The baud’s avarice. • The couples hurried. • Cyprians remuneration. • A tight cunted one. • One who knew the spy hole. • A loving, handsome couple. • The mother’s maid. • Amorous impatience. • His lustful power. • Varied postures. • Copulations reckoned. • Brother John’s cock exhibited. • Gossip with Sarah on gamahuching. • The fourth poke. • The pocket handkerchief. • Laxities with Sarah. • Heads to tails. • Sarah’s letch for gamahuching. • On female cunilingers.

I have said that the landlady did not give the couples too long a time, especially if business was brisk. — She had an eye mainly to the double fees, for in addition to the pound, I paid five shillings for each couple. They charged the couples three and six pence and sometimes five shillings, never more. It was only a second class house, tho I saw swell women there.

One night she turned seven couples in between eight and twelve o’clock — all of whom we saw copulating — I did not mind the ordinary run being got in and out soon, for they usually went to work with small prelude, and the more petticoats I saw hoisted, the more cunts I saw, and the more pricks wagged and stiffened in my view, the better. But when a spoony couple were in — or the man had funny letches, — I was annoyed at their being hurried so asked again the landlady to try to put couples of whom the woman was what is called modest (altho every woman is immodest enough to show her own tail, and feel a man’s tail at times), and not to hurry them. — The ordinary couples needed no hurrying, for the gay ladies urged on the shagging.

I soon discovered the very unequal fees paid, and what small sums at times were paid even to exceedingly well dressed women. — Many had only ten shillings and often five, although at times they got two or three sovereigns, and from men who did not look very rich. — I once saw a girl come in twice the same night and be fucked for five shillings, and heard her say it was very little. He gave her a shilling more for a glass of wine. — The second time she got a couple of sovereigns. — I chaffed Sarah about the nice cunts to be had for ten shillings, but in my young days I knew that. Yet having for so many years given higher compliments, it came quite new to me, that a clean nice looking woman, would give up her privates for five shillings, yet well dressed women did.

There was a woman looking twenty-two years old, whom I saw many times. — She was well made and had a pretty face. I took a fancy to have her, but did not like to ask Sarah to get her. — One or two men said, “What a little cunt you have,” — at which she used to laugh. — I went about this time in the middle of the day and saw the landlady, who made objection, but principally about Sarah knowing of it, but as I vowed I would not tell, I got the spy room by myself, and passed the evening looking — I told the landlady of the girl I wanted but she would not get her for me, few women, knew of the peep hole room, and I should tell the woman, and that would blow the house — I did not see the girl that night and felt not so comfortable alone. — But the small-cunted woman ran in my head. Again I had the room by myself, and that night she came in. I got awfully randy at seeing her fucked, and directly it was over left the baudy house. — The woman shortly afterwards came out, and turned towards * * * St. — When she was just in * * * * St. I spoke to her, and we went to another house. I bargained for half of a sovereign which I knew she had just been paid. — She accepted after swearing she never had less than a sovereign.

She was perfect in shape, and her cunt one of the smallest for a full grown woman my prick ever entered. — Two fingers went in with greatest difficulty, yet the vulva looked as large as an ordinary one. — There was black hair on it. I enjoyed her immensely and fucked her three times, paying her for each fuck.

—What amused me was my asking her if she had it done to her before that night, and she swearing that she had not.

I fucked her at the side of the bed at first, to see my prick draw in and out of the small orifice. When I had recovered from my pleasure, I put her legs over my shoulders, and drawing her bum to me, kept my prick in whilst I asked her questions. She did not hurry me. I had noticed she never was impatient with men. — Pulling my prick out, and telling her what I was going to do, I watched my sperm laying at the mouth of the tight hole, and soon began to work again in my own sperm. — “Oh come on the bed, I want it, let’s do it nicely,” — and on the bed a more voluptuous little devil never wetted my ballocks.

She would make no appointment with me saying I should see her about, but I never did. I asked the landlady at * * * * * St. She recollected her, said she sometimes came with men often for a week or so, and then did not for a month. She did not know her name nor anything about her. — I never told Sarah.

One night an ordinary woman was on the bed with a man when Sarah, looking, remarked — “That woman knows there is a peep hole, see how she keeps her eye on it.” — Certainly she did keep looking, and she pulled her clothes over her thighs as much as the man’s lying between them would permit. — She pushed the man away directly he had finished, and got off the bed looking in our direction. — Sarah let down the picture and waited till the couple had gone. — The Iandlady had told her to do so in case we thought any one looked at the spyhole. — I saw only two or three women out of the whole number, who eyed the spot suspiciously, and never a man, altho I saw a dozen walk up to the picture and look at it — it was most counningly contrived. [I wonder if it was ever found out afterwards and there was a row, for the house was closed all of a sudden.]

Another night a couple came in together both muffled up, she deeply veiled. — Directly he had locked the door he took off his hat — she her veil, — both laughed, rushed into each other’s arms, and stood kissing long as if they’d never have enough of it. — “Oh I am so glad,” said she, and again they kissed. “What a time since we met.” “Is it not.” “Oh I am so glad,”

— and similar exclamations of joy whenever they got their lips apart. — They talked loud, they kissed loud, in a state of mutual delight at meeting. — They had no fear — no thought but of each other. — “It’s a spoony couple,” said I to Sarah. “Yes,” said she when she had a look, “and what a fine woman, I wonder how she will do it, as she calls herself, I suppose, modest.”

— Sarah hated the modest fuckstress — I pulled Sarah’s head away, begrudging her looking.

They finished kissing for the moment. He threw off an over coat, she her bonnet — and as handsome faced a couple as ever I saw stood there. — He a gentleman, seemingly about twenty-six years old, tall, strong, with dark brown hair. — She a fine grown woman of perhaps twenty-one, with dark hair and beautiful blue or grey eyes, I can’t say which, and such long eye lashes that they were a marked feature in her face. — That done, they again rushed into each other’s arms, and kissing recommenced. — Her back was to me as he clasped her, and I saw his right arm move gradually lower, from her waist to her bum. He was thinking of her cunt.

“There is no sofa, I hate a room without a sofa,” said he sitting down on a chair and pulling her on to his knee. For a minute they again kissed. — “Now tell us all that has taken place since I saw you.” She began to tell, and from what I heard, it seemed that she was in service in his mother’s house.

She had scarcely begun before he pushed his hand under her clothes.
“Oh Charley, don’t dear,” said she with a little faint resistance. I could see that his hand in a second or two was between her thighs, and a lovely leg came into view, as his arm hooked her petticoats over it. — Then all was kissing and murmurs, or restless moving of his right arm, a restless movement of her bum on his knee, and a shuffling of her feet. The titillation of her cunt had told on her, and was filling her with voluptuousness.

His hand was withdrawn, he pulled open his trowsers, and out came a magnificent prick. Without a word he placed her right hand on it. — She felt it, and hung her head over his shoulder. — Up went his hand beneath her clothes, their mouths met, nothing but kisses were audible, but her body moved uneasily from her waist to her bum, and both their feel shifted places continually — pleasure made them restless.

“Come to the bed dear, come — I want you so.” — He pushed her from his knee and stood up, his prick stiff out of his trowsers. — He led her hurriedly to the foot of the bed, and seemed wild for her.

“Oh Charley dear, what a hurry you are in — oh don’t, don’t, I shall spoil my dress — don’t, wait a minute.” — He had her bum against the bed, had lifted her petticoats, and with both arms under her thighs was trying to lift her on the bed, but desisted at her wish. “Make haste dear — I am dying for you — look here,” — shaking his pego which with the skin down, shewed a flaming tip, and a noble prick it was.

She began to undo her dress. — He threw off coat, waistcoat and trowsers, and had finished before her gown was off. Then he helped her. A beautiful pair of calves and ankles came into view, her breasts attracted him, he put his hand on them. — “Take your stays off.” — Smiling she began — there was a hitch — “Oh damn it” — laying hold of the lace, with a violent tug he broke it. “Oh don’t, I shan’t be able to lace it again.” He pulled the stays off, threw them on the floor, pushed her on to the bed and threw up her clothes. — I saw a dark haired motte, and the next instant he had covered it, then laid in tranquillity for a few seconds.

What a splendid-limbed woman. — Altho she had all her petticoats on, I saw one side of her fine haunches and faultless legs. In a few seconds, one hand was put between their bellies, feeling his prick, or the warm lips which embraced it. — His drawers which he had not pulled off annoyed him, for withdrawing his hand, he pushed his drawers down, and with a loud kiss his arse began that oscillating motion, which brings the pleasure to the couple whose cunt and prick are joined.

He went on slowly, their kisses and murmurs were enough to have made a saint who saw them, randy mad. — Soon thighs began to move responsively to his thrusts. Her hands came on to his back, his drawers worked down under his movements, his shirt got a little hitched up, and the lower half of his buttocks came in full view. With kisses and murmurs of love, he now oscillated his rump rapidly, till their limbs at length stretched out languidly, almost lifelessly, and both were silent. Never to me is a woman so loveable as when the ecstatic gush is over, and I lay half dead with voluptuousness in her arms. I could scarcely hold my sperm in me, but was so anxious not to lose an atom of the sight, that I would not leave the peep hole to fuck — I had been feeling Sarah’s cunt as she stood besides me. — “They have fucked,” I whispered, — “I’d give twenty pounds to be up her, lay down.” — Sarah went to the bed and I fucked her.

Even in my pleasure I did not forget the couple, and as fast as possible, with prick dripping from Sarah’s cunt, got to the peep hole. He was lying on her, his face on the side of the pillow and turned towards her, she was on her back. He had partly left her belly, and I saw her thigh fully, part of her belly, and a glimpse of her mount.

Sarah looked. “She has a fine leg really, and is a fine woman — hasn’t she got your steam up — what a breast she has — she isn’t gay. — She’s been enjoying it — they will do it again before they get off the bed I’ll bet,” said Sarah, who understood human nature well in its copulative insincts and habits.

Sarah was right. He moved, she opened her eyes, they kissed, he got full on to her again, but apparently changing his mind rolled off on to his side, and rose to look at her belly, over which she pulled down her chemise. I had only a glimpse of the motte. Then he turned towards her, his hand moving under her chemise, and partly turned towards him. His hand in getting to her buttocks had lifted her chemise, giving a glimpse of a large white backside, and showing one side from feet to waist. She was as fine a made woman as ever man clasped in copulation. A splendid creature.

Again he got on to her and they began joking and kissing, and they both talked loudly. — “Your clothes are in the way.” “You wouldn’t wait to let me take them off.” — Then he got off the bed and dragged off his boots and drawers. She sat up, undid her petticoats, he pulled them from under her as she lay, laughing. Chemise, shirt, and stockings were now all they had on. He stood, gently pushed her back on the bed kissing her, threw up her chemise to her breast, and began to kiss her belly. He thrust his fingers up her spermatized cunt. — She squirmed, “Oh Charley — don’t — how dirty — dear — don’t.” “Isn’t your cunt wet!” — Withdrawing his fingers he jumped rapidly on to her, but enclosing her legs with his, and so they lay kissing and talking but inaudibly. His thighs were quite distended, his balls shewed between them as they hung over her split, I thought I had never seen anything more voluptuous.

Then his hand roved about her haunches. He rolled on to his back and lay for a minute with prick again quite stiff. She turned on her side and handled it. Then putting his right hand under her bum, and his left across her, he heaved her over on to his belly, and they lay belly to belly, she arse upwards, his hand roving about from her blade bones to her arse cheeks, and exposing all to my delighted view. I saw the hairy notch well, as she lay over him with thighs distended. Their baudy frolics had now brought their passions to the highest. He got her off of him to his side, he turned, and so they lay kissing, and close together. I could hear nothing but kisses. Then up he pushed one of her legs and drew it over his flank, his hand went between her thighs, and he handled her moisted cunt again. I caught a glimpse of his stiff prick as he inserted it. Then they sank into an attitude which brought her three quarters on to her back, her right leg still high up and over his left haunch, fucking began, and then more he raised up her leg — bringing into view at intervals his ballocks. Their mouths were glued together — their whole frames vibrated and with loud kisses and sighs they spent again. — Their second fuck had been finished I think within twenty minutes from the time they entered the room. — All that time as far as I could hear they scarcely spoke — fucking in all its preliminaries and consequences had absorbed them — they thought of nothing else.

Reposing in each other’s arms, they nestled to each other with limbs interlaced. Altho it was warm, she I suppose felt cold, for he more than once pulled her chemise down. They half turned and her backside was then towards me, but through his feeling and fumbling, her chemise was never long before it worked up again. — “I told you they would do it twice before they got off the bed. — He’ll get her in the family way and then she’ll turn gay. He’s a gent and won’t marry her, fucking like those two will do the job, unless she is very lucky. Oh! he wants to put his finger up again and she won’t let him,” said Sarah who was looking through the peep hole. I was sitting on the sofa feeling her cunt.

Had it not been for our conversation, Sarah would often have had a dull time of it. Our room we kept so dark that we could not see each other’s faces, and I only let her look at intervals. — But I kept up a running description of all I saw in whispers, which amused her I suppose, and she did the same to me when looking, but then I always was feeling her cunt or nudity some-where.

He was poking his hand between her thighs, she preventing it, when I next looked. “Now Charley, that is really dirty, do let me get up — I am so wet and I want to pee so badly, I really do.” Up both got, he stood affectionately over her whilst she pissed, and washed her cunt. He washed and pissed and then he sat her on his knee again, and they began talking. I could now hear all they said.

There was a large easy chair without arms and I think two such chairs but am not sure. — There was no sofa, an omission the baud told me intended, so that the couples might take their pleasures on the bed and in sight of the spyhole. — There was but one place in-deed where a sofa could be placed, which was just against the peep hole partition, but with couples so close to each other on either side of the partition, we might, had there been a sofa there, have been more easily heard and found out. — With bed in full sight, the washing place on the other side of it and near the window, the fire and bright gas light, beneath which nearly all the men placed the women when they wanted to look at them naked, and all being away from the peep hole side, there was very little in the room which could not be seen by us. Evidently the whole arrangement was purposely made, tho the plan of the two rooms aided it.

The gas burner also was large for a baudy house, and made so to show up the occupants. I saw some gay women turn it down, and the men turn it up. One girl grumbled to the landlady about there being too much light. — After a time, to my disgust, a smaller burner was put in, then a larger again replaced it. — But I’ve no doubt the peep-hole room paid well . Several times when I went there by myself, I found the room engaged, and at other times with Sarah, couldn’t have it.

The handsome couple sat down just under the light facing us, after he had said again “This is not a very comfortable room, there is no sofa. — Do you recollect what we did on the sofa the last time but one.” “Yes,” said she, and laughed.

His hand went under her cehmise. — How is it that a man cannot keep his hand off a pretty girl’s cunt? — “How many times have I fucked you?” said he. “Ho! Charley — oh! you do speak plain — I don’t know.” “Fifty or sixty — let us count them,” — and he began to reckon their meetings. — They were so joyous numbering them. Then I heard places named, they made mistakes, and recommenced laughing. She’d seen several houses I found.

“Oh Charley, your brother John put his hands up my clothes the other day.” “John — my brother?” said he surprized. “Yes, he has been always getting in my way ever since you left, and trying to look up my clothes if he gets a chance — he is getting on fast — I gave him a good cuff one night — and then he pulled it out and said, ‘Look here — this is what you want.’ ” “Pulled out what?” “Pulled that out.” “What, his prick?” Laughingly she said, “Yes.” — The man swore. — “Damn him, I’ll give him a lump on his head.” “Oh you can’t, he mustn’t know I told you.” “Damn him, — did you see his prick?” “Yes.” — Then they both roared with laughter. — “Oh, if I could catch him, what a hiding he’d get, why he’s only fifteen, he beats me.” They talked on and every now and then he groped her — then they took to kissing and feeling each other. — “When do your monthlies come on?” “Oh, I feared they’d come on to day.” “Oh, how lucky.”

I could hear nearly all they said for they were in-experienced, and seemed quite fearless directly they were within the room, and never thought if any one could see or hear them. — The street was also that night free from vehicles, on other occasions when passing they prevented me at times hearing what couples said. — I heard now nearly everything until they got lewed, and then only snatches, and his exclamations of amatory delight. But I had a bad cough — altho it was warm weather — and I feared they would hear my suppressed barking. — They never seemed to do so. — She had changed from one knee to the other, I suppose because she had fatigued him. — Now on his right she was nearly facing me — I could see his left hand up between her thighs — and his prick standing up. He pulled her right hand down to it, and they sat feeling each other and kissing.

Just then my cough became so bad, that I got down and buried my head in the bed clothes. When I got back he had laid her on the foot of the bed and was standing kissing her. I heard what seemed like modest objection, but he heeded not, and opening her legs wide, I saw sideways the red gap between her thighs. He opened the lips with his fingers and contemplated, he opened and closed them again and again, then put his head against it and it seemed stationary, her limbs moved, and quickly she raised herself up on her elbow. — “Oh, Charley what are you doing? — Aha — you dirty man.”

A little resistance on her part — and coaxing on his

— then down she fell on her back and again his head went between her thighs. Turning to Sarah I said, “He is licking her cunt.” — She looked. — “So he is, I wonder if she likes it.” — He licked on, her limbs quivered, her thighs seemed to open, then close tight round his curly haired head, her belly heaved — and suddenly she half-rose crying quite loud, “Oh — don’t

— I won’t — oho — oho,” — and fell back again.

He rose, pointed his stiff stander to her crack, and canting both thighs over his hips, fucked her again. — Then bending over her with his hands still under her thighs, they again were quiet.

Then they sat down and talked about cunt licking. — “I am ashamed of you and myself, what made you do so?” “I don’t know, I never did such a thing before,” said he. Then he was curious and questioned her about her sensations whilst being gamahuched.

“I did — it is something like the pleasure when we do it together — but I don’t like it.” “You don’t mean to say you spent.” “I did — it got more and more nice, and was all over just as you got up — I wanted to stop and could not, it got the better of me.” “I’ll never believe that you spent, or that any woman can by being licked,” said he. “How salt your cunt tastes.” “Oh Charley, how can you go on so.”

He called out and ordered sherry, took it in standing in his shirt, and the landlady said, “You won’t be long sir, shall you?” — Angrily, “I took the room for the night didn’t I?” “Oh yes, yes, but you said you might not stop and we are so busy, sir, that’s all.” — He slammed the door. — “The old bitch says she wants the room — and so she may.” — “Oh,” said the girl, “it frightened me to hear her say that, and I only with my chemise on, suppose she’d come in.”

They took sherry and he said, “What beastly stuff, don’t drink it, it will make you ill.” — Again he called and rowed about the quality, got hot water and brandy, and gave her some, lighted a cigar, sat her on his knee and with cigar in his mouth, put his fingers on to her cunt — the cunt he had licked and fucked, and which then had his spunk in it. I whispered to Sarah. — “Girls like that are never so clean as a gay woman,” said she. — Their voices dropped low and what little I could hear was partly baudy. I had been standing an hour and a half with my eye to the peep hole, grew tired, put in the cork, dropped the picture over the spyhole, turned up the gas, and talked.

It was shortly before this that I had seen the girl suck the man’s prick, whilst he buggered his own arse with a tooth-brush handle. — Somewhere also about the time a French doxy — unasked took my prick in her mouth and whom I made desist — I had rarely had it in a woman’s mouth excepting in half drunken orgies. Now at once came on a desire for that luxury, it was though seeing this woman’s cunt licked. — “Suck my prick,” said I. “I’ll see you damned first,” said Sarah.

I never relinquished a letch till I satisfied it, I talked about what I had seen, what heard, what done that way with women, and got her to admit that she had been asked to suck. I wondered whether it was more pleasure than spending in a cunt. She wondered (I know now it was bosh). We talked about the gamahuching just seen, and prick sucking. Then she said, “Why don’t you lick my quim then?” “Do you like it — do you spend with it?” “Of course I like it, every woman does, you can’t help spending if a man keeps on at it.”

“Suck my prick — do.” “Lick my cunt then.” I have gone thro this talk with other women, but with Sarah it seemed quite novel.

The couple were laughing and getting noisy. Suddenly I heard thro the partition, the woman laughing loud and say, “No I won’t, I won’t now,” and feet moving hard on the floor. Sarah turned down the gas, and in a minute I had my eye at the peep hole.

He had her in the middle of the room, and was trying to pull her chemise off — she resisting. — “I will see you quite naked.” “You shan’t — oh don’t make such a noise, we shall be heard,” said she.

He desisted a minute, then recommenced. She would not let him — but in a modest way dropped her chemise down to her cunt, then put it up on her shoulders, and let him pull it up to her navel. Half naked each pose, he turned her round, admired, and kissed her flesh, exclaiming. — “Oh ain’t you beautiful — oh what a bum you have — oh I am so randy .again, look here,” and he pulled up his shirt to show his stiff one. — “I want another fuck.” — Then he sat down with prick standing upright before her admiring eyes, and said. —”Do you mean to swear you spent — that you had pleasure just as if my cock was up you?” — “I don’t know that — but it seemed so, I seemed to wet with pleasure, and yet I didn’t like it — but it was pleasure, and great pleasure — nearly like the other.” “I’ll never believe a woman can have pleasure and spend by being licked, just as if she is being fucked. Let me try again.” — “He’s never done it before really I think,” whispered Sarah, “he don’t know much.”

She refused, it was dirty, how could he want, wish such a thing. — But how can a woman withstand a man? — Refusing whilst she yielded, he threw her on the bed, and putting a pillow under her knees, again I saw the white thighs distend, the dark haired lips pulled open, the red gash appear, his head close up to it, and the licking begin.

All was silent. I placed my ear at intervals to the hole, heard the sossling of his tongue on her clitoris, when his saliva had run over, and then in low tones he said, “Does that give you pleasure?” — But I heard no reply, I looked, and he had drawn back his head — whilst she lay with her limbs hanging down.

Then a little conversation, and again the licking began — her thighs crossed on to his shoulders, she cried out, — “Oh don’t, now — do it properly.” “Be quiet, only this time.” Breathless with agitation, I kept putting first my eyes, then my ear to the hole — heard her murmur with pleasure, saw her belly heaving, her thighs twitching round his head, and no more. Then he rose, pushed her further up on bed, and for the fourth time fucked her as she lay there.

I got down — “Suck my prick, do — you shall, and I’ll give you another sovereign — two — if you will. – If you don’t another woman shall.” “Lick me then.”

— I thought she was joking, but soon it was a reality

— I did not like it, but said I would. — She sluiced her cunt, she placed herself at the bed side, my tongue touched her cunt, I gamahuched thinking of my pleasure to follow, till she writhed under her sensations. — Now I ceased, for it struck me that when I had done her, she would not fulfil her part of the bargain. — “Oh! go on, I am coming.”

“Will you suck me afterwards?” “I will, I will, and you will give two pounds.” “Yes,” and again my tongue and her clitoris met.

“Let’s do it at the same time.” “All right.” I took off my trousers and drawers — we placed ourselves side by side, one of her thighs over my head my head laying on the other, my prick touching her face — I recollect no more than that I tasted her cunt, that I felt as if a cunt had got hold of my prick, that I put my left hand to it, that her belly shivered, that my nose went against her cunt, that I spent in her mouth, that I tasted her ejaculation, that in a baudy frenzy she had sucked my prick for the first time, but not the last, and that I had gamahuched her.

“You need not hurry,” said Sarah, “they won’t stir now in such a hurry.” — It was true. When I looked they were laying quietly. — At length he rose, looked at his watch and said she’d better get up — “for darling you must not be too late.” She got off the bed and they kissed. — Never was a more loving couple — they had kissed every two minutes for four hours. — Again she sat on his knee, but I could not hear what they said.

To the door he went and asked if they had a daily paper, and told them to go somewhere and get one, which was soon done. — He stood under the gas light and called over a list of plays. — “Say you have been to Lyceum, they play Hamlet.” “Oh but I have seen that.” “So much the better, you’ll know all about it.” “They will wonder why I went again.” “You say they took you.” — Then they laughed, and I gathered that the woman was supposed to be at the theatre.

He looked at his watch. — “We can stop three quarters of an hour more. — Wash your cunt — you had better always do so soon afterwards, they say it stops getting in the family way.” — Then he sat down and lighted another cigar.

The girl put a basin on the floor. As she washed I just saw the top of her head above the bed. Then she pissed. — Whilst doing so she made some remark I did not hear —but he put down the paper and said, “Oh the devil.”

As she rose from the pot, — “Yes, I am afraid so, I am a month behind my time, they ought to be on to day.” — Her voice was sad, she sat on his knees again, her back towards us now, and I could not hear what they said but they talked earnestly.

He changed the position — pulled up her chemise, and sat her naked bum on his thigh saying, “I like your flesh against mine.” — He drank more brandy and water — his cigar had gone out, he lighted it at the gas. “Is John’s cock big?” She laughed, “I scarcely know, he showed it only an instant — but it was stiff.” “Was the skin off?” “It was quite red.” “I should like to catch him, I’d knock his damned young head off.” “You told me you did something like it to one of the girls, when you were about his age.” “So I did, but I don’t like John doing it to you.”

He began walking about the room with his hand on his prick, and said she had better dress. “I should like to do it again.” “Oh, I can’t let you, you have tired me so.” — He dressed and again walked up and down the room, frigging his cock as if determined to make it stand. — “Look at you,” said the woman laughing.

“You don’t know what a number of ways there are of doing it,” he said. “Don’t I?” “No, come here, people often do it this way.” — His cock was not stiff. — She was nearly dressed. — He sat down and pulled her on to him, placing his legs between her thighs, her cunt close to his cock. — “They do it like that.” — Then he turned round and sat her with her bum to-wards him. — She laughed. Then he said something and both laughed loudly. — “They do it so — come here,” and he got up. “I shan’t.” — But making her lean over the bed, he threw up her petticoats, exposing her fair round backside, and pressed his cock against it, she wanted to move, but he kept her there fumbling her bum, and, frigging at his cock at the same time.

“I must go — if am not in by twelve — there will be a row — your mother always sits up you know.” — He looked at his watch — both finished dressing, but he kept his cock out of his breeches, and it had stiffened whilst putting on her bonnet. — “I mean to do it again.” “Oh! I can’t, — I can’t stay, it must be time to go.” “I will do it, — I will — lie down and I won’t be a minute.” — In vain her resistance, he got her on to the bed, and again fucked her. They seemed to enjoy it more than ever, for it was a long job, and they groaned and sighed loudly with pleasure. In another minute without either of them washing, off they went.

The baud went in the room, looked at the rumpled bed clothes, muttered, called to the servant, and told her to bring a clean counterpane. They had left spunk on the bed. Then she took up a white handkerchief which the young man or woman had left, put it in her pocket, and looked at the peep hole, and seeing that she was being watched, dropped the picture on her side.

I was in a fever of lust — never have I seen a sight which for its prolonged voluptuousness was equal to it. — I have seen more erotic sights, but for pure voluptuousness — never — I doubt whether many have seen a fine young man and woman in the height of sexual strength, abandon themselves without fear or thought, to all their voluptuous desires for the space of four hours, as this couple did.

I stripped Sarah, examined her cunt, compared it mentally with the young woman’s, rolled over her, rubbed my prick against her arse, impaled her on my doodle as I sat on a chair, first with her belly, then her bum towards me. I followed every thing I had seen the young man do — and then fucked, talking of the couple, till Sarah said she was sick of hearing about them.

Then we got brandy and water. My desires ran on having my prick sucked — I doubted if Sarah had done it to me properly, I wanted to be sure, and the sperm to go into her mouth — I was reckless, and said that unless she did it, I would go out and get another woman. — At last Sarah kneeling over me, again sucked my prick and took my sperm into her, whilst I with her arse close to my nose licked her cunt.

Exhausted, on the bed I laid, whilst Sarah was washing her mouth. — “There is another couple.” — To extinguish the light and get to the peep hole, was the work of a minute. There was a man just getting off a woman whom he had fucked, whilst we, engrossed in our physical pleasure, had never heard them there; which explained how little people notice who are randy, and thinking about their own performances, and why they never noticed the spy hole.

This spy hole amusement was spread over the best part of two years. Many lustful amusements I had between the various sights, which would better have been told in their place, but I shall from time to time refer to them.

After this night I had a letch for being sucked. — When I next met Sarah, we spent the whole evening in talking about that and gamahuching. Sarah confessed to liking it being done to her occasionally, and on her undertaking to tell me when she was spending, I did the job for her, and also had the pleasure of spending in her mouth for the extra fee. But I soon grew tired of that pleasure, unless so fucked out that I could not get a cock-stand. Many times after, when looking thro the peep-hole, she knelt on the sofa and gently sucked my prick.

Gamahuching she always wanted, when she’d had a drop more than usual, and I believe really had a great liking for it — I did it at times to please her, but couldn’t bear the taste of her cunt, and whilst operating used to keep slobbering, so that her cunt was soon much like a spittoon. — “Aren’t you coming?” “Yes, stop, lick just there,” and with her finger she indicated the exact spot. — I suppose finding that I did not much like it, she ceased after a time to ask me to do it to her.

But we often described our sensations to each other, and she told me very funny stories about women who were fond of having their cunts licked by other women — I was increasing my experiences largely with her, yet did not know what I since believe to be the case, that she was a little fond of having another female tongue on her clitoris, and perhaps another clitoris against hers as well.