.

She came along with the dog’s food in her hand, saw me, looked round anxiously, shook her head. “No, — no,” but I drew her into the privy easily, for her cunt was athirst, and had her up against the wall, the dog’s food on the privy seat. Five minutes afterwards she was in the dining room clearing the table. One of the charms, to me, of intrigues with servants is the odd, out of the way places and times in which I tail them — the hurried plugging, their intense enjoyment of my prick, and then the sensuous pleasure of seeing them at times, almost directly afterwards, at their household duties with cunts full of my sperm. There was Tomlin now in that condition at her work, looking demure but flushed, and Aunt and Emily in the room with us, but blissfully ignorant.

Next day I was at the grotto; I had enlarged a hole in the roof to hear better, but it was windy and heard badly at times. — “Make haste, I can’t come again, your grandma thinks I’m too long gone, your uncle will find us out.” “He’s going next week,” said Joe. She pulled up her clothes in a business-like way, placing her bum against the table, he gave a look for an instant, she felt his cock, and then they fucked. The very instant Joe’s bum had ceased wagging, she pushed him off, and went away saying loudly, “You wait a quarter of an hour.” Joe sat down playing with his prick and frigging it hard, but it did not stiffen, and then went off. I could not move till he had, and laying on my belly, with stones and lumps beneath me, was so cramped that I could scarcely get up.

When aunt had gone for her drive, I had Tomlin on my bed; she could not come again — fearing the housemaid, whose room was next to hers, and for that reason I could not risk going to her room. Feather beds were in all the house, so we had to re-make mine before we left the room — I helping (mattress and spring beds were unknown then).

I wanted fuller enjoyment of her than was possible at the manor house, and after scarcely getting a feel for three days, she readily enough, at my suggestion, said her mother was ill, and got leave to go and see her. Early in the morning saying I was going to the town of A****, which was untrue, off I went. The beer shop at the market town where Pender and I had our delight was no longer available, but at A***, a larger place, I found what I wanted, met her at the station, and without noticing each other she followed me.

“This isn’t a Public house,” were the first words she uttered. I told her frankly, a baudy house, which didn’t seem to shock her. “I’m so hungry, I had no time to get any breakfast,” said she. I had not foreseen that, but meaning to have a long day’s amusement with her, had at an hotel got a lot of sandwiches and a bottle of sherry. “Oh, I’m so glad.” “Let’s do it first.” “No, I’m so hungry.” — She stripped, to please me, to her chemise then sat eating whilst I at her feet, kneeling, fingered her quim, looked at her body, felt it, and kissed her thighs, rising up at times to show her my excited generator. — She was soon satisfied with food, and with her mouth almost full, I mounted and satisfied her cunt.

Then we both got into bed. I had no difficulty in making her do so, and a very fine woman she was. White in flesh, with a fine backside, large, round thighs, most beautiful breasts, but not much waist; and I did not admire the colour of her motte. She had such intense pleasure in fucking that she almost doubled mine. She spent copiously, we made the sheets in a precious mess, and fell fast asleep.

Then to her annoyance the wants of nature compelled her to leave the room. That necessity in a woman, in whose arms I had lain, at that time somewhat revolted me — a squeamish stupidity since lost. She washed when she came back, we finished our wine and sandwiches, got into the bed again and, feeling each other’s genitals, talked. What confidences are exchanged when a man and woman are laying side by side at that play. I can recollect all I write and lots more. — “You’re fond of fucking.” “Of course,” said she. “Who does it to you?” “No one, I’m going to be married soon.” “Your sweetheart does.” “He wants, but I won’t let him.” “Has he felt your cunt?” “Once or twice; how curious you are.” “Why did you let me do it to you?” “I suppose I wanted it.” “Did you expect I was after you?” “Not till two days before, when you looked at me so.” “If you’re not fucked I suppose you frig yourself.” “Every woman does who isn’t married.” “Do the servants?” “I never knew one who didn’t.” She was so wonderfully straight in all her re-plies, excepting as to when she was tucked last. I longed to ask her about Joey, but restrained myself, talked generally about Aunt and Cousin; at length said, “Has Joe ever kissed you? He is fast for his age and looking after you.” “Yes, and tried to pull up my clothes but I smacked his head and said I would tell to his grand- mother, but what makes you ask me about him?” “Because I thought he was after you.” The spirit moved me, I made her put her thigh well over mine as we were lying side by side, and put my fingers up her cunt. “You’ve had a good lot of fucking, you’re too fond of it to do nothing but frig.” “I had plenty for three years till my husband died.” “What, married?” “Yes, three years.”

Then she told how she had been in service, had married, and was a widow three years after. Some relative gave her a character for a fresh place, her being widow was kept secret, because ladies would not readily take widows into their service. They get with the men more readily they thought, which was a mistake; there was the housemaid three month’s gone with child, and had never been married. “Well,” said I turning in-to her and inserting my prick, “You fucked your husband out.” “He didn’t want much asking, the doctor said he would kill himself if he did it so much, but he would.” “Was his prick bigger than mine?” said I feeling my pleasure increasing. “Oho, — the same — size — oho —, ” she sobbed out. “Oh, don’t — oh ah ah,” and we spent.

Again we talked. Her husband was always doing it, did it before he went to work, and when he came home to dinner. He was consumptive. I came to the conclusion that both being lustful, he always wanting it, she always ready, that he fucked himself to death.

“I shall get you with child.” I am fond of saying this to women. She had never been so, and a doctor had said she never would. So she laid tranquilly enjoying her full cunt.

She told me my cousin Emily had fine limbs; of the quarrels of another cousin with her husband when staying at the Hall, of the way Mrs. *** (the cousin divorced, whose cunt I had seen when a girl) went on with gentlemen, how the housemaid who was in the family way said she wished she had never had a man; we always got to talking of nudity, and genitals, and then fucking till we were fucked out. Then I took her to eat at an obscure place and she went back; I by a later train. She opened the door to let me in. Aunt next morning hoped I would not come in so late and keep the servants up. Three days afterwards, we did the same but she could not get away early. One day I went to the grotto, but neither she nor Joey were there. — The dog was better and at home. I got her to my room and had a hurried fuck one afternoon when my aunt was out, and made her a present, and that week I went home.

A few months afterwards, being at my aunt’s, I heard she was married. Joey had left also; aunt said she could not manage him, and he had been put to a boarding school. A few years afterwards he was sent to a colony by his parents — they could not manage him. I never disclosed to Tomlin what I knew about her and Joey.

After visiting such of my relations as I intended, I returned to London, and whored quietly as heretofore. My one remedy when miserable, was a woman. When I wanted a very quiet one, I went to Camille — she was always desirous of knowing what I did when away from her so long, and she did not get the truth. Gabrielle had come back to England, but she seemed a bird of passage, appearing and disappearing often, and I had her a few times; this variety of woman is very charming.