Sarah’s jealousy. • Her ballet posturings. • My postures. • An escape of wind. • Wheelbarrow fashion. • A young lass suggested. • Harriet, sweet sixteen. • Financial arrangements. • Doctor H**m**d again. • Tooth brush and tooth powder. • Virginity doubtful. • Harriet, screwed, unscrewed, and opened. • A tight vagina. • Sarah’s strange behaviour. • Three in a bed. • Harriet jealous. • Runs away. • The baudy-house with spyhole closed. • On the size of my prick and others. • On the capacity, elasticity, and receptivity of cunts.

When I went back to Sarah, she was surprized at the length of my absence, and thought she had lost me. I told her, without mentioning who the lady was, of my good fortune. She was spiteful, as gay ladies are when they have missed their man and their money. I expect she had begun to regard me as a regular source of in-come. She doubted if the lady was really married, nor altered her opinion when I told her I had had the first of the lady. She hoped the lady had not clapped me.

We went to the peep hole and for one or two evenings had various amatory frolics, and then I made a discovery about Sarah.

She had surprised me by the ease with which she posed in difficult, lewed, and odd attitudes that I put her in. — This evening we had been sitting drinking, and she was larkish. I remarked the ease with which she attitudinized. — She laughed and got up. “Look here then.” — She threw off her chemise, put up one leg nearly to the level of her shoulder, and placing the tip of the toe against the wall so as to rest it, inclined her body downwards towards the floor with her hand touching it. — It was a sight. Her cunt was gaping, showing the broadest red face which a cunt can show without being pulled open by fingers, the dark thick hair shewing all around it, until lost at her bumhole. The thicket in one armpit was quite visible, and all this was seen at a glance. — I went on my knees to look at her split, and put my finger on it in baudy ecstasy.

She stood upright and I begged her to do it again. — “Look, I don’t think I can do it now but will try.” Throwing up her leg, she caught hold of the toe with her hand, then pulling it higher and higher, she turned round and round on her left foot. It was a quite fresh view of the cuntal territory. The dark fringed lips were now not open, but were slightly squeezed to-gether, yet made prominent. The red stripe was scarcely perceptible but the lips shewed the crimson beginning, and a peep of the arse valley was got. The sight was entrancing, and in a minute hurrying her to the bed, I plugged her cunt. She was in rare lewed mood and soon spent. I had that night pissed against her cunt, and we now both spent together lusciously.

“I am as randy as be damned,” said she. “I always am just before my month — fuck me again.”

We sat down after our exercise. Said I, “You must have been a dancer.” She laughed. — “Did you never see me before you met me in the street?” “Never.” “Are you sure?” “I think so.” “Did you ever see the play of ** at Convent Garden!” “Yes.” “Ah. Then you saw me. — I used to dance in it.” Then I drew from her that she had been a figurante — but never learnt why she left the theatre. She did not mean to go on again — altho she could if she wished. — “There are reasons, I’m not going to tell if you ask me all night.”

In the attitudes then she placed herself again, then danced naked, and postured as the ballet dancers do. — “Come and hold me so, and so — take off your shirt.” — I did. — Then she placed me so as to hold her in various attitudes, as men hold female dancers in ballets. — There were we naked before a large glass. — She in attitudes exposing her backside and cunt, — I now with stiff prick holding her. — Some-times she held by my prick. — Soon after posing in a few attitudes she again got my pego into her cunt, and again afterwards till I was fucked out. — She was hot that night. This was at the baudy house with the glasses.

I went away delighted. — Thought I, some fellows would give no end of money to see her. How often since I have wished as I saw the ballet dancers cocking up this leg, or throwing out that, that their drawers were away and I could see their quims. — Now it must be wide stretched, now what a sight it would be. — I fucked a ballet girl some years ago as I think I have told, but perhaps that is one of the narratives omitted in order to shorten this history, but that was for the pleasure of fucking thro a cut I made in her tights. I think I have told this but am not sure. She for a minute or two had pirouetted, but I only had with her a momentary amusement. — But now I have a fine limbed woman who can do it all, and will do it when I like — so I thought on.

A night after when I wanted her to posture naked she refused. — We had words, I paid her, and to her astonishment went away without fucking her. Again I met her and asked her. Again she would not, and again away I went. — The third time she said she would posture a little, and so to the A**a we went.

When indoors she refused, was sorry she had ever “shown off so,” wondered how she came to be such a fool as to let out about herself. “Champagne and lewedness did it, Sarah.” — As she still refused, I put down the money and was going away, when, “Don’t go without poking me, I’ll do it.” — Twenty minutes after-wards, altho sulkily, there she was, one toe against a metal shelf, I naked with a cock upright — now looking at her gaping quim, now peeping under her buttocks, now looking at the reflection of our naked bodies in the glasses. I made her throw up her leg and catch the toe, and as with an effort she did so, out slipped a little fart. — “There,” said she, “I swear I will never do it again,” and she wouldn’t that night. — I fucked her and left her in the sulks.

I would not go with her again until she promised, and soon her posturing was part of my evening’s amusement. We used to attitudinize before the looking glass, laugh at our postures, and say what money men would give to see us two naked together. — I dare say rich men have induced ballet girls to do as much, but more they could not; and I was fortunate to have had such voluptuous entertainments so cheaply.

Then I fucked her wheelbarrow fashion. I have tried that, I think, with other women but am not sure. It seemed now a novelty. With Sarah’s long limbs I could accomplish it well. She put pillows on the floor for her head and arms to rest on. I sat myself at the side of the bed naked. She was naked also, put her legs gradually up on to the bed, one on each side of my haunches, then I held her legs at the proper level. It was a beautiful sight to see her bum gradually coming up. The buttocks’ furrow only shewing a little at first, and then the dark hair, thick and curly on the sides of her cunt, coming into sight, and between it the red gap. Then I leaned back for a few seconds in admiration, pulling open the bum cheeks, and burying my finger in the red lane. — Then pressing down my prick, which resisted elastically, being moved out of its perpendicular, I inserted it in her cunt and drove it home, passing my hands under her thighs, shoving and exciting her to the crisis. My senses recovered, I sat down on the bed again, keeping my doodle as close into her cunt as I could, and passing one hand round to her belly felt her clitoris, till my prick came out of its pool, and the lascivious junction was over.

This was very exciting, but as a fuck the position is inferior in pleasure to many attitudes. The man’s prick is bent down, the clitoris end of the cunt loses its friction. The woman’s posture with both her hands and head down low is fatiguing. If they both spend there is no repose after the emission, and the tranquil, languid pleasure which follows the active ramming, ballocks wagging, bum wriggling, twisting, and after squeezing, is lost.

I had not thought anything more about little unfledged cunts, was satisfied for the time, I suppose, with my past amusement with deaf little Emma. I went then once or twice to Sarah’s lodgings. She let me in herself for she didn’t always keep a little servant, but had often only a charwoman. — There I made her do a little fantastic fucking, as well as posturing, when the following occurred.

I suppose that having got money by supplying me with a youthful virgin, she wanted another bonus, and became the temptress. She said one night when I met her out and stopped only to have a chat that she’d just got such a nice young maid, would I have her? — My letch for youthful quims was, I suppose, smouldering, and it at once blew up into flame. I asked the price and agreed to pay as before, if the girl was virgin. But there was difficulty about the virginity, for the girl was quite sixteen, had had her courses for some time, and had been in service. Sarah thought she was virgin, but knew she couldn’t deceive me — would I go and see her? She gave an inciting account of her nice looks, and as she was at a charming age, an age at which I had had of late years few, my women having been either younger or much older, I arranged to go and have a look at the girl.

I was to be Doctor H**m*d again, Sarah indeed always now called me Doctor — I went and saw a tall, thin, bright looking, dark eyed, dark haired girl, who looked quite sixteen. Her eyes flashed as she spoke, and I said that I fancied she knew a prick from a rolling pin. — Said Sarah, “I never knew a girl who was sixteen who didn’t, girls who have nursed their brothers have seen a prick stiff, even if they haven’t stiffened them — but she is worth a poke whether she’s had one before or not, tho I believe if she had been poked, that she wouldn’t come to me.” She had done her best. — “She may never have been poked, even altho she may not give you trouble to get up her.” — I made up my mind at once that the girl was not virgin.

Sarah was for my getting it over soon if it was to be done. She was not going to hide her being gay from the girl, as she had from the deaf girl at first, had al-ready told her how she got her living, and that a good easy living it was. This girl’s name was Harriet. If I wanted to be sure that she was intact, making her drunk and looking was the way. Sarah would help me, but the sooner the better. It was of no use keeping her if I did not want her. — She did not want a good looking girl there. “Afraid of Mr. F*z*r?” Perhaps she was, but that did not matter to me, Sarah said snappishly.

The girl was told I was the doctor to Sarah and I once used to “Do her over” (her usual term) — but now tho I came to see her as doctor, I never fucked her, but I talked freely, baudily, and never charged for my medical services, I was an odd but good man.

The girl I found answered perfectly to Sarah’s description of her. Her flashing dark eyes had an unusually soft expression in them. A sweet expression of lewedness and voluptuousness, which some girls have just after their first menstruations have settled down to the exact monthly period, leaving them fresh tinted, soft skinned, and ready to receive the love of man. — This struck me to be the case with Harriet, who I think came from one of the outer suburbs of London, but somehow I was never as curious to verify this impression, or to learn anything about her, as I have been about some women.

In a day or two I was again at Sarah’s lodgings. – “‘Do you mind Harriet sitting in this room? There is no fire in the bedroom.” “No.” I did not. The girl then sat down at needlework, I sent her for brandy and wine, giving her the change. We all drank, and the girl quickly enough. Sarah went into the bedroom. Whilst absent, after joking the girl I pinched her bum. She cried out. Sarah came in. — “What’s the matter.” “The gentleman’s pulling me about.” “Lord, I thought he was kicking your arse you make such a noise.” The girl opened her mouth wide, stared, and sat down confused. — We laughed. I said I should like to kiss Harriet’s and not kick it, I was sure it was as pretty as her face.

Presently I went behind her, putting my hand under her chin, kissed her and noticed then that she had good teeth, but not too clean. “You have a nice set of teeth, but you don’t clean them.” “My brush is worn out, Sir.”

“Let me see your teeth better.” She resisted. “Don’t be a fool,” said Sarah, “let the Doctor see your teeth.” When I had done so, “Here,” said I. “Go to the chemist, buy a toothbrush and a box of tooth powder as quickly as you can.” Off she went — I never could bear any woman with dirty teeth.

I had given her five shillings. She was back in five minutes, and pleased enough — especially when I told her to keep the change. — She opened the box to look inside at its contents standing close by the lamp. I was standing with my rump to the fire smoking. “When that is gone I will give you more — clean your teeth every morning and night, and in a week your mouth will be as sweet as your cunt, just after you have washed it.” The girl dropped the box, spilling the contents over the table — stared at me for a second — turned her back, burst out laughing, checked it, and rushed into the bedroom. Sarah cried out, “Damn you, you careless little beast, you’ve spoilt my table cloth,” and fetched her back. “It’s no use minding the Doctor.” The girl got up the tooth powder, I threw half a crown to Sarah, saying, “It was my fault, black-cunt, and that will help to clean the cloth.”

It’s too long to tell all, but I kept up that style of talk, and got the girl to sit by the fire with us, her mistress saying, “Come if he wishes it, he always has his way here.” And I talked baudy enough to have turned a clergyman’s hair grey. The girl’s eyes from shunning at length looked at me, Sarah kept telling her not to mind me — not to be a fool — that she must hear men talk so some day. Perhaps she had already, I thought.

I asked her questions which a medical man might. When she did not reply, Sarah rebuked her. “What can it matter to him — you might be ill some day, and want him.”

As I got heated by wine and the look of the girl, I promised her money for boots and stockings provided she would let me put them on. “Take the money — don’t be such a fool — take it,” said Sarah.

I took my leave, saying, “Dark hair, and dark eyes just like Sarah — I wager your cunt hair is dark like Sarah’s.” The girl blushed and did not reply. “It is black,” said Sarah laughing. “I have seen it.”

The girl became so quiet that I began to think she had heard such talk before — but her manner after-wards convinced me she was not accustomed to it.

I saw Sarah next night in the street. “We’ll make her drunk and look at her cunt tomorrow night,” said she. — But we were baulked, for the girl’s menstruation came on, and we deferred the job. But I asked the girl all about her courses, as a doctor might. She gave me plain but modest answers. By the time her month-lies were over, she had ceased to evade my questions even when baudy. When Sarah laughed, the girl did so altho uneasily — four or five nights’ smutty talk were breaking down her modesty.

Then Sarah told me she had shown her my baudy book and advised me to bring another, and we arranged that when she was tight, Sarah should go out and I should examine her cunt and do what I pleased.

I had taken quite a different liking to this girl from that which I had for the deaf one, who was like a child, and whom I desired because she was so. But Harriet, more than a year older, had made me feel Lewed in a different sense. — It was the charm of getting into a very young woman, whose passions were getting roused by nature and quickened by me. — She was not so young as I had wished, but young enough to be a pleasureable novelty. Tho I don’t know really what can be called very novel to me in the way of women and the manner of playing with them.

One evening behold me at the house. Wine and brandy and water was had. It was a cold night and we sat facing the fire. — Baudiness was on, altho we had not planned what to say, but it was to be enough to stimulate the girl’s lust to the highest, and after having made her either screwed enough to permit me to do anything with her, I was to look at her virginity, or for it, and fuck it out of her if she got it as best I might. I did not like this business, tho I consented to it, as I have before in my career.

“Come and sit here,” said I to the girl. “It’s cold there.” — She did, and we were all three in front of the fire, I in the middle. I gave her two glasses of wine without much effect. Sarah winked at me, half filled a tumbler with boiling water and lots of sugar and brandy. It was as strong as the devil but the sweetness disguised it. — “Here Harriet, take a good drop.” She gulped it, Sarah and I took a little, then again the girl took large gulps. Soon her eyes brightened, and she giggled in the way girls are often affected, at the beginning of a lush, and before the stupid stage comes on.

Then Sarah raised her own petticoats to her knees, to let the warmth of the fire reach her bum, as the most modest woman will do if by herself, or with her female friends, or husband, present. “Let me see your new stockings and boots,” said I, for I had given the money for them. She hesitated. “Shew them to the Doctor.” The girl let me raise her petticoats to her knees, showing a thinnish but neat pair of legs.

I praised and stroked them. “Keep the petticoats up like your mistress, you see she likes the fire to get to her cunt.” “Oho,” said the girl, dropping the clothes. Sarah laughed — “I like to warm my cunt. What do you drop your clothes for, you little fool.” I pulled up her clothes again, she let me, and we had more brandy and water. Then I felt Sarah’s thighs, then gradually felt the girl’s thighs. — “I don’t care — there,” said Sarah in answer to me, and she pulled up her clothes quite to her navel, put one leg up against the chimney-piece and, half turning round in her chair, shewed her cunt. “I like my cunt looked at — like it fucked — you’ve seen and fucked it many a time, haven’t you, Doctor?”

Harriet stared, said “Oho!” and giggled, but resisted me, who was now trying hard to feel her. She was gradually getting screwed, and her resistance grew less as I insisted.

Then Sarah pulled out my prick, I felt Sarah’s cunt, got Harriet on to my knees, and felt all about her limbs, and then was a confusion of baudy deeds and baudy talk. Sarah rose, winked at me, said she must go out, and in a minute had gone — I locked the door.

Harriet seated herself in Sarah’s arm chair, I dropped on my knees, throwing up her petticoats, and saw that she had slight blackish hair at the bottom of her belly. I pushed between her legs and pulled them round me, and that brought her bum to the edge of the chair, and my prick which I had pulled out just touched her cunt. With a cry she got back, but she being in a sitting position, easily I pulled her to me again, my stiff prick now touching her thighs. She was now laughing a drunken laugh. “Feel my prick,” said I, putting down her hand. — “Oh! oh!” said she trying to do so as if delighted. “It’s my prick,” said I. “Yes,” she answered.

“Let me fuck you — come to the bed.” “Oh, no! I can’t.” — “Have you ever been fucked — wouldn’t you like it.” She giggled, and had just sense enough left not to answer. I had now my hand between her thighs, was fumbling at her cunt, and she did not resist.

Then I got up, sat on a chair, pulled her on to my lap, held her back, and putting my prick in her hand felt her cunt, and kissing her said, “Let me fuck you.” I got no answer, but she kissed me, grasping my cock. — Her eyes closed. — Saying “oh — don’t sir, —oh don’t” — in a thick stammering manner. “Did not you hear what Mrs. F**z*r said.” “Oh, yes,” and she held my cock so tight that she hurt me. Sarah had not left ten minutes.

I led her to the bedroom and without resistance got her on to the bed. There was a candle left alight. — Partly by gentle force and partly by entreaty, I got up her clothes and separating her legs tried to look at her cunt. She tried to rise and I pushed her back. Her head fell on the pillow. I lugged her to the side — “Don’t — don’t” — forced apart her legs and pulled open her cunt lips. — Drunk as she was, she resisted enough to make my look uncertain, but I saw that it was an opened split. Passion then vanquished me, I forgot my object in looking, her flesh looked so nice, the slight hair on the pretty little pouters made me be-side myself — putting her straight on the bed again, I covered her without resistance, unconsciously she wanted fucking. The next instant my prick was lodged at the entrance.

“Oh you hurt — oh you mustn’t — oh pray,” was all she said. I felt I had broken thro nothing, no obstacle had met me, yet I seemed to make but very little way. Thrust after thrust, further I entered yet but slowly. At length I was up it to its top and spending. A tight fit and no mistake if it was not a virginity. — Beyond “Oh! oh! don’t” — not very loud, she had given no utterance of pain, and by the time my prick could go no further, and my balls were banging against her buttocks, she was quiet.

I had spent too excitedly, was she or was she not virgin? The thought was working. With prick up her still, I rose on my elbow to look at her and put my hand down to feel her cunt. By the light of the solitary candle, I could see no blood on my fingers. Just then she opened her eyes. “Oh I am so ill — I shall be sick, get away, sir, let me get up,” said she in incoherent tones, and began to retch. I pulled out my prick, and with my shirt tail wiped the whole face of her cunt. Then I raised her up and got her a basin, into which she vomited. — “Oh my head, I am so ill.” She kept moaning, I got her warm water and made her drink it, which brought up the remainder of the liquor. Then she fell asleep.

I looked at my shirt tail on which were spots of sperm, but no blood — I doubted if she were a virgin and resolved not to pay Sarah. Looking at her made me lewed again — I lifted her clothes and looked at her cunt, pulling wide apart her thighs, then put my finger up it — never had I felt anything so tight, even as the sperm rolled out round my finger. The little deaf one’s cunt was loose by comparison. — Soon I mounted her, then she awakened but let me do what I liked. Again my prick went up inch by inch through her slimy tube, so tight was it, and enjoying it I consummated slowly. Stupid as she was, my prick roused her passions and she spent. She awakened to it, and gasped like a fish out of water.

Indeed I never saw a girl more agitated but in a peculiar way when spending. The majority of young ones are so quiet about it. But this girl’s mouth opened, her eyes turned up till nothing but the white was visible, her lips quivered, and the next instant she seemed asleep. She had spent, but scarcely seemed to know it. Sarah just then came in and I told that she was not a virgin and should not be paid virginity price.

“I believe she is virgin, for all that — did you ever have a girl of that age with such a little quim?” How do you know that,” said I. “I have seen it.” “When?” Then came an account of doings which I have heard similarly before, and I believe it is much the way in which the elder female usually proceeds, when she wishes to seduce the younger.

Talking the night before with the girl about fucking, she had excited her by all the means in her power. — The girl, curious and finding her mistress so communicative, asked if it hurt at first, and was told some- times, but so little as to be a mere imagination. That many women it didn’t hurt in slightest degree, and that she could tell by looking at her cunt if it would hurt her or not. — That and the offer to show Harriet her own cunt settled the matter. She had shown the girl hers, and had looked at the girl’s. Sarah admitted that she had not seen what is usually a virginity, but was nevertheless sure if the girl had been fucked with a prick of the ordinary size her cuntal opening could not be as small as it was. “If you fuck her much, I’ll bet her cunt gets much easier.”

“You must like looking at cunts.” Sarah said she did, at the cunts of girls who had never had it, but — “I did at Harriet’s for your sake as well as my own, for I want the money.”

But I wouldn’t pay but half, with which she was not at all contented. I was in fact angry and under the impression that she had tried to sell me. I liked my girl — there was a genuine freshness about her, yet at times I thought the girl was shamming. Why did Sarah hide her being gay from the first young lass, and ostentatiously proclaim it to this one? I after- wards thought. The game for this one was clearly not the same as for the other. But why when she knew that the hymen was not there, did she not tell me? Because she thought I shouldn’t find it out. — “You are a downy card,” said Sarah. “For all that I believe that the girl never has had a man put into her, don’t let’s quarrel, I’ll send her away.”

I did not want that and said I should have her again.

This conversation took place whilst Harriet was snoring on the bed with two spermatic libations up her. Sarah spiteful about the half fee said she’d wake the girl — was I not going? No, I would hear. Sarah did not seem to wish that. — To the bedroom we went. “To think of that little devil having been fucked,” said Sarah, as she looked at her. Shaking Harriet, the girl sat up bewildered — the fume of the liquor still strong in her. “What are you doing on my bed?” said Sarah. Rubbing her eyes — “I don’t know — Oh my head — Oh, I’m so ill.” “Why, you have made a mess on my bed.” “Oh I couldn’t help it, I am so ill.” “You have been on the bed with the Doctor — he has fucked you, you little bitch.” No reply. “Hasn’t he fucked you?” No reply. Another shaking, and the girl began to sob. “Hasn’t he fucked you?” “I don’t know.” “You do, your clothes were up. — Hasn’t he?” “I think so, but I don’t know.” “He has, and I will turn you out.”

“Oh — Oh — Oh don’t — you told me to let him do what he liked — Oh my head.” “Yes, but I did not think you’d let him fuck you, at your age you little beast —how often did he do it?” “I don’t know,” said she blubbering. Then suddenly, “Oh don’t hit me, I am going to be sick again” — and she went to the basin and retched.

It seemed cruel work — the tears and pain the poor girl was in. “It’s my fault,” said I. “Oh here he is,” said the girl. “Tell mistress it arn’t my fault.” Sarah laughed. — “How often has he done it to you?” “I don’t know. I was asleep. Oh don’t let her turn me away sir, I am so comfortable here.” — “I should think you are,” said Sarah, “and to let him fuck you.” “You told me to let him do anything.” “I meant if he wanted to kiss you, and put his hand up your petticoats, and feel you — but who’d have thought of your letting him fuck you, at your age, you little beast.” “I could not help it — Oh!” — and she tumbled back on to the bed.

We went into the sitting room, and saying that I meant to have the girl again I departed. The next night I was at Sarah’s and, making no bones about the matter, said I wanted Harriet in the bedroom. Said Sarah, “It’s funny, you come to see me, and yet want my servant, Doctor. — Well if you will, I suppose you must.” The girl wouldn’t come, so I pulled her gently into the bedroom.

I was thoroughly lewed, she sullen, had taken medicine, and what with that, the night before, and only having slept a drunken sleep, she gave so much trouble when I wished to look at her cunt, that I called in Sarah. — “You little fool,” said she — “when a man has fucked you, you may let him do anything — let him see your cunt or anything else,” and away she went.

The girl yielded. At the side of the bed, thighs distended, I opened her cunt whilst I held a candle to it.

Her love seat was that of a girl of full sixteen, an age at which I have seen but few. It looked long and delicate but with unusually pouting lips for her age. A strongish clitoris shewed and nymphae full and thicker than usual. — Clitoris and nymphae in fact, were much more developed than is usual in girls. (I wonder if that be a sign of a warm temperament.) The channel of coition was unusually small at the mouth, and I fancied looked as if it had been just torn or stretched at its upper part. — Was it that her hymen had only been partially destroyed, or stretched and opened, and had, I completed the stretching? — Altho the membrane with a small hole was not visible when I first saw it, was there a membrane with a large hole? In the excitement of my first look and hurried fuck, I now could not be sure. She had a very full mons or mount with short thick hair but small in quantity on it, close to the top of the nick, and but a little way down the lips. Al-together tho unusual in appearance, it was a pretty and libidinous looking, exciting cunt. There is a physiognomy in cunts, some are prettier than others, some more exciting to look at than others, tho it is difficult to say what it is in the appearance which excites in one more than in the other.

Tho I couldn’t discern signs of hymenal rupture, on my putting two fingers up it she called out. Then lust sitrred me to action, and pushing her on to the bed I entered her. Its feel was the same as on the previous night, and she said I hurt her. For about three hours I pulled her cunt about, for in her way she was a novelty. The deaf girl was a full grown child who would talk and fuck but not always spend. This girl was bursting with randiness, her young lusts were on with all their force. She soon took delight in everything I said or did, all was new to her, her lustful sensations were even new to her.

The look of a prick, the feel of its smooth skinned rigidity, its friction and lubricating overflow were all new to her. I believe absolutely new, spite of the absence of a hymen. So she took to all the preliminaries and exercises of love with delight and with the eagerness and ardour of a hot cunted one. I had not been deceived in my first impression about her. She was dying for the juice of the male, restless with lewed sensations, in the springtide of her lust, and under the urging of sexual curiosity — I had just caught her in time, and she with me revelled for weeks in unrestrained lasciviousness. If I had not had her, some one would. The first man who had kissed and fondled her might have felt her cunt, she couldn’t have helped letting him; and once felt she would have let him do anything. Her warm nature was commanding her to surrender her person to the male. She was dying for a prick.

I took a fancy with her (I always have some special fancy with each woman) to lay in bed both of us start naked. Thin as she was I somehow liked this — tho why I am unable to say. How give reasons for any letch? There in clean sheets which I made Sarah pro-vide (and indeed bought one new pair) we used to indulge in lewedness. Her slim young form pleased me much, and naked I used to cover her, or put her on the top of myself — fuck her belly to belly, or to bum, till I was satiated. These varied postures test whether the female is a hack or a greenhorn. If accustomed to salacity they fall into them readily, and in a way which cannot hide their knowledge whatever innocence they may allege, whilst the neophytes show an astonishment and quiet delight not easy to imitate and deceive. — “You can’t do it so, Doctor.” “Yes, we can try — see — there” — was said more than once during my varied performances with Harriet.

I had her frequently for more than two months, and it is certain that the mouth of the vagina, the site of the hymen, got bigger. Whether it stretched or split I can’t say — but easier for my prick to enter, it certainly got. Inside it remained a tight sheath to my penis, tho quite elastic, and perhaps large enough for the greatest male cunt stretcher. I incline to think she never had a true hymen, or had broken it early in life, leaving a larger orifice than is usually found before male penetration. — I used to fancy that the mouth of the prick hole had opened gradually more at the top than elsewhere, but cannot pretend to assert that it was so. She told me that when about nine years old, she and another girl, a schoolfellow, used to push their fingers up each other’s cunt. At all events I came to the conclusion that a prick had never been up her till she had mine.

Sarah, after I had once or so had Harriet, used to go out leaving us together, first asking me if I wished her to stay. She felt sure of her double pay and wished to make a little more out of doors — I often let her go. If she returned before I had left, she would tell me before Harriet if she had had a man — or two — or none, as the case might be; but she didn’t any longer use baudy language before the girl, altho she had done so freely until I had fucked her. — Then she grew impatient about keeping her. Hadn’t I done with her. — “Take her away and keep her, I can’t have her here much longer. She won’t work, and it won’t do to have a charwoman in whilst she is here.”

It is one of the charms of life that the pleasures of women never tire. When weary of one, I change and all old pleasures come fresh again. — One woman you may best like to fuck on her belly — another with her bum to your belly, another to grope, then one to frig, then one to gamahuche. It is rarely that the entire round is equally pleasurable with one. — When I change, almost forgotten pleasures revive. So it certainly is with me. — With fresh cunt not only comes fresh courage, but fresh amusements. The variety depends on the difference in the sexual make and tastes of the woman, for all women cannot fuck so well in the same fashions. They also like men, have when their passions are fully evoked their own lascivities and letches. — The man who is well versed in amorous games, is sure to hit on that fashion of fucking which is best suited to both. This is most true of modest women, but in larger degree of gay women. — “Men are fond of variety, I like to see what a new man wants to do with me,” said Sarah one night when we were talking.

One night Sarah was in the sitting room, I in bed with Harriet with my finger up the tight little cunt, when I thought I should like to feel Sarah’s cunt. — I jumped out of bed and to the astonishment of Harriet brought in Sarah and made her get naked into bed. I laid between them and quickly had a middle finger up each cunt. Then I put my prick into one after the other and probed alternately, comparing size and feel, and discoursing on the effects of age, growth, and fucking combined, in enlarging and stretching a pudenda. However large a cunt it may be, it mostly sufficiently compresses the prick to make it spend. — Few exceptionally large cunted ones I have however known in this particular.

Harriet, who used to nestle up to me and feel my balls incessantly, asking many questions about fucking, and so on, was now quiet altho I did not then notice it. — Soon I thought I would fuck Sarah, and got on to her, she nothing loath. “I think it’s time I had a turn,” she said, after I had put my prick in her. I wanted to compare, so out I pulled it and got on to the little one, who had turned her bum towards us. When I had a few thrusts up her, then again I put into Sarah, who was in a mood for pleasure, and we had a very voluptuous fuck. The girl had again turned her rump to- wards me.

I tried to pull her round — but she resisted, got out of bed, and ran into the other room start naked as she was. — “What’s the little devil up to?”— said Sarah, who, also quite naked, followed her. — I went after them and there were we all start naked in the parlour. The girl wouldn’t come back and made no reply. Sarah boxed her ears. — I swore. “You’ve done it to her,” said Harriet. “You little bitch what of that,” said Sarah. “He has a right, he would do it to me often if he had not seen you, blast you. You’ll go out of my house, you shan’t keep here.” The young one was jealous, which was funny, and it both annoyed and amused me.

Sarah was slightly screwed, let out finely, and it took an hour to get things to rights again. Then in bed I began in Sarah and finished up Harriet, which terminated the night’s amusement. I have had before a young girl, who grew ridiculously jealous of her mistress when I fucked her. — It was now late spring and light at nights, which interfered with my going to Sarah’s lodgings. Then I went out of town and when I returned the girl was gone — Sarah said she had run away, that she would not work, was always frigging herself, and thought herself as good as her mistress. They had had words and the girl had bolted one night, taking her things with her. — I offered Sarah money to get her back. She said she tried, tho I don’t believe she did. I never saw the girl again. — “I’m glad she’s gone, for she is in the family way,” said Sarah. “I don’t believe it.” “She is, she’d her courses on just before you had her, and hasn’t since.” “It’s some other man.” “None other has had her I’ll swear.” Had I done the trick again?

Some where about this time I went to the peep hole one day and found it closed. Perhaps as the baud once said to me it had been “blown upon.” She may have caused that herself, may have slain the goose with the golden egg. It paid well, we began to find difficulty in getting the room, it was so often engaged. Too many knew of it evidently, and it no doubt was “blown upon.”

Its rooms were arranged cleverly in every way, for the purpose of spying the temporary occupants of the back room; who whatever they did, and nearly wherever they placed themselves, could not escape observation, nor the glare of the gas which seemed to concentrate upon them. The partition at the peephole could not have been three quarters of an inch thick, so wide was the range of vision through it over the room. It was, I think, thicker in other parts, but we could hear well usually thro it. The way the hole was bored thro a dark spot in the pattern of the wall paper, the cork which filled the hole was coloured to match, the way the pictures on each side could be raised and lowered, were all most cleverly managed. The house in a bye street which had but little traffic of any sort had only noise outside about every five minutes, and excepting then, we heard fairly the talk in the back room. It was not a swell bagnio, tho, and had but five available rooms. (I have since seen an equally well arranged house at Paris, where every word said by the per-formers could be heard, and everything seen.)

What I saw through the peephole had one special consequence. It satisfied me that my prick was a full sized one, and well beyond the average rather than less. — Out of a hundred which I saw, there were not as far as I could judge twenty larger than mine, and Sarah said there were not ten. I saw one or two Brobdingnagians, perfect battering rams, but the largest of all was the titanic shaft of the man who whacked Sarah’s buttocks with it and knocked it hard on the table as well, tho its big plum shaped, swollen head was bare of foreskin, and was carmine with lust. Sarah said his was the largest she had ever seen, and that talking with others of her class who had also seen it, they were all of the same opinion.

But tho for some reason Sarah would not take that titanic, potential machine into her body, and tho I saw some Paphians’ handle other Brobdingnagian tools hesitatingly and affect to think them too big, say they would hurt, and so on; they one and all did insert them in their cunts, and as it seemed to me with pleasure. I believe there never was a prick so big in any way that a cunt could not take it without pain, and even pleasurably.

Its tip might perhaps knock at the portals of the womb too hard for some, but that is all. I have heard women say that the harder those knocks were the more pleasure it gave them. All the talk I have heard of pricks being so large that women could not, or would not, take them up them is sheer nonsense. Several women have told me so. Some said that they loved to see and handle big ones. None said that such stretchers gave them more physical pleasure than those of moderate size.

The elasticity and receptivity of a cunt is in fact as wonderful as its constrictive power. The small prick of a boy of thirteen it will tighten round and exhaust, as well as one as big as the spoke of a cartwheel, and it will give pleasure to both equally