Lizzie’s form and cunt. • Our next meeting. • Sarah frigs Lizzie. • The second gamahuche. • “What-ever is it.” • The dress made up. • A dog fashion poke. • A stercoraceous furrow. • My disgust. • Lizzie’s relations and antecedents. • About little boys’ cocks. • Sarah’s impecuniosity. • Lizzie’s disclosures. • Sarah’s Lesbian tastes. • “I don’t like her thinging me.” • A lapunar reminiscence. • A flat fucking baud. • Lizzie on Sarah. • Sarah’s admissions. • Sarah drinks. • A flat fucking baud. • Lizzie on Sarah. • Sarah’s admissions. • Sarah drinks. • A flat fucking exhibition. • Lizzie’s sexual ignorance. • A masturbating essay. • “It spits.”

Lizzie had the loveliest form, from head to foot she was prefect as a girl. Wonderfully plump and formed for her age, her breasts tho nascent were firm and fullish, and her skin was like satin. — Her buttocks were solid and as large as many a girl’s at seventeen. Her cunt had plump roly-poly little lips and would become, I should say, pouters if she became thin, but they swelled out from such a plump motte, such flesh between the lips and the thighs, that there is no chance of that I think — I never saw a more exquisite youthful cunt. — It was like that of most young girls of a coral tint. She had a fully developed clitoris. It didn’t look at all ugly, but showed slightly between the lips even when her thighs were closed. Slight inner labia joined it, which died away soon into the general surface of the vulva. — There was just sufficient hair on her motte to make it feel mossy. — It was of a bright flaxen tint, somewhat darker than the hair on her head, which was light, but of an indescribably beautiful bright tone.

It was a lovely cunt to gamahuche, and I did that often enough to her. Clitoris and labia seemed to meet my tongue so deliciously, that I often paused, giving my tongue rest, whilst I gently nibbled the gristly nubbly projection. — I wonder if Sarah was attracted by the look of Lizzie’s cunt.

The night but one following, Sarah was angry at having stayed at home awaiting me the night before without seeing me. — Lizzie had got her bonnet and parasol. — The dress had not come home, and she walked about the room with petticoats only on, the parasol held up over her bonnet. Her delight and vanity was almost idiotic.

“Come into the bed room.” — She hesitated. — “Go to the doctor, he may do anything — he’ll only do it again.” — Into the room the girl came. As I put my hands up her clothes, she dropped the parasol with modest instinct. — I kissed her. “Oh, my bonnet — don’t now, you’ll hurt it.” — Bonnet and parasol I soon put out of the way.

It was a charming evening, the lacerated ragged edged hymen looked heavenly. I think I see it now, and she was such a little lovely made lass — I looked her over from the hair of her head to her toe nails. Cunt even bum hole came in for its share. Sarah had made her scrupulously clean. — She didn’t spend when I poked, and lay as most quiet young girls do without attempt to wash her cunt after the fuck. It suited me, for I like now a girl beside me with her cunt full of my sperm. No young girls wash it until they are taught, no married woman does after fucking, no woman after copulation naturally does. All when in bed turn their bums to you with spunk in their cunts trickling out. They never think of soap and water. — Lizzie lay so, I fucked her twice but she did not spend; young girls are so different in this respect.

Sarah, who had gone out after seeing me with the girl, came home. — “He’s done you over twice, ain’t you lucky.” — “Not spent? — have you washed?” — “No.” — “Get out and wash, always — I do,” said the knowing old card. — (She didn’t tho) I said I did not wish it. — “She’ll spend if she do the next time,” said Sarah. The girl washed and got into the bed again, Sarah squeezed herself into the bed, and the little one lay in the middle. It was late.

We talked of fucking — Lizzie then said that she’d never had before such a sensation as the first night when I licked her. If true, her first pleasure had been under my tongue or she lied awfully. That amorous lingual friction had fetched her. — After a time we had brandy and water, and Liz Scotch ale, for I had brought it with me as before.

All in bed again. — My cock seemed to have emptied itself for the night. Sarah put her hands across Liz to feel me. “It will be up soon,” said she. Then her hand went on to Lizzie’s cunt. — I removed her hand and took its place and business on myself. Then Sarah frigged me a little, and then put Lizzie to do it.

My cock soon swelled. — As much of my finger as I could cram up Lizzie’s little quim had been probing that orifice in all directions for some time. — “Feel her well up and about,” said Sarah, beginning again to frig the girl, “gamahuche her, doctor.”

I moved on to my knees and began licking her little cunt — holding her arse with one hand, and stretching out the other which went into Sarah’s black thicket. — “She likes it, doctor.” — The girl’s bum began to wriggle — a sign and enough — The next instant I covered her, and my prick was up her. A few thrusts and wriggles. — “Ahaa,” sobbed she, delicately. — “Oh! what-ever is it — oh —h — ha — ha.” — The sweet child had spent. Putting out my hand as I felt my pleasure coming, I found Sarah frigging herself, which seems now quite her custom. She’d been fucked that night, but had no pleasure she said frankly. Turning to Liz she gave the girl a kiss and burst into laughter. — “Aha, what is it. Aha,” said she, imitating the girl’s manner and exclamation as pleasure had overtaken her. Afterwards when a funny mood we would say, — “Aha whatever is it — you know what it is now Liz.” The girl declared she never uttered the words, and no doubt she was unconscious that she did. — They were the funniest I ever heard a female say just before spending.

She spent with me regularly the next night. — The more she fucked the better she fucked, and the better she drew me. — She became voluptuous in the extreme, and took as much pleasure in the various lascivious excitements as I did. It was as delightful to her to be taught, as it was to me to teach her.

The dress came home, and she looked lovely in it. I took a fancy to fuck her in it, but the chance of rumpling it gave her much grief. She couldn’t understand why I wanted to spoil a nice dress. — She was nice and clean in her habits, and put away her clothes with great care. — This made me like having her extremely. But I must abbreviate, and only tell of novelties which marked my acquaintance with her.

I stroked her the next time dog fashion. — “What! do it that way, that’s funny.” “Yes dear, just as you’ve seen dogs do it.” “That’s like beasts then and you shan’t,” — but I would. — The bed was too low and she was too short to let me get conveniently up that tight little cunt in that fashion. — So I put the pillows in a heap on he bed, and stood her legs on a couple of hassocks fetched from the sitting room. — My pleasure was to have her in that posture, and at the bed side in her silk dress. — Up went the dress over her bum and I drove my prick between her cunt’s lips with such thrust, that she called out — drawing back to indulge my eyes with the luxury of seeing — I saw what? — Out it came. “You dirty little devil your bum’s dirty.”— Up shrivelled my doodle at once.

The girl turned round and began to cry. I began to reflect whether I was unkind or not. — There she sat, looking a perfect little lady in her silk dress — I thought how I had enjoyed her the night before — had enjoyed her even that night — a little water will wash all away. But I felt so annoyed that I could have boxed her ears

— I had no patience to talk or even look at her, was disgusted, and angrily determining never to see her again, went away leaving her sobbing and calling out. — “Oh don’t go — don’t, oh don’t, — I was in such a hurry to come up, I was at the privy when you came — oho — oho — oho,” she sobbed.

I could not forget, and it must have been a week before a grand stiff stander admonished me that a cunt was an useful article, and that in the sweetest woman it is only an inch or so from her arsehole. Then my mind recurred to the fresh, velvety skinned, plump little Liz. I forgot the dirtiness and went again.

Sarah told me that the girl had fretted so, that she had never left her alone. — It was my own fault, had the girl washed after my first fuck she’d have washed her bum. — The girl could scarcely look at me and cried. — “I thought you’d never come again.” “I knew he would.” “You like poking her too much to keep away long” (to me).

My swelling cunt stretcher made me forget all for the minute — I watched her strip. — How nice she looked as she drew garment off after garment, and each girlish beauty came into view. I was soon in bed with her.

Directly I had consummated, the nasty recollection returned, and it did so at times afterwards. At length I forgot it for the little girl was scrupulously and naturally clean in everything.

The violence of desire for her being over, and having fucked myself out, and also fucked, frigged, and gamahuched her into similar condition, I saw her less frequently. — Sarah did not get money by her and that was her regret, the girl missed my doodle and that was her regret. — I rarely now gave her money; but set her up in all sorts of clothing. Sarah never talked all this time of getting rid of the girl as she had to the others.

I tried to get out of Lizzie who she was, and where she came from, and as usual altogether failed. It is the difficulty with most of the girls. Every thing else I learnt — I tried to pump her at critical moments, when with finger on her clitoris, or when her hand was round my prick, or when lewd with each other, her heart would naturally open to me, but she said she dare not, she was frightened of Sarah. — But little by little a bit of her history leaked out, and I think that she was an only child of a widowed mother, and living almost in want. — Liz seemed never to have worked in the fields. She spoke with a provincial dialect which she soon began to lose. She never seemed to have mixed with any of her own sex, excepting on Sundays, nor to have played with boys; and she was surprisingly ignorant of baudiness. She understood mangling and washing, and was a beautiful needle woman. She said she could milk, bake, make butter, and sausages. Her mother did mangling, and she helped to earn their living at needle work. I think she was the illegitimate child of a gentleman who allowed her mother a small stipend, and that she was a relation of Sarah’s. — She told me her mother had brown hair. — Was she like Sarah I asked. — The girl was going to answer, then she looked hard at me for a minute and replied. — “No” — I believe Sarah was her aunt.

She knew that boys’ cocks stood, — She and another girl had made a boy’s about five years old stand “she was a nuss gal.” The boy was quite quiet while the “nuss gal” made it stiff, — “Can you do that (fuck) as often as you like?” was one of her earliest questions to me. “And won’t nothen coom out till it be stiff?” — I know now from the questions I have put to many young lasses, that they all feel little boys’ cocks, and delight in making them stiff. — Instinct teaches them to do so.

Sarah, who I am sure had then lost her man, and was more and more impecunious, used to come home early, often ill tempered and low spirited. Unasked she then would get into bed with us. — She was kind in an extra-ordinary degree to Lizzie, would kiss her when laying by the side of her, and always ask how often I had fucked (generally now but twice.) — Sarah’s fingers were always on the little one’s cunt. — She laughed when I found them there, and then used to push her hand over Lizzie and catch hold of my prick. — In those attitudes we went on talking till I fucked again. Sometimes Sarah used to feel Lizzie whilst I was fucking her, and frig herself at the same time. She made no secret about it now. — “I must do something, I don’t often spend with a man, and like frigging while you are doing Liz.”

Previously I had somehow formed the opinion that Sarah liked feeling the cunts of young ones, but thought nothing much about it. One day she was slightly screwed, and got into bed, just as I got out to piddle, then pulling every thing up and showing all her parts she said. — “I’m getting stout doctor aren’t I?” — I felt her bum and belly and just opened her cunt lips. — “I want a fuck so, give me one.” — “I’ll try after I have had Liz again.” — Sarah turned round and clutching Liz, lifted her on to her belly, began to kiss her passionately, twisted her limbs over her, and wriggling her belly up to her so that their cunts were close together, moved as if fucking. — Liz tried to get away. “Don’t now, don’t.” After a few heaves Sarah let her go, laughing, turned her rump towards us and frigged herself.

I thought of this a good deal, and it increased my desire for knowledge. This form of sexual voluptuousness amongst women now haunted me. I question Liz about Sarah’s behaviour in bed with her, for she always now slept with her, and no man was ever there. — It was not as formerly when Sarah said, “You must not come for three days,” and so on. I found that Sarah had a letch for frigging herself, and that with the young one seemed her solace in the absent pleasure with the male. Her taste for the man it may be was diminishing. She had done this almost from the first day Liz came to London. Then I guessed that Sarah did something more. — I asked questions, and threatening not to see Liz any more if she did not tell me the truth. She disclosed that Sarah pulled the girl on the top of her, and pressing clitoris to clitoris rubbed them together, till Sarah at least had the full enjoyment of that voluptuous friction. — It was flat fucking, tribadism, the amusement of girls at boarding schools and con- vents, and perhaps harems (and often as I know since, of some harlots).

“Don’t tell her,” said Liz. — “She has made me promise not, and says you’d hate me if you knew of it — you won’t hate me will you? I don’t like her thinging me — I don’t like her wet thing in mine.” “Is it not nice?” “It be a little nice sometimes, but I don’t like thinging like that.” — I promised to keep Lizzie’s secret.

“You call it thinging, why?” “Cos her thing be gin my thing,” said the girl laughing, — “it be like two snails.” I roared with laughter at such an illustrative remark, and never heard flat fucking called thinging before or since. (I have since heard a funny term for it tho.)

Then I began to think flat fucking, and recollected what in my youth Fred had said, and what I had been told by Camille of women rubbing their cunts together, that I had seen two French women doing it (for my amusement, as I thought, and simply to show me how by placing themselves like a man and woman in copulation, they could close their cunts on each other). One woman I recollected had a strongly developed clitoris and I had not liked it. But I did not believe in women having pleasure that way, and the baudy sight had passed from my mind. Nor had any clear idea of the truth even arisen in my mind, when I saw two servants on each other in the bath room at my cousin’s school, or Gabrielle on Violette.

I had heard since of women flat fucking, and suddenly recollected a row at a brothel, in which the amusement had been referred to.

When I spent my first fortune, I took after longish continence, to visiting harlots who let me have them for five shillings, and would let a man do almost any thing. One night I went to see a woman and arrived just as she was having a row with a woman who was about forty-five years old. My girl came into the room with me, but unable to contain herself, left me; and I opening the door, heard her and another lodger bullying the woman for getting quite young a girl into her bed. “You old cat, you dirty slimy cunted old bitch. — I’ll tell them all.” She came back into the room with me and slammed the door. She was slightly screwed and noisy. “The old bitch gets Mary who’s not fourteen years old into bed with her. —

It’s the little servant here — and pulls her about — Polly *** caught her at it, and the girl said she did.”

“Why does the girl let her?” “Oh she’s a dirty little bitch too.” “Well, I pull you about and you me.”

“Oh that is quite different.” Perhaps the woman was jealous, or was it whores’ morality? I told her I saw no harm in two women doing what they liked to do.

I had never given the subject thought, but now began to think of the way women could bring their organs together for mutual pleasure, and of various tricks that way which I had seen women perform, but the subject never seems to have interested me fully till now. Then I got some medical books and some French books, and under Lesbos, Tribade &c. and some other words, got the key to the full mysteries of Sappho and the Lesbians, which added a mite more to my knowledge and admiration of the wonders of the article called cunt.

My promise of secrecy I kept, but often looked at Sarah and longed to question her on this subject. I began to talk about quim to quim friction — flat fucking — and explained the word tribadism, which word Sarah had never heard — I let her know that I thought no harm in women rubbing their cunts together, or gamahuching each other; and Sarah at once, I thought, got more free in her manifestations towards the girl.

Sarah was much more often screwed now than previously, just as if she were in trouble. One night she came in when we were in bed, for she did not now always stop in for me, and laid down besides us. “Get on top of her Liz,” said I just to see how far I could go in that direction. “I like to see you on top of her like a man fucking her.”

Liz refused — Sarah gave her a kiss and laughed, put one leg out and her arms round her, and rolling on to her back, pulled Liz right on to the top of her, kissing all the time. “She looks as if she were fucking you,” said I, “put your cunts together, pull off your chemises, let’s see you both naked.” — I assisted in pulling them off. — Liz said, “No, no,” and resisted slightly. But Sarah heaved up her thighs round the girl and rasped her little arse. “Be quiet Liz,” said I, “do it with her.”

Sarah suddenly seemed quite screwed, her eyes looked wild with lust,
she held tight on to the girl — heaved up her legs, and put her heels round Lizzie’s calves — I threw myself on the bed. —Widening open a little Lizzie’s thighs, I could see Sarah’s black haired cunt below, meeting the mossy cunt of the damsel — I put my fingers there, begged Lizzie who was restive to be quiet, incited Sarah to get her cunt as close to the girl’s as she could, and they were soon so close that I got two fingers up Sarah’s cunt, and the thumb of the same hand touched Lizzie’s, tho with difficulty.

Then baudiness reigned supreme. I was delighted. “Rub your cunts together,” said I after a minute’s fingering. “We can’t.” — “Try, rub your cunts to-gether and I will give you a sovereign.” “What do you mean?” She was still holding the girl in her arms. “Oh! how modest, you know all — did you never have pleasure with a woman by flat fucking her? rub away at Liz, hold her quite tight — squeeze your quim up to hers, teach her, she’d like to know every thing, and a man can’t teach her that,” said I now wild with lust.

Sarah kissed Lizzie without ceasing, it was one long unbroken sound of osculation, and began heaving her buttocks and wriggling, but I saw she was shamming. — “I am not going to give you a sovereign to be hum- bugged,” said I and putting my hand down between both their thighs, I pushed two of my fingers into Sarah’s cunt again.

My fingers seemed to stir Sarah’s lewedness. Wriggling and kissing Lizzie passionately, she said, “Never mind him, let me darling — do.” — The girl told by me to let Sarah do what she liked lay quiet, the little one’s legs were held by Sarah’s big legs, and she wriggled and fucked whilst I kept my fingers at work in her cunt as well as I could. There lay the big woman clinging to Liz, twisting and writhing, wriggling and sighing, kissing the girl with passion, thrusting out her tongue, and almost burying her fingers between the girl’s buttocks. It was a very long embrace, and neither of them took heed of me now. — Liz was obedient, Sarah’s eyes were closed except at intervals. Instinctivly at last, Lizzie grasped Sarah’s haunches. With a sigh. — “Oh — do it — darling — ah — ai — aha.” — Sarah relaxed her hold and was quiet. I knew well from the look of her face, from that changing of colour when she spent that she had spent now; the witness had spread over it which was an unfailing evidence.

The lasciviety of the scene, the intense enjoyment of Sarah urged me on — I now lusted for Sarah. — “Get off, Liz — is your cunt wet? is Sarah’s wet? I’ll fuck you, Sally.” Sarah opened her eyes and looked at me remarking “That bugger knows every thing.” Then lifting her thighs she again began squeezing Lizzie and rubbing against her. “I’ll fuck you, Sally.” She took no notice but writhed as hard as she could embracing the girl. “I’ve only begun,” said she. “She’s a darling.” — Randy to madness I pulled Lizzie off, and the next instant was up Sarah’s cunt. — Lizzie laid by the side — on to her little cunt went my fingers, feeling, groping the little most slippery article, till I emitted what sperm was left in me up Sarah’s vagina. Then Sarah with my libation in her, clutched Liz like a fury, and got her between her thighs. In vain she struggled, the big woman held her fast, their cunts met, and Sarah had her Sapphic delight, screeching out, so that the lodgers below would have heard enough had they been listening. But Sarah in her maddening pleasure forgot all about them then. She was groggy.

After that night I talked with Sarah about her liking for the girl, and about flat fucking. Sarah neither then screwed nor lewed, avoided the subject, said she had only done it for a lark and had no letch for anything of the sort, but preferred a prick to any other kind of solace for her cunt. On other occasions I told Sarah all I had read and knew — that I thought no worse of a woman for having a woman, than I did of a man for frigging a man. “Your cunt’s your own, and if two cunts agree to frictionize each other, it is a perfectly legitimate pleasure.” Little by little she admitted much — but considering that I had spent in and on her in every way possible for nearly four years, I had difficulty in getting her to admit her liking for flat fucking Liz. — She never did quite admit it. — She had done it once or twice she said, when screwed but had no taste for it. She liked a good, thick, stiff prick up her. Freely brandy and watering Sarah one night and dosing Liz with Scotch ale, I got a repetition of the Lesbian game, and completed the evening by fucking both the females.

It was long before I could make Liz believe that my prick wouldn’t stand as often as I wanted. — “How do it come out when it knocks in me so.” —

Her language in describing anything erotic was most peculiar and amusing —I let her frig me once, and see the ejaculation of my sperm. — She frigged clumsily as all young girls and many women do, and I had to guide her hand. — “Look it’s coming — aha! look quite close.” I was full that night, and my sperm shot up on to her face. I had intended that it should. The anticipation of it jetting on to her pretty features had delighted me. — She let go my prick. — “It spits,” said she, “it’s hit me — you made it do it on purpose — it’s dirty.” “My love, sperm is never dirty.” — She laid hold of my dwindling organ retracting the skin, and more sperm fell from it. She dropped my doodle again. — “I thought it was going to spit again.” — I told her it never spit unless it was stiff. She would afterwards look at my cock when stiff, and give it one or two clumsy frigs, but never finished me, and frigging was not to my taste except under unusual erotic excitement, yet I did it occasionally.